Firefox Australis facelift takes shape in UX builds

first_imgThis summer, Mozilla’s Jared Wein posted his personal build of Firefox that featured an early version of the new Australis theme. That was five months ago now, and many Firefox fans have been wondering when the new design would finally be pushed to one of the browser’s mainstream builds. It still hasn’t happened, but it’s clear that Mozilla’s getting closer to landing the new theme.Mozilla coder Matthew Noorenberghe recently revealed that Australis is taking shape in the Firefox Nightly UX builds, which sits just outside the perimeter occupied by the standard-issue Firefox Nightly. Noorenberghe says that implementing Australis is one of the Foundation’s major goals for this quarter, so the push is on.So what’s taking so long? There are a ton of variables that need to be considered with a UI update for a cross-platform app like Firefox. Apart from making sure that Australis looks good on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, Mozilla also has to optimize for different desktop configurations within those operating systems. On Windows, for example, Firefox needs to look just as good with Aero Glass turned on or off, or even with a high-contrast color scheme enabled.And all that tweaking has to be done while ensuring that the Australis redesign doesn’t negatively impact performance on any of these platforms. Mozilla’s been working incredibly hard to make sure that Firefox is as nimble, responsive, and powerful as its competitors and doesn’t want to take a step backward now. When the slick Australis UI finally arrives, it’ll be as a complement to an equally-slick Firefox — not as a visual distraction to take your mind off sluggishness.Want to see how Australis looks on your own system? Grab the installer from Mozilla’s FTP.More at Matthew Noorenberghe’s bloglast_img read more