Watch Footage From Greensky Bluegrass & Fruition’s Performance In Covington [Pro-Shot]

first_imgGreensky Bluegrass has been on a wonderful run of shows with their friends Fruition! Though the series of shows are winding down, their performance last Thursday, Februrary 9th at the Madison Theater in Covington, Kentucky showed that both bands are clearly enjoying the pairing. The mixture of deep psychedelic bluegrass and remarkably passionate Americana has had fans of both bands raving long after the last notes have faded each night. Though the spate of shows they have delighted fans with across the northeast and mid-west is ending tonight in Chicago, our own Rex Thomson caught up with the band and filmed a bit of the goodness to share with the world.Greensky came out of the gate strong with a nine minute rendition of one of there signature pieces, the apocalyptic “Fixin’ To Ruin.” As always, the soulful voice and plaintive howls of mandolin madman Paul Hoffman soared above the music and connected with the audience on a nearly primal level. Watch the show opener below:“Fixin’ To Ruin”Never a band to play the stoic card, Greensky let loose an impeccable rendition of a song about despicable behavior “Just To Lie” before letting it flow perfectly into the mournful “Past My Prime.” The choice of songs and subject matter made an interesting statement about the perils of pure self interest and the strong chance at the lonely life such actions that could result. Watch the magic below:“Just To Lie > Past My Prime”After a strong first set and a much needed break, Greensky Bluegrass returned to the stage ready and rairing to go. Launching out of the gate with epic momentum the band couldn’t seem to stop as they finished a spot on “No Idea” so they kept flowing into a heartfelt take on The Beatles‘ standard “Help!” Watch the bluegrass freight train leave the station below:“No Idea>Help!”Never ones to forget where the music came from, the boys paid homage to the progenitors of the sound that they have worked so hard to master and carry forward into the new millennium. Recent birthday boy Dave Bruzza takes the lead on the Ralph Stanley tune that he and the Clinch Mountain Boys made into a true standard, “How Mountain Girls Can Love.” Watch the boys show off their love of the past masters below:“How Mountain Girls Can Love”One of the true highlights of the night came when Anders Beck took the microphone to thank longtime friends of the band and beloved fixtures of the mid-west music scene, Burk and Shellie, for their kind gift of pre-show baked goods. While the cake was free from any… extra curriculars… the culinary skills of Shellie are well known and respected by any who have been fortunate enough to sample them. As a way of showing their appreciation the carved twenty plus minutes out of their second set to deliver a spectacular version of Burk’s favorite tune, Tarpology, including a special gooey “More Of Me” filling. Click the video below and get ready for an unavoidable dance party:“Tarpology>More Of Me>Tarpology”There were several highlights not shared here, obviously, but the show closing, 20-minute plus version of “Don’t Lie” must be mentioned. One of the finest tunes the band has given to the world was treated with the respect it deserves, with the sentiment of the Michigan native seemingly more appropriate than ever in today’s anarchic political climate. After a short break, the band sent the audience home on a tranquil note with a lilting “Yellow Eyes” to help them slow back down from the warp speed bluegrass they had just witnessed.Fans like Burk and Shellie who have been following the band for close to a decade and more have had the pleasure of watching their friends grow from playing dive bars for beers to playing in front of dangerously packed throngs of adoring fans. As a testament to the fact that they have stayed the same, humble musicians they were from the beginning the band hung out with fans outside in twenty degree weather, looking both appreciative and slightly embarrassed at the fuss being made over them. With the love continuing to build there seems to be no limit to the future of these five friends and the staff and supporters that surround them, and with their relentless effort over the years they couldn’t deserve the acclaim more!Setlist: Greensky Bluegrass | Madison Theater | Covington, KY | 2/9/17Set 1: Fixing To Ruin, Lose My Way, Radio Blues, While Waiting, Through the Trees, Pig in a Pen, Just to Lie>Past My Prime, Living OverSet 2: No Idea>Help!*, How Mountain Girls Can Love, Tarpology>More Of Me>Tarpology, Take Cover, Old Barns, Wings for Wheels, Don’t LieEncore: Yellow Eyes* Beatles coverPortland, Oregon’s own Fruition started off the night with a fiery display of insightful and heartfelt songwriting and from the heart performance that has made them the darlings of the Americana scene. With a front line of Jay Cobb Anderson, Mimi Naja and Kellen Asebroek sharing the composition and lead duties the band suffers from an overload of quality songs that makes writing set lists a truly difficult proposition each night. In an effort to fairly represent the trio of voices that constitute the band we have one from each of the three main vocalists.First up is the Naja composition “Santa Fe,” an ode to the strugle to keep love alive when the distances grow wide. Be prepared to be moved when you listen to the song below:Keyboard and guitar playing Asebroek takes us through the various stages of romantic behavior with “Above The Line,” below:Though the entire band truly plays a significant part of making the title track of their most recent release, Labor Of Love, the sonic buzz saw that it is, Jay Cobb Anderson and his all in performance on the tune elevates it to one of the finest songs any band produced last year. Have a listen to the friendship defining rabble-rouser below:Between the quality songwriting and the go for broke performances Fruition regularly delivers as they tour the country, their stock is quickly rising among veteran and first time concert goers alike. It is impossible to witness the display of passion and joy put forth by these five friends from the Pacific Northwest and not leave the show humming the melodies and tapping your toes to the beats still rocking in your head and heart. If they come anywhere near your city, do yourself a favor and go see what the quickly spreading love is all about!Setlist: Fruition | Madison Theater | Covington, KY | 2/9/17Set 1: I Don’t Mind, Just One Of Them Nights, Blue Light, The Wanter, Above The Line, Santa Fe, There She Was, Fire, Mountain Annie, Come In, Git In, Labor of Love, Love Sneaking Up on Youlast_img

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