Saayii Tolof – Part 153 EPISODE 12 Difficult Marriages – Love

first_imgThe Elders The clan elders called Sandiago to a family meeting and enquired about Diminga Degene; “Where is your wife it is a long time since I saw her?”  Elder Maya asked.Sandiago “She just packed her belongings and left with the kids and I did not force her to come back,” he argued defensively.Elder Moses Maya  “Hear you talk, are you a man? God gave you a beautiful woman a covert prize you do not deserve and gossip said you use ‘black assurance’ to get her now that she totally subdue to your whims and caprices you maltreat her, you’ll regret your action I can assure you.”Manete “You are a wicked man, how can you strangulate my beautiful niece in the middle of the night and you almost kill her? Is that not sheer meanness? You’ll regret your action.”Sandiago  He protested.  “Why are you all blaming me? Did you ask why what happen has happen? Degene you all describe as virtuous is a ‘public toilet’ in disguise..” but before he completed his sentence, Pa Manete threw his shoe at him and he dodged. As he charged to assault him, he was restrained by the other elders, who expressed disgust and asked him to withdraw his obscene word which he did. “You good for nothing animal, how can you use such nasty words on a woman who gave you two beautiful and intelligent kids? Are you also a ‘public toilet’? You’ll regret your words. I am very offended,” he ranted.  The other elders counseled him to take it easy as a mediator. “Go ahead and express yourself we are listening,” said one of the elders, Moses Maya. “Diminga Degene was flirting around with anything in trousers and Tanta Njombat can attest to that.”Tanta Njombat  She was very furious when she was summoned. She was asked this: “Sandiago, here said you can attest to Diminga’s excesses in being flirtuous with anything in trousers. What can you say about this?” She insulted Ndigi and called him names. “Why are you troubling me? What have I done to you? Have I ever discussed your wife with you? What I do know is that she is a virtuous woman, devoted wife and mother and always at home taking care of her family. She does not mingle so how can you say I can attest to her flirtuous character? Speak before I break your head!”Sandiago  He was short of words as the elders rebuffed him. “I thought you said the other day when you saw me carrying my kids from church you asked about my wife and said why was she not around to help with the children which is a woman/wife’s job?” Tanta Njombat jumped with excitement. “Look at this great fool! What you narrated does not warrant you to accuse your innocent wife? I said that because you were struggling in the scorching sun and it was your wife who used to do that job. You are stupid and insensitive. I agree with Majula who said you do not deserve her daughter. You are very complex.” She asked the elders to be excused to go and do some work at home. Ndigi was bewildered and has nothing to say as the elders caricatured him all the more. “Any more witnesses to buttress your wild allegations?” asked elder Moses Maya. “I met her flirting with my nephew Njegan.” “Are you sure? We will summon him to come and defend himself,” said Elder Maya. “Njegan fathered our two children who resemble him.” “You are still lying against your wife! We will take you to court to proof paternity,” said Pa Manete. Njegan was summoned and he came and protested when he saw Sandiago. “That’s what he told you and has been telling everyone that I fathered his two kids when my only crime was to be at the beck and call of his wife, while he was away, but I’ll not let him go Scott free. We’ll meet at the shrine for both of us to swear. We can also swear by the Bible, anywhere, anytime the soonest.” “Take it easy we are mediators please don’t make any hasty decision. Go back to your house we will call you when we need you,” counseled elder Maya.Sandiago He was short of words. “I don’t know what has happened to me? I thought….” “You thought what? How can you make such wild allegations against your virtuous wife? Have you ever caught a man on top of her? Why do you lack self-esteem/self-confidence? You have seen how your shameful act has cost you?” The elders chided him as he hung his head in shame. “I am very confused and did not know what has entered my stupid mind to make me erratic in my actions? I need your help, please help me get back my wife.”The shocking/unexpected news. “Gerdel Gorra is asking Diminga Degene’s hand in marriage,” announced Pa Manete.Sandiago “Which Gerdel Gorra? That is impossible! It cannot be. I’ll kill him and kill myself. This is the betrayal of the century!” Ndigi exclaimed.The Elders “Didn’t we tell you? The cow does not value its tail until it loses it! You were foolish, stupid and childish! How can you accuse and batter your wife on flimsy accusation? She is very beautiful and you were only lucky because she loves you and you abused her love. You have made your bed, so lie on it.”He left unceremoniously back to his house, but he cannot stay in-doors and has to roam the village contemplating on what to do next.Goes into trance He was shattered and did not believe what he heard. “Where they pulling my legs to get me to act positively? But Gerdel Gorra cannot do that to me. Is he not my best friend who was advising me to be firm and act as the man of the house? No Gerdel cannot marry my wife. I cannot take it. I have to kill myself before that happens. How can I leave this scoundrel to enjoy my sweet wife? It is not possible. Am I dreaming?” He pinched himself to ascertain whether he is dreaming or awake. To be Cont.last_img read more