The Xbox One Black Screen of not quite death is fixable

first_imgXbox One users all over the world may have noticed an odd behavior with their new console following a major software update that was rolled out over the weekend. The good news is the problem isn’t permanent, the bad news is that there’s not an actual fix yet.Microsoft’s first big update to the Xbox One since its launch was due out early last week, but the company failed to deliver on their own deadline and it started rolling out four days later. Even with the additional time, it appears as though there’s a problem with the update. Many users are reporting a visual glitch when you leave a game or app by pressing the home button. The screen flickers grey and black instead of returning to the home screen, and there’s no way for the user to navigate the console with the controller after this happens.For the moment, there’s no way to resolve this issue with your controller. If you want to move on with your gaming existence from this point, you need to reboot the console. The Xbox One will power down after you hold a finger over the glowing icon on the console that doubles as a power switch for ten seconds. After this, the console will boot right back up and you’ll be able to play games and watch Netflix as though nothing ever happened. If you’re lucky, the problem won’t come back until Microsoft issues a fix. If not, you’ll need to power cycle the console again.Based on their responses to complaints on social networks, Microsoft is aware of the issue already and working on a fix. It’s unclear if the fix will roll out before the major update planned for March, but given the volume of users currently experiencing this issue it seems likely that there will be a fix sooner rather than later.last_img read more