Speaker examines ethical decisions

first_imgAnn Tenbrunsel, director of the Institute for Ethical Business Worldwide, discussed the discrepancy between promises and actions in her talk titled “Ethical Blind Spots,” which took place in the Mendoza College of Business on Wednesday as part of Notre Dame’s Ethics Week.Tenbrunsel said ethical knowledge does not always translate to actions.“People that think a lot and know a lot about ethics are not necessarily immune to unethical behavior,” she said.She asked the audience to rate themselves on a scale of zero to 100 of how ethical they consider themselves to be, with zero being not ethical, 50 being average and 100 being the most ethical.“People rate themselves higher than they should,” she said. “Not only do we inflate how good we are relative to other people, we hyper inflate our own ethicality.”Tenbrunsel said the three steps of ethical decision-making are prediction, action and reflection.“Studies show a large discrepancy between prediction and action, and this is known as forecasting errors,” she said.Tenbrunsel said people often make forecasting errors when they think about charitable giving. Most people predict that when the time comes, they will donate a dollar or so to a charity, but less than half of them actually end up doing so, she said.This phenomenon has to do with the difference between desirability and feasibility, Tenbrunsel said. Visceral forces, such as hunger, tiredness and fear, even influence our ethical decisions.“The more sleep-deprived you are, the more likely that you will behave unethically,” she said.Another reason for the discrepancy between prediction and action is “ethical fading,” Tenbrunsel said.“[Ethical fading is] a process by which the moral colors of an ethical decision fade into bleached hues that are void of moral implications,” she said.Tenbrunsel said she aims to help people to recognize their ethical illusions and thus avoid ethical fading and correctly compartmentalize ethical questions.“[Then] we can work to become the people that we want to be,” she said.Tags: business, Ethics weeklast_img read more

Walker’s ex-wife furious with England ace over secret love child with friend

first_img Promoted ContentThe 90s Was A Fantastic Decade For Fans Of Action Movies7 Black Hole Facts That Will Change Your View Of The UniverseWhy Do So Many Digital Assistants Have Feminine Names & Voices?6 Ridiculous Health Myths That Are Actually TrueCan Playing Too Many Video Games Hurt Your Body?8 Surprising Ways Drones Could Be Used In The FutureBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksThe Absolute 10 Greatest Shows In HBO History6 Best Supercars In Movies You’ll Dream To Drive At Least OnceThese TV Characters Proved That Any 2 People Can Bury The Hatchet11 Most Immersive Game To Play On Your Table Top According to UK Sun report, the England star, 29, bedded Lauryn Goodman last summer and will become a dad for the fourth time in April. Loading… England defender Kyle Walker’s ex has branded him a “fool” over his secret love child with a model, and declared: “It’s over.”Advertisement His devastated sweetheart and long-term partner Annie Kilner, 27, called him “gutless” after he broke the news over the phone.She also laid into “homewrecker” Walker for romping with her pal Lauryn, also 29.Brave Annie told a friend: “He’s a fool for risking his family for this. When he told me I was heartbroken. I also felt physically sick. All the air in your body leaves you.“My world completely caved in on me in that second.“It was the worst-case scenario, the one thing I dreaded most but knew was possible, given his track record with women.“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Not only had he cheated on me but she was pregnant with his baby.”The £150,000-a-week defender confessed all to model Annie a month ago — as revealed in The Sun on Sunday.Annie has told pals her relationship with Kyle is over‘HE’S A FOOL’Her friend revealed that Walker said to Annie: “I have to tell you something. There’s a girl saying she’s pregnant with my baby.”“He has not been home since, nor seen Annie to explain further. Instead Walker is living in an £8,000-a-week city centre flat.Annie, who has three young sons with him, has told pals their relationship is over.They had tried to patch things up last April after reality star and model Laura Brown claimed to have slept with him numerous times after meeting in a Manchester club in September 2018.Laura messaged Annie about the trysts after spotting a Mother’s Day message he had sent to her.When Annie sought evidence Laura, 30 — who starred in TV’s Ex On The Beach — forwarded a selfie Walker had given her showing him at home and told how they romped in his £200,000 Bentley.Annie told the friend: “I was on holiday at the time. I was devastated by what had happened. I couldn’t believe he had done it.‘DISAPPOINTED AND DEEPLY SAD’“Lauryn and I had already met on a night out a few months before and were good friends.“She was regularly in touch. She knew Kyle and I were going through a rough patch because of what he’d done with Laura.“She was very sympathetic and encouraged me to confide in her. I’d thought about leaving him at the time but couldn’t do it.“By the time I returned home from holiday, Kyle was nowhere to be seen. He’d done a runner.“I put my feelings to one side again, as I always have done, and did my very best to rebuild things with the support of my friends.“Kyle’s answer to it all was to arrange a ‘make or break’ holiday.“He genuinely thought the break away was all that was needed to mend things.“I was trying so hard to move on for our family and all along he’d done it again — with her. We were working through the first mess and were back together when it was suddenly revealed Lauryn was expecting his baby.”Walker confessed all just hours before we revealed that Lauryn was expecting the baby of a mystery Premier League star.Lauryn, older sister of 2015 Celebrity Big Brother housemate Chloe Goodman, later confirmed the pregnancy on Instagram, calling it her “little miracle”.She then named Walker — who was caught texting Playboy model Carla Howe during Euro 2016 — as the dad.Annie told the friend: “He rang me and told me over the phone. I haven’t seen him since. I’m speechless by it all but I’m strong and I’ll recover from this. I’m disappointed and deeply sad.“My focus now is on my children. They are, and always will be, my priority. We’ll get through this and I’ll come out the other end.”Walker met Annie when she was 16 and he was an 18-year-old at his hometown club Sheffield United.Model Lauryn Goodman is expecting Kyle’s baby in April‘LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT’She said: “We met on a night out in Sheffield and hit it off straight away. It was love at first sight.“We were inseparable. It was amazing. We were both young and had the world at our feet. Kyle was doing well but was grounded. He knew what he wanted and worked hard for it.“He hadn’t reached the heights he has today so was humble and we bounced off one another.“As soon as we met we knew this was it. We talked about kids, becoming a family. It was everything I ever dreamed of.“I supported him all the way. Like most Wags I moved around the country as he signed for clubs.“I was always there for him, making a home for us and doing all I could to help him reach his true potential.“That’s all you ever really want for the person you love. You want them to do well and be the best they can.“There were a few bumps but we worked through things and I genuinely thought it would last forever.”At the 2018 World Cup, she was pictured cheering on the Three Lions with Rebekah Vardy, wife of striker Jamie.Annie and Walker gave an interview to OK! magazine in which she revealed she would like to try for another baby.She said: “I really want a ­little girl. I love my boys but I’d like a daughter as I’m outnumbered in this house.”She told the friend: “In the end I was taken for granted by Kyle. I’d put up with his cheating before so he assumed I’d never leave. He wanted it all his way.”The friend said Annie is working on launching an acting career.The Sun on Sunday understands ex-fashion boss Lauryn found out she was pregnant in November during a routine trip to hospital to have a scan on a kidney problem.It means the baby was conceived last July. Lauryn, from Sussex, is now preparing for the April birth.She is being supported by Chloe, also due to have a baby with QPR footballer Grant Hall.Lauryn said specialists had warned her she would never be able to conceive naturally because she suffered from endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome.She said: “I was told I would have to have IVF. I was put into an early menopause at 27.Read Also: Jesus strikes as Man City edge past Iheanacho’s Leicester“It was the hardest thing to hear, being told you cannot fall pregnant in a way nature has intended.“With that in mind, although my situation is not ideal given my medical circumstances, having a baby naturally is the biggest miracle and blessing I could’ve been given. I am thankful everyday.”We approached Annie to comment directly but she declined.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 last_img read more

IMCA crate engine track champions earn $36,500 in Chevrolet Performance bonuses

first_imgGRAND BLANC, Mich. – Chevrolet Performance has paid $36,500 in bonuses to IMCA drivers who won track championships while competing exclusively with crate engines this season.One hundred and forty-six drivers in the IMCA Modified, IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stock, Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMod and Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center Southern SportMod divisions received $250 checks, mailed this month from the IMCA home office.This was the first season in the current three-year bonus agreement with Chevrolet Performance, which has now awarded nearly $240,000 to eligible drivers over the course of the program.“This has been a great program for our racers for well over a decade and Chevrolet has awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars to IMCA drivers during that time,” IMCA Marketing Director Kevin Yoder noted. “Track champions were paid $250 and it is a bonus that will remain in place again in 2018.”The 75 crate-powered Modified drivers winning track titles and $18,750 in bonuses were:Drew Armstrong, Chaz Baca, Eric Barnes, Steven Bowers Jr., Randy Brown, John Burrow Jr., John Campos, Cayden Carter, Justin Crockett, Eric Dailey, Todd Dart, Nick Deal, Casey Delp, Jake Donnelly, Don Earven, Chase Ellingson, Justin Elmer, Grey Ferrando, Shawn Fletcher, Neal Flowers, Jeremy Frenier, Ty­ler Frye, Joey Galloway, Bryce Garnhart and Matt Guillaume;Travis Hagen, Tyler Hall, Chase Hansen, Clint Hatlestad, Hardy Henderson, Shane Hiatt, Matthew Hicks, Jared Hoefelman, Jeff Hoegh, Scott Hogan, Mat Hollerich, Wyatt Howard, Mike Jergens, Kody John­son, Wayne Johnson, Jeremy Keller, Shane Kelley, Eddie Kirchoff, Dennis LaVeine, Tyler Limoges, Clint Luellen, Kayden Menasco, Bob Moore, Adam Morris and Mitch Morris;And Brian Mullen, Mark Norris, Lucas Rodin, Kyle Rohleder, Johnny Saathoff, Cory Sample, Jason Schierkolk, Jason Schneiders, Jason Schueller, Clay Sellard, Greg Sharpe, Dylan Sherfick, Dave Shipley, Brett Simala, T.J. Smith, Aaron Spangler, Jay Steffens, Sean Stewart, Regan Tafoya, Eric Tomlinson, Nick Trenchard, A.J. Ward, Jason Wolla, Billy Wormsbecker and Chris Zogg.Thirty Hobby Stock drivers earning $7,500 in bonuses included:Shannon Anderson, Steve Beckedahl, Brady Bencken, Andrew Bertsch, Tim Church, Craig Clift, Eric Cross, John Davis, Jacob Dobias, Tony Fetterman, Jason Fusselman, Adam Goff, Dustin Graham, Tyler Hinrichs, and Chanse Hollatz;And Benji Irvine, Mike Kennedy, Zach Lutz, Brandon Nielsen, Cody Nielsen, Cory Probst, Jim Robin­son, Jamie Schirm, Reagan Sellard, Daniel Smith, Gerald Spalding Jr., Rodney Sparks, Jeff Ware, Luke Wassom and Brady Weinman.Forty-one Northern and Southern SportMod drivers earning track championships and shares of $10,250 in bonuses were:Jordan Barkholtz, Austen Becerra, Lance Borgman, Todd Boulware, James Dupre, Jason Emmot, Vince Engebregtsen, Colby Fett, Junior Flores, Gerry Glenn, Scott Gray, Steve Gray, Travis Hansen and Dale Irby;Chad Kohle, Randy Lemieux Jr., Jesse Levin, Buddy McHargue, Tyler Mecl, Brian Morris, Ryan Moser, Danny Myrvold, Jason Nation, Cody Olsen, Kyle Olson, Tony Olson, Travis Peterson and Clint Reichenbach;And Robby Rosselli, Trent Roth, Chase Rudolf, Fred Ryland, Phillip Shelby, David Siercks, Dalton Simonsen, Doug Smith, Isaac Sondrol, Tyler Soppe, Austin Svoboda, Colten Van Hierden and Jaylen Wetten­gel.last_img read more