Sony lets you download multiplayer mode first for PS4 games

first_imgOne of the useful new features coming along with the PS4 is the ability to play downloaded games before they’ve actually finished downloading. That’s handy, especially if you are on a slower connection and a game is 10GB or more. But it turns out Sony is offering an extra layer of choice when it comes to choosing what part of a game to download.Sony has just released a new PS4 interface demonstration video. At one point in the video the gamer we are watching gets a voice chat message from his friend asking him to help out in a game of Killzone. So a Killzone purchase and download is initiated. That’s when a new option appears allowing you to download either the multiplayer or single-player mode of the game first.That’s a clever feature to add, and should allow gamers to jump into an in-progress multiplayer game that much quicker. At the same time, it should free up your line more quickly because you aren’t downloading the single-player data in the background while you play online. That can be downloaded later on.The video also demonstrates that the PS4 interface is a departure from the XMB menu we currently use on PS3. There’s also a big emphasis put on the sharing capabilities of the console, although I’m hoping on the evidence of the video it stays out of your way if you want to focus on your own game completely.last_img

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