Microsoft Is Ticked At Google For Publicizing A Windows Security Flaw

first_imgStay on target Review: ‘Gears 5’ Brings a Fresh Perspective to the FranchiseToy Tuesday: The Best ‘Gears of War’ Toys Google takes software security very, very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that they have no problem stepping on one of their main competitors’ toes when they notice something that needs fixing.Whose toes are getting stepped on? Microsoft’s, and they’re pretty unhappy about how things went down.According to the latest update on Google’s security blog, they notified both Microsoft and Adobe about vulnerabilities on October 21st. The need for a fix was urgent: Google had proof that the flaws they uncovered were already being exploited in the wild.Adobe delivered a patch for Flash in just five short days. Yes, really. They’re not the same company they used to be. They’ve made it clear time and time again that they actually give a damn about security now.Microsoft needed a bit more time, but unfortunately, that doesn’t mesh with Project Zero’s M.O. Companies have seven days to respond to a vulnerability that’s believed to be critical (like this one was). After those seven days have passed, the discovery gets publicized in the name of transparency.Well, transparency and leverage. It’s a good way to convince a company to deliver a patch.Flash is not an operating system, though, and Microsoft says they needed more time. They know what’s at stake, but they also have to consider what might happen if they quickly throw together a patch and something goes wrong. They don’t want to make things worse by getting user machines stuck in a reboot loop or unleashing a flood or blue screens.Microsoft also noted that for an attacker to be successful, both vulnerabilities had to be present on a system. If Adobe successfully delivered a patch, then, the situation might no longer be critical.Google stuck to their guns, however, and disclosed. And this isn’t the first time they put Microsoft in this position. They had made a similar disclosure about Windows 8.1 in 2015 before Microsoft had a chance to fix it. Google decided to implement a two-week grace period after Microsoft cried foul, but there are clearly some cases where they’re not willing to be flexible.last_img read more

Monster Hunter World and the Nintendo Switch Port Thirst

first_img ‘God Eater 3’ on Switch Brings Franchise Back to Its RootsHands-On: ‘Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’ Beta Left Us Hung… Stay on target Monster Hunter World has been a pretty big hit for Capcom, to say the least. After decades of trying, World finally got mainstream Western audiences to care about the uber-niche Monster Hunter franchise that was previously only popular in Japan. The result is a game that’s not only Capcom’s fastest-selling game but now its best-selling game period at over 7.5 million copies shipped. Sorry Mega Man, Street Fighter, and Resident Evil.That’s a lot of folks who are enjoying the next-generation monster hunting and cat costuming. But you know who can’t get in on that action? Nintendo Switch owners. After initial years on Sony hardware, Monster Hunter’s last few releases were exclusive to Nintendo systems like the 3DS. But Monster Hunter World’s streamlined, graphically revamped take on the series is powered by the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (and eventually PC). Naturally, that left some Switch owners feeling left out in the cold, especially since the Switch Monster Hunter game that does exist, Monster Hunter XX, is currently only available in Japan. But now one developer wants to change that.Capcom has said that porting Monster Hunter World to the Switch would be very demanding. But the developers at Iron Galaxy think they are up to the challenge. Along with creating original games, Iron Galaxy has a history of porting games to other platforms including Killer Instinct, Batman: Arkham Knight, and most relevantly, the Nintendo Switch version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. So now they want to take another crack at shrinking a huge open-world onto Nintendo’s tablet. On Twitter, Iron Galaxy CEO Adam Boyes publically asked Capcom for the opportunity.Dear @monsterhunter team at Capcom – we understand that porting the game to Nintendo Switch is challenging ( but this is exactly what @IToTheG does. Give us a shot & we won’t let you down ;)— Adam Boyes (@amboyes) March 3, 2018Will Monster Hunter World on Switch happen? Should it even happen? Iron Galaxy’s work on Skyrim for Switch is great but Skyrim is an older, less demanding game on the Switch’s moderate hardware. I’d imagine Capcom would rather just make a new Monster Hunter specifically for Switch, perhaps one that takes inspiration from World’s accessible and convenient quality of life features, instead of a technically comprised version of its recent hit. Or maybe Capcom just can’t pass up how portability, and the Nintendo audience, would add onto Monster Hunter World’s already unprecedented sales.Whether or not Iron Galaxy gets its chance to bring Monster Hunter World to the Nintendo Switch, we can say for certain that the Switch port thirst is real. In just one year, nearly 15 million people have bought the console/handheld hybrid, and they’re vocal about wanting to play games on it. The Switch obviously has great first-party Nintendo games like Mario and Zelda, as well as tons of indie hits, but the chorus is growing ever louder for AAA third-party games to make the jump, or, the Switch.People don’t just want Monster Hunter World on Switch, they want everything on Switch. Just spend some time on the Switch Reddit. They want Grand Theft Auto V and Burnout Paradise and Final Fantasy XV and Fortnite and Call of Duty and South Park and Nier Automata and Dragon Ball FighterZ on Switch. People were beside themselves to see a vague Diablo III tweet and assume that game was coming to Switch.They want publishers to act more like Bethesda, which brought over Doom and Wolfenstein and Skyrim, and less like EA, which brought over old FIFA and nothing else. And this goes for me, too. These days I’m much more likely to give a game a shot, even a franchise I historically dislike like Monster Hunter, if I can play it anywhere.I suspect that big publishers are quickly running out of excuses to bring more games to Switch. I understand being wary of Nintendo hardware as a place to make money after the Wii U’s financial failure, but the Switch is already a proven success. I can’t speak to the technical aspects of porting to Switch’s weaker hardware, but developers found way around the gulf in power between the Wii and the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 once the Wii’s popularity became similarly undeniable.Hopefully the only thing keeping us from tons of great third party Switch game is just the fact that making games takes time. But no matter what platforms it ends up on, after this sales milestone, expect Monster Hunter to now stick around for years to come.Buy it now!Buy Monster Hunter World.Buy Nintendo labo Variety Kit.Buy Nintendo Labo Robot Kit.Nintendo SwitchProtect Your Nintendo Switch With These Awesome CasesLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more