Sensirion: new evaluation kit for environmental sensors

first_imgSensirion now offers its next evaluation kit generation – the SEK-Environmental Sensing. The SEK-Environmental Sensing allows engineers to evaluate sensors and develop innovative sensor applications even more quickly and easily. The kit combines plug-and-play hardware with an easy-to-use viewer software, the ControlCenter, enabling in-depth evaluation of all Sensirion environmental sensors. Each evaluation kit includes a Sensirion SensorBridge, all required connector cables, as well as various sensor samples.The SensorBridge features two independent I2C channels that allow simultaneous evaluation of two environmental sensor samples. The ControlCenter viewer software makes it possible to display and log the sensor signals for multiple sensors connected to several SensorBridges on the same PC. The software can be downloaded from Sensirion’s website. Different versions of the kit with humidity, temperature and multi-pixel gas sensor samples are currently available; the evaluation kit will also work with Sensirion’s upcoming environmental sensor solutions.Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Tools & Software Continue Reading Previous ACCES I/O: software selectable USB multifunction analog I/O modules with speeds up to 1MHzNext F&S: WLAN/ BT and MIPI-DSI on 35 x 40mm onlylast_img read more

The Diamondbacks Are Turning Back The Clock

29Phillies501442.712Worst since 1962 TEAMHITTINGPITCHINGOVERALL 10Blue Jays515252 11Diamondbacks541512.168Best since 2013 1Rockies9.34.0 19Braves484848 22White Sox511488.122Worst since 2015 4Phillies635056 2017′s deepest pitching staffs 1Astros531573.9100thBest ever! 4Red Sox7.72.7 Which teams have the platoon advantage most?Show more rows* A team has platoon advantage when its hitters face an opposite-handed pitcher or its pitchers face a same-handed batter.Through May 29.Source: 6Dodgers624252 3Nationals511554.5100Best ever! 26Reds511472.612Best since 2015 4Indians501548.091Best since 1996 18Nationals504749 In just two months, the Dbacks have gone from merely hoping Greinke could bounce back from his disastrous 2016 season to counting up the pitching riches beyond their ace. “Pitching depth” is a nebulous thing to measure, but if we give more weight to the contributions of pitchers deeper into a team’s staff,2Specifically, giving 100 percent credit to its 10th-best pitcher’s WAR, 90 percent to its ninth-best pitcher’s WAR, 80 percent to its 8th-best and so forth. the Dbacks have enjoyed the second-deepest well of pitching value in baseball this season, trailing only the division-rival Colorado Rockies.So Arizona’s pitching is doing its best job to recall the glory days. And the team currently ranks eighth in position-player WAR, roughly where its championship precursor placed 16 years ago.3And better than the team’s 14th-place finish in 2002.But not everything is a carbon copy of the past. The 2017 Snakes have achieved their offensive success in a very different way than the Diamondbacks of yesteryear did. Those teams walked a lot, but they didn’t burn up the basepaths or mash opponents into submission with homers, no matter how many memories you harbor of Luis Gonzalez crushing fastballs deep into the Arizona night. This offense might be the opposite: It has more glaring weaknesses (with the league’s seventh-worst strikeout rate and its 10th-worst strikeout-to-walk ratio), but also a unique combination of strengths, the likes of which has seldom been seen in baseball history. Not only does Arizona rank second in the majors in Bill James’s power-speed number,4Which measures how well a team combines hitting home runs and stealing bases. but pro-rated over a full schedule, the Dbacks’ number would rank 31st-best since MLB’s expansion era began in 1961. They’re an all-or-nothing lineup in the mold of, say, Buck Showalter’s Orioles, but with the added twist of stolen bases and opportunistic baserunning.The surprising catalyst for all this is 6-foot-3 first baseman Paul Goldschmidt.5Who’s already just 1.6 WAR shy of passing Gonzalez as Arizona’s greatest-ever position player by WAR. As the Washington Post’s Neil Greenberg recently pointed out, Goldschmidt steals an incredible number of bases (65 in 77 attempts over the past three seasons) for a player so, well, slow. Instead of using pure speed, he’s been able to strike on the basepaths with a combination of smarts and sneaky lead-taking. And he’s not alone — a handful of Arizona’s regulars are positive baserunners (according to FanGraphs’ measurement, which includes steals, extra bases and double-play avoidance) despite dubious foot speed.6The team’s second-best baserunner (behind Goldschmidt) is the 250-pound Yasmany Tomas, he of the seven career steals. Then, throw in some hitters who do have wheels to go with their pop — such as Chris Owings, A.J. Pollock and even Jake Lamb — and Arizona has an offense that can hurt you with its power and its speed, sort of like a lineup full of Junior Spiveys would have done a generation ago.Of course, for a team coming off a 69-win season, the usual caveats apply to Arizona’s early record. Our Elo ratings, for instance, remain unconvinced that the Diamondbacks are much more than a .500 team that has won a few extra games to start the season, an assessment echoed by other forecasts. Despite the similar statistical profile so far, this year’s Dbacks are probably nowhere near as good as the early-2000s version was. But they’re much younger, playing a style that might be more entertaining (if not as effective).It’s also worth noting that Arizona made its big splash the offseason before last, gearing up for a run just like the one they’re currently on, only to be wrecked by more injuries than almost any team in recent memory. Although the flurry of deals made by former GM Dave Stewart were roundly derided (and not without cause) it’s hard to deny that the Diamondbacks are now living out the future he envisioned — even if it came a year too late to save Stewart’s job.In other words, there is real talent blooming in the desert. What remains to be seen is whether this is merely another one-year blip, like so many before in the franchise’s post-championship era, or the start of something more long-lasting.Trout outAmid the fallout from Mike Trout’s injury Sunday (which will shelve the L.A. Angels star for 6 to 8 weeks), one of the least-pressing concerns was what it will potentially do to his place in the all-time WAR pantheon. But since that’s a topic I’ve covered ad nauseum here, let’s dive right into it.According to Baseball-Reference’s version of the stat, Trout has never ended a full season without being the all-time WAR leader for a given age. (Let that sink in for a moment.)7This isn’t quite true if you use FanGraphs’ WAR, which considers Mel Ott better through age 20. And regular readers will know that I prefer to average B-R and FG’s WAR numbers together anyway, to smooth out discrepancies between the two methods. But for the purposes of this exercise, let’s stick with B-R, just to see whether Trout can keep up the feat in the eyes of at least one WAR system. Before he got hurt, Trout already had 3.5 WAR this year, so he just needed to produce 3.7 over the remainder of the season to keep pace with Ty Cobb as the all-time leader through age 25.Even a conservative estimate would have called for Trout to generate something like 5.5 WAR in the last four months of the season, which would have enabled him to clear Cobb with ease. However, losing half of that remaining time would put Trout’s G.O.A.T. trajectory in real jeopardy. He’d have to return from injury without a hitch (no guarantee) and play slightly better down the stretch than he’d done over the season’s first two months — when he posted new career highs in virtually every hitting category. That’s a tall order!However, Trout could also come back in only five weeks if he follows the accelerated recovery path of teammate Andrelton Simmons, who suffered the same injury last season. If so, Trout would “only” need to play at an 8.3-full-season-WAR pace (which, comical as it sounds, is something he’s done in four of his five full MLB seasons) to catch up to Cobb.That’s the best-case scenario; in reality, Trout will probably face a real struggle to keep his title as G.O.A.T. at every age. But there’s still a chance.Franchise milestonesIn the day-to-day grind of a baseball season, it can be tough sometimes to zoom out and see the bigger picture of where a team stands in the context of its own history. That’s where something like the FiveThirtyEight Elo ratings come in handy, since they try to estimate how well a team was playing going into (and coming out of) every game in franchise history. I tracked where each team’s current Elo8Using the version from our interactive, which accounts for the starting pitcher in each game, rather than the version from our Complete History of MLB interactive. ranks relative to past seasons9Starting in 1901, the first season of the American League. for the team (measuring that using its percentile ranking) through the same number of games, as well as an Elo “milestone” — how deep in history we have to dig to find a season where it had a higher or lower Elo rating, depending on which number takes us further back in time: 24Marlins484647 20Angels445248 9Rays551515.268Best since 2015 17Cardinals465249 Some teams — like the Astros and Nationals/Expos — are playing the best they ever have at the third-of-a-season mark. Others are in down cycles: amazingly, the Phillies haven’t had an Elo lower than their current rating through 54 games of a season since 1962!Platoon power!I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of platooning, using the natural benefit of facing an opposite-handed pitcher (or a same-handed batter) to help a team become greater than the sum of its parts. Granted, different teams are constructed to use it better than others, so it’s not always up to the manager to play for the platoon advantage. Nevertheless, here are the teams who’ve had the lefty-righty edge in the highest percentage of their plate appearances (both batting and pitching), according to 12Mariners531511.988Worst since 2015 SHARE OF PLATE APPEARANCES WITH PLATOON ADVANTAGE* 14Mets501509.565Worst since 2015 6Red Sox511537.978Worst since 2015 2Mets675661 17Orioles501498.259Worst since 2011 18Tigers521496.330Best since 2015 16Angels551501.355Best since 2015 11Brewers495251 24Twins481480.434Best since 2015 PITCHING 29Red Sox454344 * We derived a team’s WAR depth by giving more weight to the WAR contribution of pitchers ranked deeper into a team’s top 10.Through May 29.Source: FanGraphs, 16White Sox554349 2Dodgers531571.198Best since 1974 26Rockies484245 28Braves501467.122Best since 2015 13Rockies541511.783Best since 2010 7Yankees491531.740Best since 2013 19Giants541494.216Worst since 2009 20Brewers521492.752Best since 2014 25Mariners464747 3Dodgers8.13.0 10Rangers531513.271Worst since 2015 30Padres541438.96Worst since 2003 23Pirates474747 12Padres534850 8Blue Jays521520.963Worst since 2015 5Athletics545353 27Royals511467.210Worst since 2007 7Reds554952 27Royals504045 30Tigers474144 1Indians73%53%63 5Cubs511544.789Worst since 2015 22Orioles454947 23Marlins501483.842Worst since 2015 Welcome to Full Count, our weekly baseball column. Have anything you want me to write about? Email or tweet me at [email protected] or @Neil_Paine.The last time the Arizona Diamondbacks won this many games this early in a season, the team was in the midst of defending a world championship, powered by a group of talented veterans taking one of the their last shots at glory before parting ways. That Arizona team was a bit different from its modern-day descendants, but if you strip away the star power and hideous jerseys, the old-school Dbacks also had a lot in common with today’s version (to the surprise of many analysts, including yours truly). Is it possible the franchise is finally set up for its first truly sustained run of success since that championship era?The 2001 Diamondbacks team remains the oldest one ever to win a World Series, and the follow-up edition was (unsurprisingly) even older. Mainly propelled by a stable of power arms — Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling in the rotation, plus Byung-Hyun Kim in the bullpen with a host of other deceptive relievers — Arizona ranked second in pitching wins above replacement1As always, averaging together the versions found at and (WAR) that year, second in strikeouts per nine innings and second in fewest walks per nine. Feeding opponents a healthy dose of nasty sliders all season long, the Dbacks allowed the league’s second-fewest park-adjusted earned runs, cruising to 98 wins and the NL West crown in the process.This year’s version cuts a similar profile on the mound, albeit with more youth and much less star power. No. 1 starter Zack Greinke is by far Arizona’s most experienced and decorated pitcher; going into the season, he had over 40 more career WAR than anyone else on the roster. And Greinke has certainly been doing his best Big Unit impression in the early going — Johnson was the last qualified D-Back pitcher with a better K/BB ratio than Greinke’s current 6.0 mark. But the rest of the staff is pulling its weight as well. After adjusting for park effects, seven of Arizona’s top nine pitchers carries an ERA better than league average. As a result, Arizona ranks second in pitching WAR this season — just like it did back in 2002. 2Diamondbacks8.33.3 8Rays535152 Each team’s 2017 season, in context 21Giants514447 Percentiles are calculated from franchise seasons since 1901, including the same number of games the team has played so far in the 2017 season. Milestones are determined by finding the last time the team had a higher or lower Elo rating through the same number of games as in 2017. Stats are through May 31.Sources: ESPN, Retrosheet 9Cubs584552 14Astros504950 21Pirates531490.531Worst since 2012 25Athletics511474.033Worst since 1998 TEAMGAMESELOFRANCHISE PERCENTILEMILESTONE 13Yankees534650 3Twins664857 TEAMWARDEPTH* 28D-Backs484145 15Rangers504949 5Yankees7.32.7 15Cardinals491505.739Worst since 2008 read more

Carcass meat row Racket might have been operational in N Bengal too

first_imgKolkata: In a major development in connection with the selling of carcass meat, the police are now suspecting that the tentacles of the racket had also spread to North Bengal.The police are suspecting that the kingpin of the racket Biswanath Ghorai, alias Bishu, had a wide network in North Bengal as well. They are suspecting it after preparing a list of vehicles that used to carry carcass meat to different parts of North Bengal.It may be recalled that the Special Investigation Team (SIT) of Diamond Harbour police district had arrested Biswanath Ghorai, alias Bishu, from a hideout at Tentultala near Sonarpur in South 24-Parganas on May 7. He was remanded in the custody of police when produced before the court. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsDuring investigation, police came to know how he used to run the entire business of selling carcass meat. It may be mentioned that Bishu was the owner of a cold storage-cum-processing unit in Narkeldanga, from where the meat was allegedly supplied to a number of hotels and restaurants in the city and its suburbs.Before arresting Bishu, the police had caught Sunny Mallick from Bihar in similar connection. Besides Bishu, the police have also interrogated others arrested in this connection. Based on their statement, a list containing details of the vehicles in which carcass meat was transported to different parts of the state was prepared. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedNow, the police will be questioning the transporters to get hold of the other people who were involved in the racket.Sources said that the investigating officers would take Bishu to North Bengal to carry out further investigation. The investigating officers also came to know that Bishu often used to visit North Bengal for business purposes. The police will take him to the places he used to visit in North Bengal.Meanwhile, people have raised allegations of selling dead chicken, against the owner of a shop at Beniapukur. Hundreds of people gathered outside the chicken shop soon after the news related to the selling of dead chicken had spread. Police went to the spot and detained two persons in this connection. Samples of chicken were also collected for necessary tests.last_img read more

Week long theatre extravaganza concludes

first_imgThe morning of June 4 featured a spectacular play, ‘Proposal’ by Anton Chekov. The show was produced by Moscow Theatre of Russia. The packed audience at Bratyajon International Theatre Festival sat through with a lot of enthusiasm and their applause inspired the artistes to deliver their best on stage. Russian Consul General in Kolkata Alexey Idamkin watched the show along with theatre personalities namely Ashok Mukhopadhyaya, Meghnad Bhattacharjee and Goutam Halder. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe penultimate day of the festival had night long shows of three theatre productions, all written by playwright Bratya Basu. The evening started with ‘Jatugriha’, staged by Shantipur Sanskriti, followed by ‘Cinemar Mato’ at 11 pm and ‘Hridipash’ at 3 am in the morning.Local Bangla band, ‘Arshinagar’ captivated the audience with their melodious folk music at 2 am between two successive theatre shows.The festival ended with another Bratya Basu play, ‘Anusochna’, which dealt with ethics of forgiveness.last_img read more