Sheila: “It motivates me to face Rapinoe, we’re like that”

first_imgYes, I can only dedicate myself to football because I live with my parents. Right now I combine football with studies. I study sports nutrition, a medium grade. But most of my colleagues work, because the average age is high (29 or 30 years old). There are few others in the university. In my case, studies are very important for when football ends, but I think I can live years of this.How is a day in your life?We have the bad luck that we train in the afternoons because most of the players work. Although the Agreement has been signed, they have to combine it. We adapt to your schedules. In the morning I study. Then I have an hour’s drive to train from my home in Yunquera (Guadalajara). I also direct several teams of Rayo girls.Is it rewarding to work with girls?The quarry is very good. And now there are more resources, there is professionalism. When I was little I had to play with children, there were no teams of girls. When I was five years old, I had to wear an M shirt, which was huge. Now they all have their ideal material.Tell me how it started in this football.It was thanks to my older brother. I went down to the street and won, but I had more body. It itched a lot. He was the one who trusted me and made me believe it. With three I started and with five I signed for the team of my town. At nine they called me from Guadalajara. At 12 I was selected with Castilla la Mancha and that was a showcase in my career. With 17, Rayo loved me but I didn’t have the possibility to go to Madrid every day. My parents worked and did not dare to let me go alone to Vallecas by train. They were afraid. It was turning 18 and the first thing I did was take out my driving license to be able to sign for Lightning. Luckily they called me again. That was what made me become a professional player, move on to the First Iberdrola. Take that leap. It was my dream.You will share costumes with the best in Spain. Who are your La Roja references?Jenni Hermoso, Marta Corredera or Amanda Sampedro, whom I’ve been watching since I was a little girl. They are referents. They have incredible quality. I have a lot to learn from them.What can you contribute to this Selection?I think a lot of verticality, since Spain has a very different style of touch. I have respect for this situation but not fear. There are going to be high level players in the United States and that motivates me. How did you find out that you were among the 23 called to dispute the SheBelieves Cup with Spain?I was picking up my mother from work and I saw him on social media. I thought about the work behind me and that I am having a great season. I think I deserve it, but part of this is thanks to my team that has always supported me and helped me.What did you know about the SheBelieves Cup?I had no idea how important it really is. I knew it was special. I am very grateful to the coach for taking me to this beautiful tournament. Now it’s my turn to do my best.Which player motivates you to face?To Rapinoe She is a player more or less my style. It is my reference in the United States. But all three teams have incredible players, they are the best in the world. I hope to enjoy this moment to the fullest.Reach the absolute after a great career in lower categories.My companions have called me to congratulate me. It came from lower categories and is a job that I have done well to reach the absolute.What have you been told in your club? It’s been a long time since a Lightning player arrived …They are very happy. The last one was Natalia Pablos. She called me to congratulate me and gave me some advice. He told me to take full advantage that this happens only once.How is the Lightning?The team is fine, at ease. We are in the middle of the table and do not suffer with the issue of descent. We are happy Vallecas’s feeling never changes. Although important players have gone to great clubs and that has made it lower the level a bit. But we have pride and a lot of feeling in the costume family. That is key to getting the team forward.What does it look like in the future?I am very comfortable and very good at Rayo, but it’s always nice to get to the Champions League or win a Queen’s Cup. Or win an Iberdrola League title. I want to mark those goals. I think they can arrive. That’s why I don’t discard anything.A few days ago history was made by signing the collective agreement. How has it affected you?It has not affected me personally. These are rights that we should have all had for a long time. In my club, which is humble and with the lowest budget, I think we deserve to have that minimum.Is it one of the lucky ones that can live only from football?last_img read more