LG releases retro 32inch LCD with rotary dials to remind us of

first_imgFor as technologically advanced as hardware has become, it has shed its style over the years and opted more for a plain, sleek, monolithic look — the flatter and more unobtrusive it can be, the better. Perhaps fed up with this, LG has released a 32-inch LCD HDTV with a decidedly retro feel, complete with rotary dials and little diagonal legs to keep it propped up.Dubbed the Classic TV — model number 32LN630R — the television hides modern technology behind a nostalgic facade. The 1080p television features an IPS display, as well as USB connectivity and supports MHL video. So, you can either load videos from a USB device and watch them on the set, or watch video from mobile devices. Along with the white, angled retro look, the television sports two working rotary dials — one to change channels, and the other to adjust the volume. The frame is also made of wood, but fits well with your modern home aesthetic.The set isn’t entirely retro, as it’s not a big, brown, square box with a tiny screen. The television more or less falls in line with retro-futurism — what the past thought the future would look like. The TV is actually right at home on Futurama or The Jetsons, though LG missed out on the full retro feel by not including bunny ear antennae sticking out of the back.The set runs for about $750, significantly more expensive than your standard 32-inch 1080p LG HDTV, but at what price style? Unfortunately, the set has only been announced for South Korea, with no word of another release. So, unless you’re in South Korea, you won’t have a chance to overpay to complete your kitchen’s ’50s motif.last_img read more