UN refugee official cautiously optimistic about major repatriation of Burundians

Assistant High Commissioner Kamel Morjane said he was impressed with Burundi’s much improved security arrangements, its move towards political solutions and the level of interest shown by the international community.During the three days Mr. Morjane spent with refugees in the western Tanzanian regions of Kibondo, Kasulu and Kigoma, he told them: “UNHCR will never permit you to be pushed back to Burundi, but we will also never prevent anyone who wishes to return voluntarily from so doing.”He was encouraged by the prospect of a UN peacekeeping force in Burundi and hoped that it would receive sufficient resources and authority to help the country with its progress towards stability, UNHCR said.Many problems in the sometimes volatile country remained unresolved, however, including some security aspects and the expansion of the absorptive capacity in the areas of return, the agency said. read more