LG planning a smartwatch and Google Glass competitor may use Firefox OS

first_imgWe’ve gone from expecting one smartwatch to several companies planning to launch one in the course of just a few weeks. This morning there was news of Google joining the fray with a Nexus smartwatch, but now LG is thought to also be working on a watch.The difference is, LG already has experience in this category as the company already launched a smartwatch back in 2009 called the GD910. So it will hopefully be able to learn from that and is also thought to be considering using Firefox OS rather than opting for Android. LG is already set to use Firefox OS for a smartphone, so using it in a smartwatch isn’t out of the question.A smartwatch may not excite many geeks because, as has been pointed out repeatedly, who wears a watch when you have a phone in your pocket? However, The Korea Times’ source also suggested LG is set to compete with Google by producing its own take on Google Glass.Creating the equivalent of Google Glass without actually seeing Google’s final product could lead to some interesting differences between how the two function. It also seems unlikely LG would choose Android as the OS when Google is implementing its own modifications for Glass. Is this another device LG will choose to run Firefox OS?If the ever increasing number of smartwatch projects is anything to go by, every major tech company will already be working on something to compete with Google Glass. The key difference looks likely to be the OS chosen to power them.last_img read more