Milk marketing opportunities a topic at Spring Dairy Expo

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest  Though dairy prices continue to be serious concern, it did not slow down participants and exhibitors at the 2018 Spring Dairy Expo this weekend. Dale Minyo caught up Scott Higgins and Jenny Hubble with the American Dairy Association Mideast to get an update on efforts to continue expanding markets.“It was a little chilly but a good weekend for dairy farmers to be at Spring Dairy Expo,” Hubble said. “There are three days of events and exhibit numbers are up this year.”The Spring Dairy Expo provides an opportunity for ADA Mideast to update dairy farmers of the work being done to market the continually expanding dairy production in Ohio and around the country.“We have been working hard to increase demand and trust for dairy foods. We don’t do what we traditionally used to do. We aren’t doing television advertising like we did back in the ‘Got Milk’ days. We are doing things like working within our school environment to create life-long milk drinkers and looking for ways we can provide new consumption opportunities with innovative products to encourage dairy consumption across the board,” Hubble said. “There has been a great surge in yogurt and yogurt products — Greek yogurt is big. And everyone loves cheese on everything. Milk is also a great ingredient for all kinds of healthy beverages that are out there today. A latte, for example, is at least half milk and is a great way to get your dairy. Chocolate milk is a great recovery beverage for adults working out because of the protein-carbohydrate ratio and white milk is a great beverage to choose because of its protein levels.”One of the key parts of expanding markets is working with well-known brands interested in providing the products consumers demand.“The vision we have had is to find brand partners who know and understand what consumers want. Whether Wendy’s or McDonald’s or Pizza Hut or Domino’s or a brand you buy at the store, we are going to work with and through those brand partners to help them innovate and meet consumer demand we may not even realize that exits,” Higgins said. “These brands are about serving their customers great tasting foods as a part of their daily menu. We invest in consumer analytics to find unmet demand and opportunity for products that don’t even exist today. That is the future of where we are going. Domino’s has been incredibly responsive and the consumers love it. Pizza Hut followed up as well and is adding 25% more cheese to its pizzas. We have 28 new menu items that include dairy in them at McDonald’s.”As markets have grown through the years, though, so has milk production.“We have been growing dairy product sales for the last 20 years exponentially, but at this time we have a little more milk than we need and farmers are not able to experience their price per hundredweight that they really deserve,” Higgins said. “When I started working for dairy farmers back in 1984 we were in a surplus situation of over 18 billion pounds. That is when the checkoff program started. Since that time dairy farmers dug in and invested 15 cents and we have grown the category to where we are selling 218 billion pounds to the consuming public. That is huge growth. But we are capable of producing a lot more milk in the U.S. Our dairy farmers are incredibly efficient and they produce a high quality product.”The incredible milk production in the U.S. creates challenges but also more marketing opportunities through exports.“We realize we need to be actively selling our foods around the world. There are countries that need American dairy foods. We have been making those inroads we’ve been opening up those doors and negotiating to open up those markets. This last year, 14.7% of the milk produced in the U.S. was sold internationally,” Higgins said. “With our brands transforming that milk into international marketing opportunities, we hope to increase utilization of milk by 5%. We’re doing that with our brand partners that can create those products to meet the expectations in those world markets and we are working as dairy farmers to help them get that done. Most of our partners are U.S. based, but there are a lot of companies worldwide that are interested in what the U.S dairy industry has. We are investing in putting people in strategic positions worldwide to make that happen.” Deanna Langenkamp is from Darke County with the Buckeye Dairy Club. Aubree Topp Shelby County and Lydia Kaverman Clark County lead their Jersey Summer yearling.. Delbert Yoder with Brook Hollow Farms in West Salem. Lance Myers Mahoning countylast_img read more

Microsoft Private Cloud: It’s Right for eBay but is it Right for You?

first_img8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting VMware Lacks Experience?Bob Muglia of Microsoft made the point in his address today that VMware lacks the experience of building private cloud environments. Microsoft makes the claim that its experience in building a public cloud environment means it can carry a number of different insights that only cones when you build something yourself.This may sound good but VMware also has considerable experience in hybrid and private cloud development. Customers are choosing VMware based on the company’s experience in virtualization. It entered the game before the rush of the past few years. VMware has to be pretty deeply involved into data center operations. Its job is more in keeping its position with the larger hardware providers, which it is doing in its partnerships with Cisco, EMC and others.Customers need to weight the cost benefits of a private cloud environment with a public cloud service from the the likes of Amazon, which provides infrastructure for companies. Microsoft’s private cloud means a capital expense that can be considerable.Potential customers should consider, too, what Forrester’s James Staten has to say:“The key question for Forrester clients is whether this makes Windows Azure a more appealing cloud platform. PaaS offerings have seen lower enterprise interest and adoption thus far due to concerns about lock-in. Windows Azure isn’t immune to this as there are unique APIs for leveraging this platform. But if you are a .Net shop or develop in .Net and Java and deploy to Windows Server, then you’ll find what you are looking for here. Yes, it is possible to build an app for Azure and move it back and forth between the PaaS platform and Windows Server 2008. The real question is what do you want out of the Azure platform? If you simply want to test the functionality of an application destined for Windows Server 2008 in your own data center and are just looking for faster access to resources for this type of testing, Azure fits the bill. But more likely you want to run the application on Azure because you want to take advantage of its automatic scalability. For that, you have to write to its APIs. And you should.”The reality of what service to choose comes down to what fits with your company culture. Even though the cloud has its own level of security, a private cloud environment may make more sense for the more conservative also doesn’t mean that a customer can transition to a more public cloud. Amazon’s IT department used virtualization to initially gets its infrastructure ready to for the cloud. That’s a prudent approach to consider for any company making a significant change in its infrastructure. alex williams Tags:#cloud#cloud computing#Virtualization Related Posts Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Microsoft unveiled its private cloud in a box today. Windows Azure Platform Alliance is a container system that plugs into an enterprise data center. Microsoft is touting eBay as its showcase customer. That’s a big name company. But is Microsoft’s private cloud right for you?Microsoft’s strategy is to form partnerships with hardware providers. In the first wave this includes aliiances with Fujitsu, Dell and Hewlett-Packard. If you want a Microsoft private cloud you will have to go with one of these companies solutions. More partners are expected to be announced in the months ahead.The company is using these partnerships as hardware alliances to house Microsoft’s pre-configured systems. It’s not entirely new news. It follows up on promises the company made several months ago. The overall strategy is to fit this private cloud into any ISP. That means customers may just be able to go to their local provider for a virtualized cloud environment. That’s a bit off in the distance but it could mean a tiered service that scales up and down, depending on the needs of the client. As part of its big show today at the Worldwide Partners Conference, Microsoft pointed to eBay as one of its first customers.From the eBay ink blog:“eBay will incorporate the Windows Azure platform appliance into two of its data centers. The goal being to further optimize its platform and achieve greater strategic agility and datacenter efficiency.” That doesn’t tell us a whole lot. Microsoft says the environment provides a strong test environment for eBay. It can test apps on the platform to see how performance pans out. What’s more interesting is what eBay VP of Technology, James Barrese has to say what cloud computing will do for eBay:last_img read more

Mamata Banerjee pays tribute to ‘prides of Bengal’ at Writers’ Building

first_imgMamata Banerjee’s penchant for painting is well-known. Her closeness to Kolkata’s cultural circuit is also no secret.But no one would have imagined that power would have the effect of turning Bengal’s Didi – known more for her rabble- rousing skills before she wrested Writers’ Buildings from the Left – into a singer as well.Or that her new-found love for art and culture would turn the corridors of power into a virtual theatre.Governance, of course, takes a back seat whenever the chief minister is in a mood to celebrate.And there’s no dearth of occasions to celebrate – Bengal has produced enough eminent persons whose birth and death anniversaries are on Mamata’s ‘must’ list.In August alone, at least five such ‘prides of Bengal’ – singer Kishore Kumar, theatre personality Shambhu Mitra, legendary Rabindra Sangeet singer Debabrata Biswas, Nobel laureate Mother Teresa and poet Kazi Nazrul Islam – had their anniversaries celebrated at the state secretariat.On these occasions, Mamata and her cabinet colleagues were seen singing songs along with artists at the rotunda – the main corridor in front of the CM’s chamber.On Monday, the CM, ministers and government secretaries celebrated Nazrul’s death anniversary at Writers’ Buildings, ignoring the workload on the first day of the week.Singer-turned Trinamool Congress MLA from Uttarpara, Anup Ghosal, sang Nazrul’s songs on the occasion, regaling everyone.Ghosal, incidentally, has not bothered to visit his constituency even once after the assembly elections.On August 26, a cultural performance by nuns of the Missionaries of Charity and others was organised at Writers’ Building to mark Mother Teresa’s 101st birthday.advertisementWith precious work hours wasted on such occasions, questions are being raised whether the government can organise such events at the secretariat building, ignoring important works.According to sources, the information and cultural affairs department should pass a government order before organising such programmes.”There has to be a yearly calendar for these occasions. But the Trinamool government has not prepared any such calendar so far. They are organising these programmes according to the chief minister’s desire,” an official, who did not want to be named, said.He said during the previous Left Front government, such events used to be held at the state- run Nandan cultural complex.The Opposition Left parties have, predictably, lashed out at the CM. “No one can organise such programmes at Writers’ premises whimsically without proper notice and government order. It’s illegal and a sheer waste of precious working hours on busy week days. It never happened earlier,” former state sports minister Kanti Ganguly said.During her stint as Union railway minister, too, Mamata used to organise cultural programmes to mark Indian Railway’s landmark journey. Popular Bengali singer Nachiketa, Pallab Kirtaniya and others, who rallied for her during the Nandigram anti- land acquisition movement in 2007- 08, had become familiar faces at such railway-sponsored programmes.It’s not just the Left that is making a song and dance about the issue. Mamata’s love for music earlier also shattered the peace of Kolkata residents.The CM had asked the state administration to play Rabindranath Tagore’s songs at every major traffic signal across the city. It became a nightmare for the residents of those areas, with Rabindra Sangeet playing at high decibel throughout the day.last_img read more