The right stuff

first_imgThe right stuffOn 17 Jul 2001 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. Why is it so hard for HR directors to become a natural choice as a company’sCEO? In the last part of our three-part series on CEOs and the boardroom HR,Godfrey Golzen examines why true HR professionals are so often ignoredHR management is in danger of falling victim to flawed logic – namely thatall CEOs have to be good at managing people, HR managers are good at managingpeople, therefore HR managers are destined to be the next generation of CEOs. That may be so, but it doesn’t necessarily follow. Our profile of the top 20senior executives in the past two issues of Personnel Today show that a growingnumber of CEOs have spent a considerable amount of time in HR roles, but theyare still in the minority. Even fewer have moved directly from HR into the topspot, so does this mean that “people are our most important asset”is, for most organisations, rhetoric rather than reality? Not really. For one thing, in some of the most important companies a spellin HR has become a necessary step on the way to the top. Donald MacLeod,European vice-president for headhunter Korn/Ferry International, reports that,as in a growing number of instances, the joint MDs of Mars in Europe, have bothhad long spells in HR. Indeed, KFI’s highly regarded European president, DickBuschman, is one of the few business leaders to have made a direct transitionfrom HR, though since executive search is a pure people specialism, that is notso surprising. The fact is, however, that most CEOs have moved up from management linepositions and often have a background in the “hard” skills ofmanagement. Clive Morton, author of the award-winning bestseller Becoming WorldClass, thinks the reasons may be psychological and cultural. “In Myers-Briggsterms, a typical CEO is a sensor and a thinker, whereas an HR manager reliesmore on feelings and intuition,” says Morton. “For a CEO, decisionsare approached from a right/wrong point of view. An HR person is more aware ofgrey areas.” That is often reflected in their education. Anecdotalevidence suggests a high proportion of CEOs have degrees in subjects such asfinance, engineering, science, maths or law, where answers are in black andwhite. “But why should HR people want to be CEOs anyway?” asks KlaasWassenaar, who runs the HR Leadership programme at the Rotterdam School ofManagement. This view is echoed by Ian Keenan, principal consultant at ER, aUK-based niche consultancy in HR. “People go into HR because they’re moreinterested in those issues than in the numbers.” What the Rotterdam programme is setting out to do is turn participants intobest-in-class HR managers rather than into CEOs. Wassenaar is concerned thatRSM’s research show that HR managers spend less than 5 per cent of their timeon strategic issues and that their general business awareness is low, which onthe one hand makes them targets for outsourcing initiatives, and on the othermakes them less-than-credible board members if they do move to top spots. “While HR managers are being promoted to the boards of companies, theirtraditional internal-facing, cost rather than revenue roles do not ‘cut it’with the board looking for new or succession CEOs,” says JohnMahoney-Phillips, group head of Human Capital Performance at UBS. “How many HR directors really talk in terms of ROI and can measure andquantify it?” At UBS, he says, traditional HR disciplines and measuressuch as assessment, performance management, succession planning and internalsurveys are crucial, but as a basis for developing a strategy for developingand deploying human capital, not as sets of processes carried out for their ownsake. The programme at RSM focuses on HR professionals who want to become HRbusiness leaders, not functional specialists, and that is ultimately the routeto the top – for those who want to take it. Mahoney-Phillips point out that inthe light of such an objective, HR people ought to welcome outsourcing as”a liberation from the lower added-value activities that so many HRMscomplain about”. He adds, “If anything, the lack of a passion to raise the game andtruly align people and business strategy is why HRMs are not making it to thetop – they should embrace outsourcing as one strategic shift in the value theycan add to the business.” Lots of others are now emerging, relating to taking a proactive view of whatthe mantra, “People are our greatest asset” really means. Examplesare provided in London Business School professor Lynda Gratton’s latest book,Living Strategy (FT/Prentice Hall). At GlaxoSmithKline (formerly Glaxo Wellcomeand Smith-Kline Beecham), for instance, the management team recognisescompetitive advantage in the immensely challenging environment ofpharmaceuticals lies not just in research capacity as such, but in thewillingness of research teams to share their knowledge – and in the creation ofincentives to further this end – a pure HR focus. In Motorola’s move into mainland China, the marketing people promoted theidea that creating and developing a cadre of Chinese managers, an HR task,would also yield invaluable insights for a marketing strategy. AtHewlett-Packard, operating in the front line of the war for talent, it wasdecided competitive advantage could only be sustained by getting HR involved increating a culture of commitment and involvement other companies would finddifficult to imitate. The technology itself was just another commodity. “One doesn’t think of Jack Welch in the context of HR, but it issignificant that at every stage, having put the processes for change intoplace, he spends an enormous amount of time going round and talking topeople,” says Keenan from ER. The speed of advance in technology has, paradoxically, put people at theheart of strategy. At the same time, it has opened a Pandora’s box ofopportunities for HR managers who want to make it to the top. “Those whowant to and can combine HR skills, experience and competencies with commercialawareness assuredly will,” says Sarah Barwell of Courtenay, a specialist Britishrecruiter of top HR talent. She warns, however, that top talent from otherfunctions, aware of the possibilities of HR, are now also seeing it as a stepon the road to the top – a view unheard of even three years ago. The fact is that as the result of technology, HR issues are appearing infunctions where they never appeared before. Witness the example quoted byProfessor Gratton – research, market entry strategies and maintainingcompetitive advantage – HR is included in these areas. But they are embedded inthe very structure of new economy organisations, in particular because theseare based on networks, alliances and partnerships, both between people on theinside and external, and to an increasing extent global stakeholders, such asfinancial institutions, members of the supply chain and customers. That is whyCiticorp chairman John S Read is quoted in the McKinsey Quarterly as saying,”Our global human capital may be as important a resource, if not moreimportant, than our financial capital”. CEOs of leading-edge companies are aware of these new strategic scenariosand of crucial roles that HR managers could play. The trouble is that notenough are doing so. “When they get on the board, in many cases they’renot really at the top table,” says Linda Holbeche, director of research atRoffey Park, a British business school that is developing a global strategic HRnetwork. One reason is that they are not used to taking rapid-action executivedecisions. “Take management development. It’s a vital process and needs a lot ofthought on how to integrate it with business strategy. But it’s not somethingthat happens fast. And there’s also the fact that a lot of HR work consists ofprocess, administration and checking,” Holbeche says. These latter elementsof the job are just the ones that are being outsourced. “HR managers needto think beyond outsourcing and look at ways in which they could play a fullrole as business partners,” she adds. So what can HR managers do to achieve the credibility they need andcurrently lack, to get to the top? Above all they need to enhance theirbusiness awareness, which means understanding how every aspect of HR managementimpinges on other functions. One CEO, for instance, insists his HR managersshould be able to justify every proposal in terms of measurable forecasts ofcosts and benefits and certainly financial skills is one of the areas where HRpeople tend to be weakest. Many HR people are critical of the standard content of their functionaltraining on the grounds that it does not develop the overall business awarenessthat you need to be credible at the top. That is a situation that a number ofbusiness schools are seeking to correct. The Rotterdam School of Management,Cranfield School of Management, Roffey Park Management Institute and CityUniversity all offer HR-related MBAs and executive programmes. They are a big commitment in timeas well as money, but there is a price to be paid if you want to get to thetop. For contact details of suppliers mentioned here go to that HR managers need:In an Andersen survey HR directors questioned by the human capital divisionat Andersen felt the following skills and competencies were crucial to carryout their role effectively– Interpersonal skills– Communication skills– Vision and creativity– Leadership– Change management skills– Strategic perspective– Cultural fluency– Business and market awareness– Technological literacy– Project management experienceGetting ahead in today’s business environmentIf you want to get ahead in the new business environment, then take note ofthe following trends– Invisible assets, particularly knowledge, are replacing tangible assets asthe foundation of competitive advantage– There are fewer people, but more are brought in on a project-by-projectbasis – more like a film crew than regular employees. That raises other issuessuch as trust and the importance of communication– Human capital – the basis of competitive advantage – is a scarce resource.In order to attract and retain it, companies have to become the employer of choice. That takes HR into the areas ofemployer brand and reputation management on a global scale– Cultural sensitivity is all-important, not just in the obvious areas ofwhat might be called etiquette, but in how HR policies and core values, likefairness, are perceived in different parts of the world – and particularly inthe notoriously tricky aftermath of mergers and acquisitions.last_img read more

Jazz rout Kings 154-105, snap two-game losing streak

first_imgApril 29, 2021 /Sports News – Local Jazz rout Kings 154-105, snap two-game losing streak Written by Tags: NBA/Utah Jazz FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailSACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Bojan Bogdanovic scored 24 points, Utah made 24 3-pointers, and the short-handed Jazz bounced back from consecutive losses and set a franchise scoring record in a 154-105 win over the Sacramento Kings.Rudy Gobert had 12 points and 10 rebounds, Jordan Clarkson scored 23 points and Georges Niang scored 19 with five 3s for Utah.Coming off back-to-back losses to Minnesota, the West-leading Jazz jumped on the Kings and never let up. Utah outscored Sacramento 46-17 in the second quarter, build its lead to 54 points and rolled to its most lopsided win of the season. Associated Presslast_img read more

Icy Flowers.

first_img Remove dead tissues soon. They can lead to infections when the weather warms. Tan, brown or black tissue won’t recover. If it’s half green, don’t bother it. Keep plants dry if you can. You can’t stop the rain, but don’t water or wash the plant. And don’t fertilize until spring. Give the wounds time to heal. Watch for disease signs such as shrinking stems, black areas or brown patches that grow bigger on leaves or stems. If you see them, check with your county agent for proper fungicide recommendations. Thomas offers these helpful hints: “Very little,” said Paul Thomas, an Extension Service horticulturist with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.center_img What can you do if your landscape flowers are freeze-damaged or dead from the cold?last_img read more

UltraPlay signs deals with Betinvest and Golden Race

first_img Submit GG.Bet scores ESL Counter-Strike & Dota 2 global partnerships July 15, 2020 BetInvest: The benefits of separating esports betting markets August 7, 2020 Share Winning Post: UK racing must put its best foot forward … July 20, 2020 Related Articles Share StumbleUpon Esports betting supplier UltraPlay has announced that it has signed deals with both Betinvest and Golden Race.UltraPlay CEO Dariy Margaritov commented: “With the company’s core ambition to offer a wide variety of winning products to its customers, UltraPlay has successfully started another fruitful partnership with two of the best sports product providers Betinvest and Golden Race.” Betinvest’s VP of Business Development Valentin Kyrylenko added: “As a globally renowned company for its sophisticated and diversified sports betting turnkey solutions, Betinvest is totally prepared to deliver next level of online gaming experience. UltraPlay is among the esports betting leaders which will further enhance its sports products with our business collaboration.”  Goldren Race has also entered UltraPlay’s partnership network with its well-known virtual sports products which include horse racing, greyhounds, and 3D virtual football. Golden Race CEO Martin Wachter stated: “Engaging the players 24/7 with matches and races in every 5 minutes, Golden Race will definitely enrich the virtual sports section of UltraPlay’s platform.”UltraPlay invested in a considerable booth at ICE earlier this month and it seems the decision is paying off with these two significant deals. Margaritov noted: “UltraPlay is determined to score top results for its online platform while partnering with some of the best betting services and virtual sports providers. “What we have seen so far is the increased demand and popularity of Golden Race and Betinvest solutions. Joining forces to deliver top notch products in the online gaming industry, we strongly believe in the positive outcome and expansion of our clients’ network while also making a further step ahead in the sports betting ecosystem.”last_img read more

Crusader preview: Wellington girls basketball team lacks varsity experience but has depth

first_imgGame 6:00PM Wichita Collegiate Wellington High School – WHS Main Gym      TournamentTBDAway vs. HavenHaven High School 3. Lots of depth but short on varsity experience…Adams said he was thinking about this the other day. He has eight upperclassmen on the team, yet he has just 10 games of experience amongst all of them returning from last season – and that’s Zimmerman.That doesn’t mean Wellington has a lineup filled with inexperience.“I have a lineup where the lineup is similar from 1 to 18,” Adams said. “The upperclassmen have all played the game, and then we have some really good underclassmen.”In other words, Wellington has depth. 4A Sub-State Quarter FinalsTBDAway vs. TbaTBA 5. The underclassman…We already mentioned Snipes and French. But there are plenty of other freshmen and sophomores who could see significant varsity time.“The issue I have is a lot of these girls are too young to even drive, yet we are asking them to play varsity ball,” Adams said. “The speed and skill level is so much higher at the varsity level than what they are used to in middle school.”So, who might see some playing time as underclassmen? Avery Rusk, Shayland French, MeKenna Adams, and Madi Lewellen are just a few names you might see in the varsity box score. 4A Sub-State Semi FinalsTBDAway vs. TbaTBA 15Mercedes Vazquez5’1011 8. Sub-state…The Kansas State High School Activities Association may have lobbed an assist to the Wellington girls basketball team. The Crusaders will be traveling to Winfield for its sub-state which includes Mulvane and Rose Hill.The conventional wisdom is that the volleyball sub-states are identical to the basketball. If that would have been the case Andale would have been in the same sub-state as the Crusaders. But the KSHSAA grouped Rose Hill with the other three – sending the Indians to the Augusta sub-state with El Dorado and Circle. 9. The schedule… Varsity girls  14Tyanna Hughes5’712 Tournament6:20PMAway vs. Kingman,SterlingKingman High School 3Lauryn Snipes6’010 Tuesday, Jan 6, 2015 Game6:00PMAway vs. ClearwaterClearwater High School TournamentTBDAway vs. KingmanKingman High School Monday, Mar 2, 2015 Game6:00PMAway vs. AndaleAndale High School Friday, Dec 19, 2014 Saturday, Jan 31, 2015 2Tayland French5’8″10 Game6:00PMAway vs. Wichita CollegiateWichita Collegiate School 4A Sub-State ChampionshipTBDAway vs. TbaTBA Friday, Jan 16, 2015 Thursday, Jan 29, 2015 23Shelby McNamara5’811 Game 6:00PM El Dorado Wellington High School – WHS Main Gym      Tuesday, Feb 10, 2015 Tournament3:00PMAway vs. Conway Springs,KingmanKingman High School Tuesday, Feb 17, 2015 5Gracie Fink5’69 TournamentTBDAway vs. HavenHaven High School  10. The full roster… Wednesday, Mar 11, 2015 Friday, Dec 12, 2014 TournamentTBDAway vs. HavenHaven High School Game 6:00PM Andale Wellington High School – WHS Main Gym      25Shelbie Wright5’812 Saturday, Mar 7, 2015 2014-15 Wellington Crusader girls basketball Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — Ten things you need to know about the upcoming 2014-15 Wellington girls basketball season…1. When we last left off…Wellington finished 13-9 and played in the sub-state championship game losing to Mulvane 46-41 in Eric Adams head coaching debut in 2013-14. In the past five years, no other WHS sports team has been able to touch the girls basketball team success with a cumulative record of 75-35, a state tournament berth and four sub-state championship games.2. So who returns?Gary Fair with the announcing, Sarah House at the scorekeeping table and probably a few blind refs. Oh, you’re talking about the players.Lauryn Snipes Game6:00PMAway vs. WinfieldWinfield High School Friday, Feb 13, 2015 Asst. Coaches-Randy Strothman 12Mekenna Adams5’69 Follow us on Twitter. 32Abby Lowe5’59 Game6:00PMAway vs. MulvaneMulvane High School Game6:00PMAway vs. BuhlerBuhler High School Thursday, Mar 5, 2015 Game6:00PMAway vs. CircleCircle High School Friday, Feb 27, 2015 Senior Night Saturday, Dec 13, 2014 Friday, Jan 30, 2015 Shanna Fairbanks, Kelly Nance Tuesday, Dec 16, 2014 Tuesday, Jan 13, 2015 Homecoming 4. So outside Zimmerman, who are some other top tier upperclassmen?Catie Williams, a 5-7, sr. will be returning with a vengeance. She tore her ACL two years ago in Kingman and it has been a slow recovery. Adams said she is looking good in practice.Shelbie Wright, a 5-8, sr. is taking her first step to the varsity level.Tyanna Hughes, a 5-6 , sr., is nursing a foot injury and won’t be back until mid to late January.Marian Moore, a 5-9 junior, will be playing at the post. 4A State TournamentTBDAway vs. TbaTBA #NAMEHTYR  Varsity/JV   33Mariah Moore5’911 Game 6:00PM Augusta Wellington High School – WHS Main Gym      1Peyton Adams5’712 7.  The league…This league is Andale’s to lose, Adams admits. Last season, the Indians swept the competition with all five starters and a key bench player returning. They are all seniors. Wichita Collegiate is expected to be much improved with five starters returning.Circle has four returning starters from an 11-win team. There is no rest for the weary for the Crusaders that is for sure.Two teams Wellington might see success against could be Clearwater and Mulvane which saw significant graduation last season. Game 6:00PM Mulvane Wellington High School – WHS Main Gym      Tuesday, Feb 3, 2015 Tayland FrenchWellington girls have three returning starters — two of them sophomores. Lauryn Snipes, a 6-0 sophomore, will return with 12.0 points and 3.1 rebounds per game. Tayland French, a 5-9 sophomore, returns with 4.2 ppg and 8.0 rpg.Taylor Zimmerman, a 5-10 junior, had 5.9 ppg and 6.1 rpg in 2013-14 before injuring her shoulder and missing the final 10 games of the season. Thursday, Dec 11, 2014 22Peyton Witham5’1011 GIRLS   6. The season ahead…Wellington fans will probably need to exercise patience with this group early. They open Thursday in the Kingman Tournament against Sterling, a 20-win Class 3A team that is featured prominently in the Kansas Basketball Coaches Association poll. The next game against Conway Springs will also be difficult.The Crusaders will then open the AV-CTL Div. IV play against defending league champion Andale and it doesn’t get much easier thereafter.Wellington is switching midseason basketball tournaments. Wellington left the Mulvane Wildcat Classic and will instead go to the Haven Tournament. Although, Wellington will see mostly 3A and 2A teams from the area, they will be very, very good teams in a traditionally rich basketball environment.“I was tired of seeing the same teams,” Adams said about leaving Mulvane. “I wanted to see someone different. But that tournament will have some great teams in it. We might think differently if we come home 0-3.”Interestingly, the tournament will also include Goddard — a team now coached by former Crusader head coach Kevin Hackerott. Game 6:00PM Circle Wellington High School – WHS Main Gym      4Shayland French5’89 21Taylor Zimmerman5’1011 Friday, Feb 20, 2015 Game 6:00PM Clearwater Wellington High School – WHS Main Gym      Friday, Feb 6, 2015 Head Coach – Eric Adams Tuesday, Feb 24, 2015 10Avery Rusk5’89 13Catie Williams5’712 11Madi Lewellen6’010 Friday, Jan 9, 2015 Close Forgot password? Please put in your email: Send me my password! Close message Login This blog post All blog posts Subscribe to this blog post’s comments through… RSS Feed Subscribe via email Subscribe Subscribe to this blog’s comments through… RSS Feed Subscribe via email Subscribe Follow the discussion Comments Logging you in… Close Login to IntenseDebate Or create an account Username or Email: Password: Forgot login? Cancel Login Close Username or Email: Password: Lost your password? 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Frosh McGowens leads Pitt in win over Colgate

first_imgPITTSBURGH (AP) — The first half of 2018 was one to forget for Pittsburgh basketball. The Panthers went 0-18 in conference play to finish the season with just eight wins, which led to the firing of head coach Kevin Stallings.The second half showed a ton of promise, though, as new head coach Jeff Capel earned win number 10 to close out the calendar year with Saturday’s 68-54 victory over Colgate.“It’s time to flush 2018,” Capel said after the win. “It’s over. . 2018 provided all of us with some really good things but some hard things, some adverse things and some difficult things, but they’re all things, I think, that helped make us stronger.”Now, Pitt will head into ACC play and attempt to snap an 18-game conference losing streak. The final tuneup against the Raiders suggested that they’re capable.Five Pittsburgh players cracked double figures offensively. Freshman guard Trey McGowens led the way with 16 points, with Jared Wilson-Frame (15), Au’Diese Toney (14), Terrell Brown (10) and Xavier Johnson (11) joining him in double figures.Colgate (8-5) got out to a strong start, and led by a point with nearly seven minutes gone by in the first half. A 9-0 Pitt run over the next three minutes, sparked by seven points from Wilson-Frame, ended any hopes of a Raiders upset. Pitt went into the half with a nine-point lead and extended it in the second period.“It was the energy on defense,” Wilson-Frame said. “I think we just needed to have a little bit more energy and focus up and get the job done.”Pitt held the Raiders to a season-low 30-percent shooting. Junior guard Will Rayman led Colgate with 10 points, eight of which came in the first half.BIG PICTUREColgate: Rapolas Ivanauskas, Colgate’s second-leading scorer, was held to just five points. He came into the game averaging a double-double with 15 points and 10 rebounds per game.“I think their physicality didn’t let him get the ball close to the basket,” Colgate coach Matt Langel said. “He missed a couple early around the basket that if he’s able to get those to go down, maybe it changes what his game could be. He didn’t get the shots we need him to get.”Pitt: Has been inconsistent rebounding all season. On the whole, they have a positive margin, with 466 rebounds for and 413 against entering Saturday, but there have been games where the Panthers struggled on the glass. This was one of those games, as Colgate won the battle of the boards, 50-34, and 25 of those rebounds coming on offense.Capel thought his team’s inability to control the defensive glass held back his team’s transition offense.“If we defensive rebound, then we’re able to get out in transition and that’s where we’re at our best,” he said. “We did a very, very poor job this afternoon of that.”BLOCK PARTYBrown had nine blocks, setting a Pitt program record, besting the previous mark of seven, which had been set 15 times, most recently by Gary McGhee in 2010. Pitt also tied a team record with 13 blocks.Brown was Pitt’s leading shot-blocker a year ago, but had just 16 this season coming into Saturday.“Today, I just had energy,” Brown said. “I felt different. I think that helped. . It’s kind of just a mental thing.”UP NEXTColgate: Starts Patriot League play with a trip to Navy on Jan. 3.Pitt: Has a week off before beginning ACC play by hosting North Carolina on Jan. 5. Pittsburgh’s Trey McGowens (2) goes past Colgate’s Tucker Richardson (15) to dunk during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game, Saturday, Dec. 29, 2018, in Pittsburgh. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)last_img read more