A shrill in Cobble Hill: Eerie noise from condo tower haunts locals

first_imgCobble Hill residents are complaining about a sharp whistling noise coming from a luxury condo at 347 Henry Street. (Douglas Elliman, Getty)In the otherwise quiet neighborhood of Cobble Hill, residents often hear a piercing howl that’s enough to make their teeth hurt. The shrill sound, which they liken to amplified fingernails on a blackboard, is emanating from Fortis Property Group’s luxury tower known as 5 River Park.The condo project at 347 Henry Street has been shrieking for months, disrupting the lives of residents who live within blocks of the building, Brooklyn Paper reported. The sound rings in their ears from Joralemon Street south to Warren Street.Local politicians asked state Attorney General Letitia James and the Department of Buildings on Tuesday asking not to sign off on a condo offering plan or certificate of occupancy, respectively, until the noise ends, the publication reported. Their fear is that once Fortis sells the units, it will have no incentive to fix the noise issue.An engineer hired by the developer concluded that the sound comes from wind against the 15-story building’s balcony railings, the local news site reported.ADVERTISEMENTThe problem has persisted since December, waking up the Cobble Hill Association’s president, Ezana Bocresion, who lives half a block away. Bocresion and other members of the civic group have expressed concerns at its construction task force’s monthly meetings.Read more$6.4M Cobble Hill townhouse tops list of Brooklyn luxury contracts432 Park tenants plagued by creaks, leaks and design flawsBrooklyn sees huge boom in luxury contracts signed Full Name* cobble hillLuxury Real EstateNYC Luxury MarketResidential Real Estate Share via Shortlink Fortis tried zip-tying boards to the railings, but powerful winds blew them off within a couple of days. The Cobble Hill Association is calling for the developer to find a long-term fix.A spokesperson for Fortis told the paper that noises like this are common in new buildings and that it is searching for ways to resolve the issue.The controversial development, which was built as-of-right after Fortis and Brooklyn City Council member Brad Lander could not agree on a rezoning, is at the site of the former Long Island College Hospital campus. A one-bedroom apartment starts at $1.3 million, the publication reported.[Brooklyn Paper] — Cordilia JamesContact Cordilia James Message* Email Address* Tags Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on LinkedinShare via Email Share via Shortlinklast_img read more

Jets and topography: jet transitions and the impact on transport in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current

first_imgThe Southern Ocean’s Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) naturally lends itself to interpretations using a zonally averaged framework. Yet, navigation around steep and complicated bathymetric obstacles suggests that local dynamics may be far removed from those described by zonally symmetric models. In this study, both observational and numerical results indicate that zonal asymmetries, in the form of topography, impact global flow structure and transport properties. The conclusions are based on a suite of more than 1.5 million virtual drifter trajectories advected using a satellite altimetry–derived surface velocity field spanning 17 years. The focus is on sites of ‘‘cross front’’ transport as defined by movement across selected sea surface height contours that correspond to jets along most of the ACC. Cross-front exchange is localized in the lee of bathymetric features with more than 75% of crossing events occurring in regions corresponding to only 20% of the ACC’s zonal extent. These observations motivate a series of numerical experiments using a two-layer quasigeostrophic model with simple, zonally asymmetric topography, which often produces transitions in the front structure along the channel. Significantly, regimes occur where the equilibrated number of coherent jets is a function of longitude and transport barriers are not periodic. Jet reorganization is carried out by eddy flux divergences acting to both accelerate and decelerate the mean flow of the jets. Eddy kinetic energy is amplified downstream of topography due to increased baroclinicity related to topographic steering. The combination of high eddy kinetic energy and recirculation features enhances particle exchange. These results stress the complications indeveloping consistent circumpolar definitions of the ACC fronts.last_img read more

Skateboarders Will Give to the OC Community Food Cupboard

first_img—News release from Tim Kelly Sharp-eye observers may have spotted a new addition to the Cape May County Skate Park on Asbury Ave. Avid skateboarder Steve Bereris with sons Constantine (left) and Charlie stand in front of the Cape May County Skate Park’s new Christmas tree, given by an anonymous donor. Skaters are being encouraged to help decorate the tree and provide donations to the Community Food Cupboard.The beautifully landscaped park, which opened recently to the delight of area skating enthusiasts, is now sporting an illuminated Christmas tree.The spruce tree, provided by an anonymous donor, stands about 8-feet tall and is adorned with white lights.  But soon, it could be fully-decorated thanks to those who use the new facility.  Skateboarders are being encouraged to bring ornaments to hang on the tree, and with them, donations of canned goods for the benefit of the Ocean City Ecumenical Council’s Community Food Cupboard.“The skate park is a welcome addition to town and just one more attraction that shows why we are America’s Greatest Family Resort,” Second Ward Councilman Antwan McClellan said. “The park has been a hit with local skateboarders and those who travel from Philadelphia and beyond. And now, the skateboarding community is showing us its holiday spirit is second to none. It’s nice to see them giving back and helping our less fortunate neighbors.”The park is one of the city’s most-used public facilities.  Even on a chilly December day, more than 30 skaters were seen zipping around the facility’s rails, bowl and snake run. During the week it is open from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and on weekends from 9 a.m. to dusk.Most mornings, eager skateboarders are already waiting for the gates to open well ahead of the official opening time. Weekday activity at the park really picks up when the intermediate school and high school dismisses students. The local skaters expressed gratitude to have one of the best facilities of its kind located in town, while visitors said they hoped the park would serve as a model for their own municipalities to build something similar.The recent unseasonably warm weather has brought out even more skaters, who range in age from 3-year-old toddlers to 40-something veteran enthusiasts. First Ward Councilman Mike DeVlieger hopes it will also bring out a large number of donations for the Food Cupboard.Skaters are known for having a lot of courage to try new tricks and to push the envelope of their abilities.  “I know that they also have big hearts,” DeVlieger said.“This is a great opportunity for us to give thanks and a helping hand to the hungry in our community.  If we all give a little, it will mean a lot to those in need,” he said.last_img read more

Ronde des Pains moves into Europe

first_imgFrench milling company Moul-bie has started rolling out its “Ronde des Pains” artisan bakery concept in Europe, following success in the UK.Commercial director of Moul-bie Europe Michel Nguyen said the first shops have been launched in Ger-many, Italy and Sweden over the last few weeks.More than 1,000 French craft bakers are part of its Ronde des Pains “artisan boulanger” concept, and over 60 craft bakers in the UK now use the brand, which was introduced in this country two years ago.Nguyen said: “We decided to go into the rest of Europe in January, and have now launched four shops in Stockholm in May, five in Germany and five in Italy.”In the next year, Moul-bie is to launch Ronde des Pains in Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Austria, the Czech Republic and Iceland, he added.Moul-bie is using a variety of different business models in the different markets. It has set up management companies in Germany and Italy and partnerships in Switzerland, the Nordic countries and Poland.Bakers in the Ronde des Pains scheme display the concept’s logo and are supplied by Moul-bie with its range of added-value flours.Moul-bie is a division of Grands Moulins de Paris, France’s largest miller with 22 mills. Nguyen said: “We are looking to sign up the best bakers in the best locations to the scheme. We give them money in the beginning for merchandising and equipment, and they make an ongoing commitment to be exclusively supplied by us. There is no minimum term; they are free to stop at any time.”last_img read more

On the tail of the tiger

first_imgChef Heston Blumenthal is to launch some new bakery lines with Waitrose in April. The supermarket won’t say if that range will include any bake-off breads. But if it does, Waitrose may well be on the right lines in consulting the man who brought the world snail porridge.That’s because suppliers on the retail and foodservice sides of the industry are all agreed that there is money to be made from speciality exotic, added-value or healthy bake-off breads. And while snail bread might be a step too far, there are plenty of new ideas coming through in the currently rather jaded bake-off category.Current statistics indicate that, at the moment, the now somewhat old-hat tiger bread is the biggest-selling in-store bread by a long way. It is a white bread with a cracked ’tiger effect’ paste top, launched by Asda in 2006. Data from Kantar Worldpanel of the top 10 best-selling in-store bakery loaves on value sales in the 52 weeks to 23 July 2011 (see table, pg 32) includes three tiger loaves as well as standard whites, a multi-seeded, a Granary and the Sainsbury’s Harvest Grain loaf.Tesco tiger at the topThe figures show Tesco’s 800g tiger loaf was the number one selling in-store bakery line overall in the UK by value and also by volume. A Morrisons tiger loaf is in fourth place on value and on volume. But there are indications that the tiger line is becoming commoditised, with Asda volume sales of its tiger bread in a higher position in the top 10 table than its value sales.Waitrose bakery buyer James Dickson identifies a trend towards more upmarket breads, with premium lines seeing good growth at the moment. Dickson says the top three bake-off sellers at Waitrose are Stonebaked Boule, Pain au Levain and Grand Mange Blanc. Bread accounts for around 75% of Waitrose’s bake-off sales, he says. However, price remains key. Dickson comments: “Bread pricing is very important to our customers, and this is especially true where product life is short. Customers must feel they are getting good value for money if they are to buy into a day-only range.”Supplier Délifrance’s UK commercial director Alan Moutter says there is a renewed focus on quality from suppliers. This is seen as a way of moving on from what he refers to as the value focus and margin damage of the past few years. Products that are in growth tend to be unique to in-store bakery, with a level of complexity that cannot be produced within a standard in-store bakery from scratch, he says. These also need to be well differentiated and unavailable in the plant bread section, which is where tiger bread and flavoured loaves fit in, he suggests.In-store bakery rolls are also seeing positive value and unit growth, fuelled by factors such as price promotion and convenience, and also as shoppers switch from other in-store bakery lines, he adds. But ’English’ loaves such as standard scratch-produced commodity tinned loaves and bloomers are in decline. “In our experience, consumers are not motivated to buy cheap, undifferentiated breads.”Moutter reports that Delifrance’s most popular ranges are its baguettes, French loaves and added-value rolls, such as speciality ciabatta, flavoured and French rolls, including sandwich baguettes. “Macro trends will continue to influence in-store bakery purchase and consumption, with further development of provenance, development of innovative, indulgent breads, and increasingly healthier options,” he predicts.Meanwhile Ian Toal, MD of Delice de France, tells British Baker that one of the trends the company is exploring is Arctic bread, a versatile white flatbread. He comments: “We have recognised that consumers are increasingly moving towards ethnic and cultural breads, such as French, American sourdough, Mediterranean and even Arctic breads. Our range of savoury breads has been enhanced to enable customers to capitalise on this trend.” It now includes lines such as cherry tomato and oregano focaccia and a soft Provençale herb demi-baguette.Health trendsDemand for breads that fit well into a healthy consumer lifestyle is also on the up, Toal says. “We have invested considerable time in developing breads to meet this growing consumer demand in both foodservice and retail.” The foodservice side of the business has launched a range of healthier breads, including a seeded demi-baguette, a multicereals Artisan Rustic Diamond and also the La Brea Bakery-branded Wheat and Honey Baguettine into supermarkets.Delice also plans on repositioning many of its existing breads to highlight their healthy attributes for example that they are wholegrain as consumers look out for wholegrain options. It now has the official Whole Grain Stamp on its La Brea Bakery Whole Grain Loaf.Toal reports that price on all products is an important issue in the foodservice industry at the moment. “The ’margin squeeze’, discussed in a recent report by Peter Backman of Horizons, highlights that the difference between the operators, selling and food buying prices is now in firm negative territory.”He says that Delice offers competitive prices to customers, but quality is never compromised. “In fact we have made the decision to improve some our core French bread lines to now contain fermented sponge, which is then added to the dough. This process enhances the flavour and crumb texture of the products.”Richard Woolley, of wholesaler 3663, says the company has identified pre-grilled pre-sliced paninis as a gap in the market. And sourdough lines are also an area under development. But standard burger buns and petits pains are currently its best-selling bake-off bread lines. Price is very important to customers in the current climate, he emphasises.Meanwhile, bake-off supplier Bakehouse is also focused on innovation. The company has recently secured a partnership with high-profile New Zealand baker Dean Brettschneider to develop new, affordable but unusual bakery goods perhaps with an Asian or Eastern influence. Marketing director Kate Raison says seeded bread is growing in popularity, as are breads containing nuts. Wholemeal and brown bread varieties are also popular, as are increasingly sophisticated products such as Bakehouse’s Mezzaluna and other types of flat bread that can be used as a less traditional sandwich carrier.She comments: “Caterers are increasingly looking for bread to be unusual to meet consumer demand, but also to be multi-functional bread that cuts well, bread that complements the bread basket, but can also work as the basis for a gourmet sandwich.” This makes the caterer’s budget go further, she says.Stephen Clifford, marketing controller at Country Choice, says the firm has also seen good growth on speciality breads. “You need to remember that, while people may be cutting back on major expenditures, such as cars and holidays, treating yourself to a rustic roll, ciabatta loaf or cross-cut batard is not expensive. So our recommendation to retailers is to remember that, even in a recession, there is still room for ’life’s little luxuries’.” Country Choice sees further growth in the bread category coming from products with healthy connotations, such as harvest grain loaves, as well as little treats, such as speciality breads, says Clifford.It is not clear whether the “chicken” of consumer demand for little baked luxuries to help lift the economic gloom, or the “egg” of suppliers looking to improve margin came first. All that said, the success of tiger bread suggests that bake-off is a category where fresh ideas can translate into big sales an ideal stomping ground for our friend Heston. Snapshot on statistics Kantar Worldpanel figures suggest that overall spend in in-store bakeries was down to £141,148m in the 52 weeks to 23 January 2011, from £157,164m the year before (11%). In the same period, volumes were down too, to 103,340m units from 111,418m units the year before (8%).The average household visits the ISB fixture 31.5 times a year, compared with plant bread which is purchased 88 times a year. Consumer insight lCustomers stick to what they know and respond most favourably to innovation and change in familiar products for example, flavour and design extensions. lBake-off bread purchasing decisions are largely driven by appetite appeal at the fixture through both product and display.Source: Bakehouselast_img read more

Changes to Britain’s Best Loaf sourdough category

first_imgThis year I took the decision to split what was previously a single ‘Sourdough’ category into two for the 2019 Britain’s Best Loaf competition, writes British Baker editor Vince Bamford:Traditional Sourdough’ (made 100% by fermentation using naturally occurring lactobacillus and the capture of wild yeasts through a starter dough)‘Sourdough’ (bread produced by the addition of cultivated yeast and/or the addition of a commercial sourdough product).A key reason for this was to separate and recognise sourdoughs produced using only a live starter culture from those produced using other ingredients such as yeasts and concentrates.It is a decision that some bakers clearly disagree with.Some feel the word ‘sourdough’ should only apply to products made from a live starter culture.Others have suggested the competition is sidelining breads produced from a starter culture in favour of those using cultivated yeasts or commercial sourdough products.While this was in no way my intention, the concerns of bakers and the Real Bread Campaign have prompted me to look again at the sourdough category and the type of product that made up the majority of sourdough entries in previous Britain’s Best Loaf competitions.As a result, I have taken the decision to revert to the previous format of a single Sourdough category, open only to breads made 100% by fermentation using naturally occurring lactobacillus and the capture of wild yeasts through a starter dough.The competition website (britainsbestloaf.co.uk) and online entry system has been updated with this change, and I look forward to judging your entries in April.Going forward, I want the Britain’s Best Loaf to be as true a reflection as possible of the UK bread market and will again be consulting with individuals, businesses and organisations across the industry to see how this could best be achieved for the 2020 event.last_img read more

Blood clot breakthrough uses drug-device combo

first_imgA new, highly effective drug-device combination for treating life-threatening blood clots in stroke patients is being developed by a team of researchers at Harvard’s Wyss Institute and the University of Massachusetts’ New England Center for Stroke Research.The study, which will appear in the December issue of the journal Stroke, describes a novel method to quickly dissolve clots that completely obstruct blood vessels in the brain.The team’s research, which is co-led by Wyss Institute founding director Donald Ingber and University of Massachusetts Medical Professor of Radiology Ajay Wakhloo, combines an injectable clot-busting nanotherapeutic that targets blockages with an intra-arterial device that restores blood flow to obstructed vessels.The Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University had already discovered novel nanotherapeutics for clearing obstructed blood vessels. Its nanotherapeutic is composed of an aggregate of biodegradable nanoparticles coated with a clot-busting drug called tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), which mimics the way blood platelets behave inside our own bodies. When blood vessels narrow, the shear force of blood flow increases at that location to produce a physical cue that causes platelets to stick to the vessel wall. Similarly, the nanotherapeutic reacts to fluid shear force, releasing tPA-coated nanoparticles in these narrowed regions where vessels are partially occluded, binding to the blood clot and dissolving it away.But until now, the mechanically activated nanotherapeutic would not be effective in complete vascular blockages where there is no blood flow, as is the case for most stroke patients. The most effective treatment for stroke today is known as a stent-retriever thrombectomy procedure, originally described by Wakhloo and his colleague Matthew Gounis, associate professor of radiology at U.Mass. The procedure involves placing a small tube through the blockage, passing a closed stent through it, and then opening the stent to physically pull the large blood clot out of the vessel.Targeted Delivery of Vascular Therapeutics The Wyss Institute has developed a targeted vascular nanotherapeutic (Vascular NanoRx) platform that targets drugs to stenotic (narrowed) sites in blood vessels to treat life-threatening and debilitating clotting disorders, such as stroke, pulmonary embolism, acute coronary syndrome (myocardial infarction, unstable angina), thrombosed hemodialysis access sites, and potentially atherosclerosis. The platelet-sized Vascular NanoRx microaggregates (large blue aggregates) disperse into drug-carrying nanoparticles (blue dots) when exposed to high shear stress caused by a clot that narrows a blood vessel, resulting in concentration of drug-coated nanoparticles at the site of the stenosis.Credit: Wyss Institute at Harvard University “Even with the retriever thrombectomy procedure, not all clots can be removed with a successful outcome,” said Gounis. “Clot fragments can be dislodged, which can lead to microclots and tissue damage downstream in the brain circulatory system, and physical dragging of the stent through the vessel can potentially be damaging as well.”Instead, the new advance describes using the stent not to drag out the clot, but to create a narrow channel restoring blood flow through an opening in the center of the vascular blockage. Doing so creates a high level of shear force generated by restored flow, activating the nanotherapeutic to release and target the clot-busting drug along the opened channel in the clot. After the blood clot is fully dissolved, the stent is re-sheathed and harmlessly removed from the vessel. If during the process any clot fragments break off and travel through the circulatory system, the drug-coated nanoparticles will remain bound to them and continue to dissolve them locally wherever they go.“What’s progressive about this approach is that the temporary opening of a tiny hole in the clot — using a stent device that is already commonly used clinically — results in a local rise in mechanical forces that activate the nanotherapeutic to deploy the clot-busting drug precisely where it can best do its job,” said Ingber, who is also the Judah Folkman Professor of Vascular Biology at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School and professor of bioengineering at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.In clinically relevant large-animal studies, the team has demonstrated that the drug-device combination works very efficiently, showing that it dissolves clots that fully occlude brain blood vessels that are the same size as they would be in humans.“This has been a great collaboration between experts in the field of treating stroke and experts in mechanobiology and bioengineering,” said co-first author of the study Netanel Korin, a former Wyss technology development fellow and current assistant professor in biomedical engineering at the Technion, Israel, who first described the nanotherapeutic with Ingber in a 2012 Science publication. “We hope that one day it will have a positive impact on patients suffering from a range of medical crises resulting from blood-clot occlusions.” <a href=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VhXKqfIJvk” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”> <img src=”https://img.youtube.com/vi/1VhXKqfIJvk/0.jpg” alt=”0″ title=”How To Choose The Correct Channel Type For Your Video Content ” /> </a>last_img read more

‘Sluggish’ Show.

first_img“It’s a ‘sluggish’ show,” says host Walter Reeves of his “Gardening inGeorgia” show Sept. 20 and 23 on Georgia Public Television. “It’s perfect forthe slothful gardener who prefers the shade.”Reeves starts the program with “slime time,” showing how to control the slugsand snails that love to eat plant leaves in your yard and garden. Then he moves torepairing garden hoses. Did you run over a hose left carelessly on your driveway? Reevesshows how easy it is to fix it.For indoor gardeners, Reeves demonstrates an African violet feeder. Your African violetcan feed itself while you sleep with the contraption he makes out of a plastic margarinetub. Finally, Reeves gets Helen Phillips of Callaway Gardens to proudly show off hercolorful shade garden. It’s full of bright foliage, but few flowers.Wednesdays, Saturdays on GPTVDon’t miss “Gardening in Georgia” Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. and on Saturdays at10 a.m. The show is designed especially for Georgia gardeners. “Gardening inGeorgia” is produced by the University of Georgia College of Agricultural andEnvironmental Sciences and GPTV. Walter Reeveslast_img read more

Keiko Fujimori Leads Peru’s Poll for 2011 Presidency

first_imgBy Dialogo September 24, 2010 KEIKO FUJIMORA LEADS IN THE POLLS FOR TWO POWERFUL REASONS, TO WIT: A) BECAUSE THE PUBLIC IS AWARE THAT KEIKO AND HIS FATHER ACTED FOR THE WELL-BEING OF THE COUNTRY, TERRORISM WAS CONTROLLED, THE ECONOMY IMPROVED, THEY CARRIED OUT GREAT WORKS, THE GOVERNMENT WASN’T TARNISHED BY DIRECT ACTIONS ON THE PART OF FUJIMORA BUT BY THOSE OF MONTESINOS. B) BECAUSE THE PEOPLE WANT THE FUJIMORA FAMILY TO BE RESTOED, BEFORE AN INJUST AND UNREASONABLE DETENTION OF FUJIMORA WHEN THERE ARE THOSE THAT HAVE COMMITTED CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AND GOVERNING WITHOUT SANCTIONS, AFTER RETURNING FROM ABROAD, THEY NOT ONLY KILLED PRISONERS WITHOUT PITY, BUT THEY ALSO DID THE SAME THING IN BAGUA AND NO ONE JUDGED THEM. WHAT SHAMEFUL IMPUNITY Add a little bit of seriousness into your news. To say that Keyko leads in the polls is irresponsible. 1) TOLEDO – ( MANIQUI – OF – U.S.A ).Therefore things will go wrong for us, in case you haven’t noticed that country is ambitious and abusive it will own us and we will be their slaves. We will not allow that 2) – CASTAÑEDA-(WORKS WILL NOT CHANGE OUR SOCIAL PROBLEMS). – it also doesn’t work 3) KEIKO FUJIMORI (DOING AWAY WITH CORRUPTION). – It is the best path I AM VERY SADDEND BY HOW MUCH THEY HATE THE POLITICIANS, PRESS, WRITERS TO THIS PARTY ABOUT ALL OF ITS POLICIES – WHAT, THEY DON’T EAT IF CRIME DOESN’T EXIST…??? – BUT THE POOR ARE THE MAJORITY – AND WE ARE WITH KEIKO – WHAT WE WANT IS PEACE IN OUR COUNTRY HELLO, I THINK KEIKO IS A GOOD OPTION FOR THE COUNTRY, WELL EVERY PERSON HAS THE RIGHT TO BE ELECTED AND TO ELECT, BESIDES IF ALBERTO FUJIMORA IS ACCUSED OF COMMITTING MISTAKES, I include the wise and illustrious phrase of a great man “he who is without sin let him cast the first stone.” SO FRIENDLY READER do not judge the mistakes of the past and least of all despise the daughter of Alberto Fujimora for an alleged mistake of her father, she is a different person and capable and with a fresh mind in which to govern the country, and you, friend is a christian, LET’S PRAY TO GOD SO THAT HE CAN GIVE THE WISDOM TO ELECT A CAPABLE GOVERNMENT AND THE ONE THAT IS ELECTED HAVE THE DISPOSITION TO SEEK DIVINE COUNSEL BECAUSE ON HIM RESTS THE SUCCESS OF A GOVERNMENT…WITH MUCH AFFECTION WILLIAM ALEGRIA GARCIA Ignorance is the worst misfortune of mankind, the worst that could happen to PERUVIANS is to elect foreign people, people without rank, without any academic preparation; just remember- PERUVIANS we have even elected a prostitute like SUSI DIAZ, illiterates like FUJIMORI, that is how we are. And to continue the same history PERU is headed down the very same road. May VELASCO ALVARADO PANIAGUA return. In reality I think is that despite each of the candidates giving us their best “Speech”, unfortunately there isn’t much to choose from, unfortunately we have no choice but to vote for the least corrupt, or for the one that has committed the fewest mistakes, it shouldn’t have to be like this, or haven’t you ever heard: “He steals, but he creates jobs”…or “This one, we already know”…it is very true that we should vote for new ideas, young people…but I believe all across the board there should be young people, because you also know that one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel…Let’s vote conscientiously. Only this way will we be able to change something in this country where we live… I think Keyko’s proposal is very good. If we consider how her father’s government wasn’t as bad compared to that of Alan Garcia’s. At least the people should admit that there was economic stability and much more, on the other hand, with Alan there are more increases in the basic price of food and ended up selling the national companies to foreigners. It is true that no one person is perfect but a mistake is not committed twice, if we want development we should support Keyko who is our better option!!! 400 absences, more than 180 days off for maternity leave, more than 223 days for 18 trips abroad, and she only presented motions regarding health, but…She already got paid: one million soles…!! Now she wants to be the President of Peru. She only succeeded in having five proposals approved in four years of work. Furthermore she was out of the country for 223 days and according to the Congressional attendance record, she has more than 400 absences. Keiko is investigated for the first time for profiteering/embezzlement. WELL, I RECOGNIZE THAT YOUR FATHER PUT AN END TO TERRORISM IN PERU, HE BROUGHT LIGHT TO MY COUNTRY, ASPHALT TO THE HIGHWAY FROM NASCA TO CUZCO, SINCE A I WAS A CHILD I WAS A FUJIMORISTA AND EVEN CRIED WHEN HE LEFT PERU, BUT NOW THAT I AM A PROFESSIONAL I SEE THAT EVERYTHING WAS ONLY A FARSE, THERE IS NO WORK FOR THE YOUNG, MUCH LESS FOR THE EDUCATION OF THE YOUNG IT FORCES US TO LEARN THAT WE DON’T LIKE THE STATE THEY SHOULD GIVE THE TRAINING TO US BUT WE WHO ARE MANY SOMETIMES CANNOT GO TO ANY TRAINING AT THE BIG CITIES, AT THE END OF IT ALL YOU ALL PROMISE AND DON’T KEEP THAT PROMISE WELL THE DAY WILL COME WHEN INKARRY IS UNITING HER BASE I WILL NOT VOTE FOR HER For me neither your father’s government or that of others has been good for our country. I’ve been here in Argentina studying for the past 3 years, and education is in fact free, something that is a farce in Peru. I’m a teacher and studied for 5 years and I come here to work because back there you have to have money to use it, our poor country……………… Keiko would be the continuity of his father in other words he would continue the narco-GOVERNMENT, he already has a habit of taking money from all Peruvians and wants to keep stealing from peru, hopefully they reconsider. ….. Keiko Fujimori, the daughter of ex-president Alberto Fujimori — in prison for human rights violations — tops the list of hopefuls in the April 2011 presidential race, according to a poll on September 22. Keiko Fujimori, 35, is a popular member of Peru’s single chamber legislature who became popular as the country’s de facto first lady when her parents divorced while her father was president. If she decides to run, she would just scrape by on age eligibility, barely reaching the age of 36 required to become president. Fujimori has a 24 percent approval ratings, followed by former Lima mayor Luis Castaneda with 19 percent, according to a poll by Ipsos Apoyo. Third is Alejandro Toledo, president 2001-2006 and credited for laying the groundwork for the country’s economic success. He is followed by the runner-up in the 2006 election, nationalist Ollanta Humala, with 14 percent. President Alan Garcia, who is at the end of his second term in office, cannot run for a third consecutive term. Fujimori’s current level of support would force her into a runoff vote, in which Castaneda would defeat her 43 to 40 percent, according to the poll. The poll was carried out among 1,933 people across the country, in a nation with 19.5 million voters. It has a two point margin of error. Alberto Fujimori, president 1990-2000, was sentenced in April to 25 years prison on charges linked to running a secret army hit squad that killed 25 civilians during the country’s brutal internal insurgency. The former president resigned by fax from Japan in 2000 as he fled a corruption scandal sparked by a video of his spymaster, Vladimiro Montesinos, seen paying off an opposition lawmaker. Keiko Fujimori has said that she would pardon her jailed father if elected, though it is unclear if she has the authority to do so.last_img read more

West Nile cases stay ahead of 2006 pace

first_imgAug 17, 2007 (CIDRAP News) – The count of West Nile virus (WNV) cases in the United States so far this year remains ahead of last year’s pace, but fewer severe cases have been reported, according to the latest numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). CDC West Nile pagehttp://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dvbid/westnile/index.htm West Nile cases in the United States jumped sharply last year, totaling 4,269, a 42% increase over the 3,000 cases recorded in 2005, according to the CDC. Neuroinvasive cases were 34% of the total in 2006 and 43% of the total in 2005. The record year for reported cases was 2003, with 9,862. WNV report in Aug 18, 2006, MMWRhttp://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm5532a3.htm See also: California has been hit hardest this year, with 86 cases, including 32 neuroinvasive illnesses. Colorado is second with 72 cases (10 neuroinvasive), followed by South Dakota, 62 (19), North Dakota, 52 (8), and Wyoming, 34 (5). CDC. West Nile virus update—United States, January 1-August 14, 2007. MMWR 2007 Aug 17;56(32):821-2 [Full text] As of Aug 14, 444 WNV cases, including 15 deaths, had been reported from 27 states, the CDC says in today’s issue of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. That compares with 388 cases and 13 deaths in 26 states at this time last year, as reported in the Aug 18, 2006, MMWR. Screening of donated blood has led to the identification of 49 donors with presumed WNV infection so far this year, the CDC reported. Fifteen of the donors subsequently had West Nile fever. Nineteen of the 49 donors were from California. Neuroinvasive cases—the severe form of the disease, including West Nile meningitis, encephalitis, and myelitis—make up 30.6% (136 of 444) of cases so far this year, as compared with 40.7% (158 of 388) at this time last year, according to CDC figures. (Nine cases this year were unclassified, as were 13 at this time last year.) Jul 26 CIDRAP News story “Number of West Nile virus cases surges”last_img read more