8 of the soundest people in the world ever

first_imgImage: via ImgurSquee.5. People who hand in walletsIt sucks to lose your wallet. It’s not even really the cash that’s the worst thing – it’s the lost  cards, memorabilia, IDs, everything.Image: via Bored PandaPeople who go out of their way to return lost possessions, with no material gain for themselves whatsoever, are some of the coolest people going.It’s an act of kindness that takes effort, has little kickback – but means a lot to a stranger.6. The small big thingsDuring times of tragedy and strife, the best comes out in communities.After the recent Hurricane Sandy, the people of New York reached out and helped each other – even in seemingly small ways.Image: via Forward  Change7 . Unexpectedly sound parentsEver got onto a plane, sat down and noticed you were beside a crying baby? Well, you’d be cursing your luck probably.Image: via ImgurNot if you were beside these two legendary parents though!8. We’ll get by with a little help from our friendsAnd of course, the soundest people in the whole world: our friends.Perhaps your mate introduced you to your spouse?Image: via BuzzfeedOr perhaps it’s the small things that your friends do that mean the most…Image: via QuickMemeWho’s the soundest person you know?Read: A Chinese teenager etched his name onto an ancient Egyptian relic>Read: 7 things that ruined your childhood bedtimes> DO YOU NEED some cheering up?Here are some amazing heart-warming stories of human kindness to warm your cockles.1. The very decent Zack GalifianakisWhen Zack Galifianakis was a struggling comic in 90s LA, he made friends with an elderly woman who volunteered in his local laundromat. The woman, named Mimi Haist, was dependent on tips from customers.Haist (who is 87) fell on hard times two years ago. When Galifianakis found out his old friend was homeless, he stepped in to set her up in an apartment and began take her to red carpet premieres.Via ImgurWhat a totally stand-up guy. Good on you, Galifianakis.2. Look out for the littleLook at this little moment of cuteness.Image: via ImgurAll it takes is a little attention and consideration from one passer-by to save a whole family of ducklings.Oh us? We’re not crying, there’s just a lot of dust in this room.3. Save the whalesPeople who dedicate themselves or risk their safety to help animals are some of the most noble and selfless people around.Here is a fireman trying to save a kitty:Image: via Bored PandaHere is a man who jumped off a pier to save a drowning dog:Image: via WixWe – and the animals – salute you.4.To love and to guideWhat is more adorable than a loyal, diligent seeing-eye dog?A loyal, diligent seeing-eye puppy.last_img

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