Chinese Man Buys 4000 Worth of Salt Over Radiation Concerns

first_imgLet this be an object lesson about attempting to profit off of catastrophe. A man in China bought 7 tons of salt, in hopes of making a quick buck off of worries surrounding Japan’s battered nuclear reactors. The man spent $4,000 on the stuff, after being tipped off that fears would result in a shortage.The Chinese government intervened, however, curbing fears of radiation exposure and assuring the populace that it didn’t need to rush out and buy salt. The prices dropped sharply after the announcement. All of this has left the man known only as “Guo” with an apartment full of salt. He’s since been told that it’s illegal to resell the stuff and to transport it to a different province in the country. At least he can take solace in never having to deal with another slug in his life.last_img read more