Interview on Air Sharknado screenwriter Thunder Levin

first_imgWhere were you when the Sharknado hit SyFy? Were you one of the few who sat and watched as the story of a city under siege by flying sharks unfolded on primetime television, or were you one of the many who heard about it as Twitter became overrun with commentary? We sat down with Thunder Levin, the screenwriter responsible for Sharknado, to talk about how this movie came to be and what he’s doing next.Sharknado is a perfect example of a spontaneous event that results in a massive buzz. No one responsible for Sharknado — from SyFy on down to its creator — could have predicted the kind of instant popularity that occurred. The made-for-TV film aired like any other SyFy original movie, with no great effort to promote the film any differently than anything else on this network. For some reason the combination of freak weather, unlikely shark migration patterns, and a constant reminder that Los Angeles citizens complain any time there’s any rain at all, combined to create a bizarre story that ended with popularity that vastly exceeded Nielsen ratings for the flick.Update: The interview was planned for 3:30PM today, but Levin is running late. It’ll go live as soon as he shows up!Thunder Levin is no stranger to writing and directing, with films like Mutant Vampire Zombies from the ‘Hood! and American Warships as feathers in his cap. Sharknado was one of several films Levin was involved in at the time, and when another film required his attention as a director he left the now famous SyFy Original in the capable hands of director Anthony C. Ferrante to translate from paper to screen. In our Interview with him today, we’ll talk about how this movie came to be, and what the Twitter explosion has meant for him.If you have any questions for Thunder, or commentary on your Sharknado experience, leave a comment below!last_img read more