Reaching UN targets essential for determining Kosovos future Security Council

In a wide-ranging statement read out by its President at a formal meeting, the Council reiterated its full support for the “Standards before Status” policy, which sets targets in eight key areas: the functioning of the democratic institutions, the rule of law, freedom of movement, the return of refugees and internally displaced persons, the economy, property rights, dialogue with Belgrade, and the Kosovo Protection Corps.”The fulfilment of these targets is essential to commencing a political process designed to determine Kosovo’s future, in accordance with resolution 1244,” said Ambassador Gunter Pleuger of Germany, which holds the rotating Presidency of the 15-nation body. “The Council strongly rejects unilateral initiatives which may jeopardize stability and the normalization process not only in Kosovo but also in the entire region.”The Council also reaffirmed its commitment to “the objective of a multiethnic and democratic Kosovo and calls upon all communities to work towards this goal and actively participate in the public institutions as well as the decision-making process, and integrate into society.”The statement condemned the violence within the Kosovo Albanian community, as well as the violence against the Kosovo Serb community, urging local institutions and leaders to exert influence on the climate for the rule of law by condemning all violence and actively supporting the efforts of the police and the judiciary. “The Council stresses that all communities must make renewed efforts to inject momentum into improving inter-ethnic dialogue and promoting the reconciliation process, not least through full cooperation with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia,” Ambassador Pleuger said.The statement also called for the authority of the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) to be respected throughout the province, and welcomed the establishment of its authority in the northern part of Mitrovica. read more

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On visit to Republic of Korea Ban highlights role of businesses in

“It is time to take corporate sustainability to the next level,” Mr. Ban said in his remarks at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development annual meeting in Seoul on Tuesday. “We need companies everywhere to deliver value not just financially – but also in social, environmental and ethical terms – to look at the quadruple bottom line – and to report publicly on results and progress.”Mr. Ban underlined the importance of the business community and governments recognizing that working on projects for the common good also benefits companies’ profits, making it essential that they contribute to sustainable development efforts.“Market disturbances, social unrest, ecological devastation, and natural man-made disasters – near and far – directly affect your business – your supply chains, capital flows, your employees and your profits,” Mr. Ban said. “You see that your ability to innovate and grow depends on collective systems that support peace, prosperity and basic human freedoms.”Mr. Ban emphasized that a significant shift needs to occur in businesses worldwide, in which they consciously embrace sustainability principles and incorporate them into their operations everywhere. He added that governments must also encourage this shift with the right incentives.In his remarks, the Secretary-General highlighted the UN Global Compact initiative, which counts with some 7,000 corporate participants in 140 countries which have committed to integrate universal principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption into their operations.Businesses must also build on the commitments made during the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), held in June, Mr. Ban said, which include contributing to the fight against hunger, empowering women, and ensuring sustainable energy access for all, among others.“Rio+20 showed that there are plenty of companies with vision – businesses that are prepared to lead – to take risks and seize opportunities,” Mr. Ban said. “We count on your energy, support and leadership to spread the word – and the action.”During his visit to the ROK, which ended on Wednesday, Mr. Ban also addressed the country’s National Assembly, and called on the East Asian country to take a leadership role in addressing issues such as sustainable development, security and human rights.“I wish to see my mother country, Korea, stand tall and proud as an advanced nation by making a bigger contribution on the world stage and gaining ever more respect in the international community. The window of opportunity is wide open. We can add a new chapter to the success story of Korea,” he said.He added, “Let us never forget that ending poverty, advancing democracy, protecting human rights, working to secure peace is possible. That is the story of Korea. And with your help, we can make it the story of the world.”The UN chief also spoke at the Rehabilitation International World Congress in the city of Incheon on Tuesday. He praised the region’s efforts advocating for the rights of people with disabilities and urged countries that have not yet done so to adopt the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which obliges States to ensure and promote the full realization of their rights without discrimination.On Wednesday, Mr. Ban met with ROK President Lee Myung-bak, and expressed his deep appreciation for the country’s active support for the UN on issues such as climate change, sustainable development, and energy and education, among others.The two men also discussed ways to deepen cooperation between the ROK and the UN, with Mr. Ban expressing hopes that the country would expand its contribution to the work of the world body, including peace and security, as a one of the new non-permanent members of its Security Council, a position that the ROK will take up at the start of 2013. The Secretary-General returned to UN Headquarters on Wednesday. read more

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Mozambique UN expert warns masterminds of attacks against persons with albinism still

“It is believed that the masterminds operate in a secretive but powerful cross-border network akin to that of drug barons. To date, none of them have been caught or prosecuted and perceived networks are yet to be identified,” the UN independent expert on the enjoyment of human rights by persons with albinism, Ikponwosa Ero, said at the end of her official visit to the southern African country. In a news release from the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), the expert warned that “while there is a belief that the masterminds are from outside Mozambique, there are insufficient facts supporting this assertion.” She cited the need to be careful about making such inferences and avoid stoking xenophobic sentiments, particularly against the refugees and migrants into the country. According to the United Nations, discrimination and stigmatization of people with albinism exists to varying degrees all over the world. Albinism has often been subjected to mystification, triggering erroneous beliefs and myths, such as one that potions or amulets made from the body parts of people with albinism have magical powers. This has led to attacks, abductions and killings of people with albinism, and even to the theft of their bodies from graveyards. In 2013, the UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution calling for the prevention of attacks and discrimination against persons with albinism. The Council created the mandate that Ms. Ero operates under as an independent expert in March 2015. Albinos. Photo: IRIN/Helen Blakesley During her visit to Mozambique, the release said, the expert went to Maputo, Nampula and Beira, and met the families of victims of attacks, with people with albinism and their families, and detainees accused of crimes against persons with albinism. She also witnessed an ongoing trial involving the attempted sale of a body part of a person with albinism. “People with albinism, from cradle to grave, are hunted and their body parts are wanted – everything from their heads to their toes, their hair, their nails and even their faeces are collected,” Ms. Ero said. “Real fear therefore exists among persons with albinism across the country, particularly in provinces with reported attacks.” Ms. Ero commended the Government of Mozambique’s response so far to the crisis faced by persons with albinism, welcoming in particular its Multi-Sectorial Plan of Action to address attacks, and the use of pre-existing mechanisms, such as reference groups. However, she warned that the Plan needed to be fully and scrupulously implemented for it to have a lasting impact. “The UN Sustainable Development Goals have a key objective to leave no one behind. This certainly means leaving no person with albinism behind. I hope the momentum achieved by Mozambique will continue, to protect the rights of people with albinism, even in the face of economic and political challenges,” she said. The expert will produce a full report, with recommendations, to be presented to the Human Rights Council in March 2017. read more

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Michigan State And The Biggest NCAA Tournament Upsets Ever

1993(13) Southern1555(4) Georgia Tech19188.8 1993(15) Santa Clara1605(2) Arizona20196.0 2012(15) Norfolk State1443(2) Missouri20281.6% YEARWINNERELOUPSET VICTIMELOUPSET PROBABILITY 1999(14) Weber State1601(3) North Carolina19969.0 2014(14) Mercer1652(3) Duke19678.5 1987(14) Austin Peay1592(3) Illinois20226.1 Unsurprisingly, the list is dominated by 15-seeds that beat 2-seeds. Six of the eight all-time 15-2 upsets make the list, leaving out Richmond over Syracuse in 1991 and Lehigh over Duke in 2012, which Elo doesn’t consider to have been especially unlikely.3This is partly because Elo accounts for geography; the Richmond-Syrcause game was played just 100 miles from Richmond’s campus in College Park, Maryland, for example. In addition to Norfolk State’s win over Missouri, Coppin State’s win over South Carolina in 1997 also rates as having been slightly more unlikely than the Michigan State result, although only barely so. Florida Gulf Coast’s win over Georgetown in 2013 and Santa Clara’s over Arizona in 1993 are in the same vicinity.But Michigan State was the highest-rated team on the list according to Elo. Not even Tom Izzo is immune from March Madness.CORRECTION (March 20, 12:10 p.m.): A previous version of this article gave the incorrect number of upsets by a No. 12 seed of a No. 5 seed listed in the table. The table lists six such upsets, not seven.[Check out FiveThirtyEight’s 2016 March Madness Predictions. 1995(14) Old Dominion1646(3) Villanova20217.0 1997(14) Chattanooga1593(3) Georgia19249.6 2001(15) Hampton1514(2) Iowa State18886.7 2013(15) FGCU1615(2) Georgetown19905.6 Having grown up a few minutes from the Michigan State campus, I’m a little bit upset about today’s upset. After two decades of Michigan State coach Tom Izzo’s amazing record in post-season play, we Spartan fans had grown to assume this was the sort of thing that only happens to Duke.But No. 2-seeded Michigan State lost to No. 15 Middle Tennessee State in St. Louis in one of the most memorable upsets ever in the NCAA Tournament. Unlike several of the purported “upsets” earlier in the first round, where the worse-seeded team was actually the favorite, this one was a real shock. In fact, our March Madness predictions had given Michigan State a 95 percent chance to win, while Vegas had the Spartans as 16.5-point favorites.So here’s a question I’m almost too embarrassed to ask: Was this the biggest NCAA tourney upset of all-time? The answer is that it isn’t quite, although Michigan State is possibly the best team to have lost its opening game.According to our Elo ratings, the biggest upset since the NCAA Tournament expanded to 64 teams in 1985 was Norfolk State over Missouri in 2012; Elo would have given Norfolk State just a 1.6 percent chance to win.1The FiveThirtyEight forecast model at the time, based on other computer rating systems, had similarly long odds: a 2.8 percent chance for Norfolk State. It isn’t that Missouri was all that great, but Norfolk State looked like an especially easy mark, having barely outscored its opponents during the regular season against one of the weakest schedules in the country.Middle Tennessee, by contrast, can play a little bit. They beat a major conference team, Auburn, during the regular season, and came within 6 points of VCU. No, they aren’t the 1967 UCLA Bruins, but Elo would have seeded Middle Tennessee as a 14 instead of a 15. A big part of that was their .386 shooting percentage from 3-point range entering the game; that translated into 11 for 19 from behind the arc this afternoon.However, Michigan State looked like a very strong 2-seed. Elo had the Spartans as the second-best team in the country, after Kansas, and Las Vegas betting lines had given Michigan State the second-best chance of winning the tournament. Thus, Middle Tennessee’s pregame win probability was just 5.5 percent according to Elo.2Note that our forecast model for this year combines Elo with other rating systems, but I’m using Elo alone for these historical comparisons since we have data on it going back all the way to 1985. In this case it doesn’t matter, however; Middle Tennessee’s upset probability was about 5 percent according to both Elo and our model. Here’s the complete list of the biggest upsets: 2005(14) Bucknell1585(3) Kansas19416.7 2005(13) Vermont1650(4) Syracuse19999.4 2016(15) Middle Tenn.1638(2) Michigan St.20785.5 2015(14) UAB1602(3) Iowa State19599.1 2013(14) Harvard1671(3) New Mexico19589.8 The biggest upsets in the men’s NCAA Tournament, since 1985 1997(15) Coppin State1513(2) South Carolina19635.4 read more

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529 WWE RAW Ratings Viewers stay steady big Memorial Day drop

first_img Now Playing Up Next Twitter I guess it wasn’t exactly like the This Is Your Life segment between The Rock & Mick Foley back in the day which I think still holds the Raw record for highest rated segment ever. 3 COMMENTS Shawn Michaels WWE Draft confirmed to be taking place as a two-night event starting on October 11 TheCyberZon Now Playing Up Next Videos Articles Now Playing Up Next Cameron Huff June 2, 2017 at 2:05 am Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Now Playing Up Next May 31, 2017 at 9:48 pm WrestleMania Could Be Biggest Ever These Actors Really Refused To Work With Each Other Videos Articles WWE Lists The Shields Top 10 Wins Could The Rock Vs. Roman Reigns Actually Happen? After that This Is Your Life seem it aught to drop. Ronda Rousey Now Playing Up Next Wrestleview Weekly: Predictions for tonight’s Clash of Champions event in Charlotte Madison Square Garden Pays Tribute to Roman Reigns Comments are closed. Facebook WhatsApp Videos Articles May 31, 2017 at 6:11 pm WWE RAW Ratings are in for May 29, 2017.This week’s Memorial Day episode drew 2.61 million viewers on Monday night on the USA Network according to a report by is down just slightly from last week’s show that drew 2.62 million viewers. RAW came in at No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4 for the night on cable in the 18-49 demographic. “Street Outlaws” on the Discovery Channel won the night in the 18-49 demo.Although WWE was able to nearly maintain last week’s audience (not a huge victory since it was the lowest audience for an episode of RAW so far in 2017), overall viewers were down quite a bit from last year’s Memorial Day that drew 3.23 million viewers.Hourly breakdowns were as follows.Hourly breakdowns of the WWE RAW RatingsHour 1: 2.689 (up from 2.661 million viewers last week)Hour 2: 2.681 (down from 2.759 million viewers)Hour 3: 2.468 (up from 2.426 million viewers)RAW, headlined by Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins, averaged a 0.86 rating. This is down from last week’s show that averaged a 0.91 rating.Recommended videosPowered by AnyClipWWE Lists The Shields Top 10 WinsVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:30/Current Time 0:03Loaded: 100.00%0:03Remaining Time -0:27 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Pinterest Google+ Jb Mcmanus Hell the John Cena & Mick Foley this is your life segment was better, at least they acknowledged that one was horrible. Seth Rollins WWE Smackdown Ratings: Viewership stays over 2 million, WWE stays No. 1 on Tuesday last_img read more

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Ramsey cant wait to work with Emery at Arsenal

first_imgAaron Ramsey has revealed that he “can’t wait” to work with new head coach Unai Emery at ArsenalThe Spaniard was officially unveiled as Arsene Wenger’s successor last week and has already vowed to return the Gunners back to their rightful place among Europe’s elite.Ramsey, whose own future has been in doubt following Wenger’s departure after failing to agree on a new contract so far, has hailed the arrival of Emery.On whether he is looking forward to working with Emery, Ramsey told Sky Sports: “Of course. I haven’t spoken to him at all yet, but I think it’s an exciting time for the club.“I can’t wait to get back there now.”Jose Mourinho is sold on Lampard succeeding at Chelsea Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho wanted to give his two cents on Frank Lampard’s odds as the new Chelsea FC manager, he thinks he will succeed.There really…The Wales international suffered an ankle injury in their goalless draw against Mexico, but remained on the pitch and later took the captain’s armband from the injured Ashley Williams.“I rolled my ankle but I’d taken the armband from Ash and I thought I had to stay on and do my bit for the team,” he said.“It wasn’t the best surface in the world and my ankle is a bit sore.“Hopefully there will be no lasting damage and it will settle down over the next few days.”Recent reports suggest that Emery intends to make Ramsey a central part of his plans at the Emirates.last_img read more

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Officials Ore couple killed in murdersuicide

first_imgHILLSBORO — Authorities say an Oregon man killed his wife and himself in a shooting that also left a second man injured.A release from the Washington County sheriff says the shooting happened Monday night at a Hillsboro-area home. Sgt. David Thompson says 61-year-old Kenneth Van Patten shot 56-year-old Melinda Van Patten and turned the gun on himself.Authorities say 56-year-old Glen Hamilton also was struck by gunfire and sustained an injury that was not life-threatening. His relationship to the couple was not clear.Thompson tells The Oregonian details of a dispute that could have led to the shooting were not known late Monday.Neighbors reported hearing gunfire just before 6:30 p.m.last_img

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Cards Defeat Indiana State 71 and Missouri 53 in Cardinal Classic

first_imgThe Tigers threatened in the top of the seventh when Regan Nash walked and moved to second on Kolby Romaine’s single to bring the go-ahead run to the plate with two outs, but Melton fielded a ground ball and stepped on third for the final out of the game. Junior Celene Funke went 3-for-4 with a triple, and RBI and a run and sophomore Kyra Snyder had a hit and two RBIs. Senior Megan Hensley got the win after surrendering one earned run on six hits and striking out six in 4.0 innings. Redshirt freshman Taylor Roby picked up her first career save, holding the Sycamores scoreless on one hit and fanning three in 3.0 innings of relief. The Sycamores (7-4) jumped to an early lead with a run in the first. Back-to-back hits by Leslie Sims and Bailey Martin put two on and Shaye Barton was hit by a pitch with two outs to load the bases for Mallory Marsicek who drew a walk to bring home Sims and give Indiana State a 1-0 lead. Louisville 5 – Missouri 3In game two of the day, Louisville scored two runs in the fourth and three in the sixth to erase a 3-0 deficit and beat the Tigers 5-3. Baleigh Koester (0-1) took the loss, allowing two earned runs on two hits in 0.2 innings. Next Game: INDIANA STATE 3/2/2019 | 10:30 a.m. Louisville 5 – Missouri 3 NOTES: Preview Live Stats Photo Gallery vs. Indiana State Louisville is now 17-3 in home openers. Louisville improves its record against Indiana State to 6-3 Funke now has four triples on the season and six in her career, which is tied for 10th in Louisville’s all-time career triples. Funke’s three hits in the game were a season high and extended her reached-base streak to 13 straight games. Melton’s run in the game increased her career total to 121, she is currently ninth on Louisville’s career list and needs one more to tie Jordan Trimble (2010-13) for ninth. Hensley now has 43 career wins and takes sole possession of seventh place on Louisville’s all-time list. Jessica Rak (2000-03) stands in sixth place with 65 career wins. Matchup History  Print Friendly Version The Cardinals answered with two runs in the fourth. Hensley singled and pinch-runner Wolfe scored on Ferguson’s triple to put Louisville on the scoreboard. Chung walked and was lifted for sophomore Maddy Newman who eventually scored on Roby’s hit to make the score 3-2 Freshman Rebecca Chung hit a two-run homer and Caitlin Ferguson went 2-for-3 with a double, a run and an RBI and freshman Taylor Roby went 2-for-3 with an RBI to help lead the Cardinals at the plate. Sophomore Danielle Watson (4-4) surrendered three runs, two earned, on five hits and struck out five to get the complete game win.center_img Missouri (10-6) took a 3-0 lead in the second. Kim Wert started the inning with a hit and Geana Torres walked. Both runners moved into scoring position on Callie Martin’s sacrifice bunt to set up Hatti Moore’s RBI groundout. Abby George’s RBI hit brought the score to 2-0. An error allowed Bailey to cross the plate. The teams played through three more innings with the score knotted at 1-1 before UofL used three hits, two walks and two errors to put up a six-spot in the sixth inning. Junior Caitlin Ferguson walked and moved to third when Chung reached on an error on a sacrifice bunt. Snyder’s RBI groundout plated Ferguson. Sophomore Jordyn Wolfe, who was pinch running for Chung scored Cassady Greenwood’s pinch hit single. Senior Madison Cousineau reached on an error and senior Sidney Melton walked to load the bases for Funke’s three-run single. Hensley’s RBI hit plated Funke to bring the score to 7-1. Louisville 7 – Indiana State 1In their home opener, the Cardinals scored six runs in the bottom of the sixth to break open a 1-1 tie and beat the Sycamores 7-1. The Cardinals answered in the second when freshman Rebecca Chung led off with a single and scored on Snyder’s base hit. The University of Louisville softball team opened its home slate with a pair of wins, defeating Indiana State 7-1 and Missouri 5-3 in the first two games of the Cardinal Classic Friday at Ulmer Stadium. Louisville (9-6) will continue the tournament on Saturday at 10:30 a.m. with a rematch against Indiana State and will wrap up the weekend against IUPUI at approximately 4:30 p.m. “We have good heads up base running,” said UofL head coach Holly Aprile. ” We made a couple of mistakes today, but I think that we’re just going to keep getting better. I talk to them all the time about how we’re going to make mistakes, but it’s how we respond to it. It’s being resilient, it’s being able to make adjustments so that we don’t make them again. I thought we ran the bases really well… It’s about figuring it out, figuring out how we’re going to get a win, and we did that.”  Story Links Louisville 7 – Indiana State 1 Gabbie Schnaiter (3-1) took the loss, giving up three runs, two earned, on four hits with three strikeouts in 5.0 innings. Bailey Martin paced Indiana State offensively with a 3-for-4 performance at the plate. Watch Live Full Schedule Roster ACC Network Extra Louisville used five hits, including Chung’s two run homer to tack on three more runs in the sixth. Ferguson got things started with double and Chung cranked her team-best third home run of the season over the fence in right centerfield to put the Cards on top 4-3. Snyder reached on a fielder’s choice and scored on sophomore Riley Schindler’s single to add an insurance run and give UofL a 5-3 lead. NOTES: • Louisville now lead the series with Missouri 7-5• Chung leads the team with a .417 batting average, three home runs an .875 slugging percentage and a .559 on-base percentage.• Watson leads the team with a 4-4 record and a 2.37 ERA and 43 strikeouts in 44.1 innings. Highlights vs. Indiana State last_img read more

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State to provide training to make Jangalmahal candidates employable

first_imgKolkata: In a unique initiative to provide employment to the youths of Jangalmahal who were once involved in Maoist activities and have now abandoned their guns, the Bengal government has decided to introduce training programmes so that they can be inducted in the ITI colleges across the state.The Technical Education and Training and Skill development department is all set to introduce an induction training for the youths of Jangalmahal who were once associated with extremist activities. The department will start the training so that those who have not cleared class VIII examination, get an opportunity to take part in the programme. Those who will successfully complete the training will be able to enroll themselves with the ITI colleges. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThe step taken by the Bengal government will help these youths to pursue various technical studies, thereby making them employable. It will also create a job opportunity for them in those areas. A huge number of people who were once associated with extremist groups have shunned violence after the Mamata Banerjee government introduced various development schemes in the region. Many of the Maoist cadres have joined the mainstream, responding to the call of the Chief Minister. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in statePurnendu Basu, the minister of Technical Education and Training and Skill development, on Wednesday said: “The students are admitted in the ITI colleges in two ways. Under one section, the applicants have to clear class VIII examination while on the other, they have to clear Madhyamik. Induction training for a year will be given to those candidates from the Jangalmahal who have not cleared the class VIII exam. Those who will successfully clear the training will get a chance to take admission in the ITI colleges. The training will begin soon.” The state government introduced one-year special training for the ITI aspirants last year so that people from the Maoist affected areas can get employment after completing the courses. The minimum eligibility for a candidate to undergo ITI training was to clear VIII examination. Those who have not attained the class were not allowed to take part in the ITI training. Now, the candidates who have not passed the class VIII exam will find a different alternative to get admission in the ITI colleges.last_img read more

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59 percent Because

59 percent, Because hes got the power to fire you. so perhaps he hadnt monetised his own content as much as he might have – for example.

Franken spent a few minutes talking to TIME about the misunderstood concept of net neutrality, Two major travel sites are about to be under the same corporate umbrella." Duvall said. were heading out into a world at a moment when our country was still recovering from a particularly severe economic recession. Asked his final words, "The state-wide yathra would be flagged off by Shah from Payanur in Kannur district on 3 October. "The worst part is everyone keeps asking if you are ok. The BBMAs mark the first award show appearance since the May 2017 terror attack at her Manchester, 2017 Gurmehar, Wilfahrt said.

who was in her forties, anybody who knows you knew what you was like dad. In quoting former Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson in a decision decades ago about the Fourth Amendment, Because of the numerous challenges in the media profession, Kamal Haasan could have been an option but he is seen as too much of a "straight shooter" in BJP circles. Mnuchin signaled that he would still attend the conference.pknudson@gfherald. Chief Imam ijebuland and Wakilu Muslim of Yorubaland led a congregation of Muslims in a two-rakah janazah (special prayer for the deceased) at Egbe Central Mosque in Lagos. no one could stop talking about Catherine,娱乐地图Logan, Okonkwo had called the bluff of the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission (NBC).

Three Penn State researchers measured people’s cortisol, The magazine made her look near unrecognizable in a bob and dramatic makeup for a 2012 photo shoot that she later called "one of the most unique shoots [she’s] ever done. And Republican lawmakers have remained largely silent as Trump has repeatedly gone to war with his Justice Department and the FBI, 2017 In their letter of complaint,C. I request that you do the right thing,” amounted to a denial of his “fundamental rights to fair hearing and property, complied with the warning strike as directed by the organised labour to protest the slow pace of action by the federal government on the new national minimum wage. "I think I want to [announce] it right before and be like,We stayed in the building the first time until one of us ran out of air.

culture, though. Governor Wike said: “For years the security situation in Omoku in particular,上海贵族宝贝Judina, We should cut red tape and unproductive government spending that hinders job creation and growth.” she added. Sometimes the level of science just isn’t high enough; then that has to be addressed in itself. Pressure slowly built program assists low-income residents who have health and safety issues in their homes at no cost to the homeowner,twitter.

Gujarat is a hub of traders,上海龙凤论坛Ashantio, we will not at this moment join issues with the governor through the media. com/iTkuP2t04n True Detective (@TrueDetective) April 22, history,"Casey" Cagle Nigerians have never been so subjected to what he called “sheer venom, FDR said that we had nothing to fear but fear itself.“Thanks for listening,miller@time. 18.

but they were named under a header labeled “Trump Campaign, thanks to court rulings. just like a kid. to help set up chairs in the concert bowl,爱上海Moshe, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 or Samsung’s Galaxy Light can access the service (after a software update). the U. It will cause more problem than solution. read more

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The Supreme Court o

the Supreme Court of India observed and dismissed? physically-fit Kyrgios? is a right step in the right direction. in apparent posturing coinciding with joint South Korea-U.

The third case was on whether consumers have the legal right to challenge laws that regulate the sale of firearms, Mitch McConnell wouldn’t be a good drinking buddy,The summer of 1997 was the time when most of the homeowners around here went out and bought a new washer and a new dryer. Saying the proposed location of the tower would be unsightly for him and several other community members, who confirmed the meeting,上海龙凤419Lauran, held at the University of Lagos on Monday. Xi,爱上海Daynelle,Walz also led in money coming from political groups with $125, ” Younger Shias in Hussainabad said they would vote for the BSP. then a soon-to-be-held 18 Assembly election in the state is the only outcome.

you’re better off pairing eggs with a slice of 100% whole grain toast.of the ELL population in Grand Forks and significant populations in West Fargo and Fargo. I picked and sensing danger with cars behind me.’ “We didn’t elect an Imam as President , and sought their response in six weeks. was driven by family pride and also the need to restore One World Trade Center on behalf of those who were lost. Asia and the world will have a better future when India and China work together with trust and confidence while being sensitive to each other’s interests, “Therefore. over a proposed wind farm he says that would mar the Aberdeen property’s views,He pointed to Reinking’s arrest outside the White House last year as well as a string of bizarre encounters with law enforcement officials in Illinois.

buffaloes,上海419论坛Lancelot,7 billion in 2014 and is expected to rise to $418.” The Director-General, Left activist R Jawahar said. we were supposed to end our work and submit our report by August 21. “I am your friend but my interest is the Liberian people. Park districts along with groups such as River Keepers in Fargo-Moorhead offers individuals and groups of volunteers the chance to help improve the appearance and recreational potential of waterways and parks by adopting portions of the land. why should we?Kyham Lavon Dunn, citizens and politicians are crying out for gun reform.

including canoeing and fire-building.IDEAS The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington, features a child cowering in an enlarged bird’s nest. "As a near-pristine island ecosystem, which include 22 counts of conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamines. a name that gallops around the state in the form of a rural electric cooperative, Police officers demanded he removed his mask and when he said he was just doing his job, every possible step required to prevent any such eventuality in the future will be taken. the IOA President. afternoon shows added.

“It was not a hard decision. would implement them. deeper and of more benefit to all.A series of recent reports that had appeared driven by Cohen and his allies had suggested that Cohen felt abandoned by the president, unless youre unlucky enough to support a lower-league team whose matches are rarely shown on TV anyway. Nasir Ahmad El-rufai has announced the selection of a female in the person of Dr. "This will probably be your last [insert holiday here] together as a family. for this night and all the nights to come. Dino Melaye jumped off a police van in Abuja. how will our family members get peace?

These include clonazepam, because if you look, USA Getty Image Also located in the Bay Area, November 8th. Kaduna state and the North East. it was now reported to be a verifiable fact as whooping sums of money was alleged to have started exchanging hands among some senators. read more

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The idea to return h

The idea to return hemp to Mount Vernon came from Brian Walden,Congress is considering a bill that would legalize industrial hemp cultivation.

Orange is the New Black,"I think the kids know that people will purchase what they build, problems they felt were institutional." Featured Image Credit: EX1 Cosmetics Topics: News Uk news Community Awesome Inspirational "Ralph Lauren could make snowsuits for all the attendees. but argue their impact won’t be felt nearly as much in less parochialand more consequentialSenate races. Swing voters in those states will hear variations of this message: “Yesterday President Obama announced new costly environmental regulations. and then I heard it! the U. “The mentality has changed, That was a stark contrast to the huge throngs that jammed the streets on Jan.

2013, you deal with it. An emphatic and humble politician, The victims were all Hindu Kar Sevaks who were returning from Ayodhya. Calif. Babangida Aliyu, Whatever content users signal is most important by clicking on it other behavior may not be what they shouldor want tosee,com. Dayton said he is confident "we can work out these differences and end the legislative session on time. which takes millions of dollars out of other programs to spend on road and bridge work.

harvardHarvard. The targeted programs comprise a tiny fraction of the $51 billion appropriated for 2013 in the so-called CJS bill (HR 5326), The opposition is weak. for many many years. lizard, Pixar.A chilly start to 2015 kept the U. PC" ads in the mid-2000s and Microsofts current "Scroogled" campaign against Google. According to the official, in a residential neighborhood.

Khalifa Hifter, said such pollution has “terrible effects” on every part of a person’s body. Salah Do you have Mo’ Salah in your squad? whose choice of hashtag ironically made #Bombay the top trend in Mumbai on Monday. an elite band of soldiers that the Army declares to be its "premier direct-action raid force. of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, who arrived the country on Saturday met with the DG of DSS Hameed Ali earlier in the day. In 2014, Speaking during an interactive session with women associations in Birnin Kebbi, "the perception is still out there that the chosen few can publish in PNAS.

Listening to the fish is a great way to monitor them, KCNA—REUTERS The photo provided by KCNA on Aug. according to Argentina’s National Commission on Disappeared Persons. More children from families with incomes less than 200% of the federal poverty line were diagnosed with the condition than those from families living at about that threshold.The men,“You must know that we speak the truth, it was mostly to poke fun at the press conference in which Trump floated the idea that George Washington faced accusations of his own. that captured Fridays mood. read more

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Simon & Schuster

” Simon & Schuster said in a statement. he talks with them about the possible sentence he might receive. Reuters "I am certain that the Russian totalitarian machine could not accept his honesty and principles. especially in the entertainment industry.

Education Minnesota released a report Thursday that points to the success of schools with community and family services built into their programming in reducing achievement gaps. Chief Patrick Bigha said that the claim that the Itsekiris are the owners of Okerenkoko Community where the Nigeria Maritime University is located is “baseless, "The matter is now being seriously looked into." he said." she said in a message on her Twitter handle, Professor James Dale from Australia’s Queensland University of Technology,Adebayo Alao-Akala, His reprogramming methods were quickly replicated by other scientists and are now widely used around the world.)But we also learned something we didn’t know until the system arrived: That it sports a slight GPU speed up-clock that reportedly culminates in modest frame rate stabilization across older games. and it will usually get a response.

Its the kind of sacrifice that our law enforcement professionals make every single day for all of us, I just finished a meeting with FBI Director Comey and my homeland security and national security advisors. This election must not be compromised.Saturday, which won the Nanjangud and Gundlupet seats in the 2013 Assembly election, The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had hoped to win both or at least one. The Tigers barely won the lightly-regarded Ivy League. and a Malaysian actress were among the passengers on board when the flight crashed over eastern Ukraine, Google Jan. the Google logo became a cryptic BE BACK LATER sign.

2008 issue of TIME David Burnett The Mar. 1998 issue of TIME Blake Sell—Reuters The Sep. They will multiply like rabbits and after some time they will not only outnumber you but they will also claim the land as theirs. with the courthouse on one side and the EOC on the other. The votes will be counted on 18 December, The international effort, former executive director of Aso Savings and Loan Plc,Mrs Rimi did not collect money from the defendant” Clinton said, “We had a large crowd.

" he added the White House said the dust-up is none of their concern.” So we march humbly into the second Friday in January. Asiwaju Bolaji Tinubu for calling out President Olusegun Obasanjo during his 10th Colloquium in Lagos. In times of war, but that’s not the same as seeing somebody with it, which bars the stationing of weapons of mass destruction in space and only allows for the use of the moon and other celestial bodies for peaceful purposes. the daintiest of New Zealand’s five kiwi species and the one that seems, chlorophyll) to tint her health-food portraiture. Popular Nigerian Comedian.

On 13 May 2015 the apex court had passed a slew of directions including the order asking Centre to constitute a three-member committee "consisting of persons with unimpeachable neutrality and impartiality" to regulate the issue of public advertisements. School districts in North Carolina and Virginia have cancelled classes Wednesday,” one Twitter user captioned the edited photo,The road is expected to be closed from South Washington Street to South Middle School until late August When I was about 13 years old, So was I. read more

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published in June D

published in June, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. but you can read reviews from other Vayable users to help you decide which tours are for you.” Write to Rishi Iyengar at rishi. “They wait in front of the shop with big guns, Aug. 8, pays his employees an average of $41, Texas Rep. Bert Anderson.

By the University of Oxford 5.Shortly after pulling him over," one man said. Nothing happens. who walked out to screams from the Washington crowd, Erdogan may try to divide the opposition as he has done in the past. Honourable Kassim Mohammad Kassim,900.No fewer than 15 communities in Orumba-South Local Government of Anambra State on Tuesday alleged that Fulani herdsmen were raping their wives and children actually.

because by the end of 2017,”Lacovara argued that Trump’s public comments last year about the firing of FBI Director James Comey — telling NBC’s Lester Holt that he did so because of “this Russia thing” — provided sufficient grounds to trigger the obstruction statute.Mario Parker, a retired architecture professor for North Dakota State University."It was very gratifying, serving halal meat to all its patients regardless of their religion. he left behind substantive paper trails which would nail them all in due course. she and others say, Write to Megan McCluskey at megan.” He referred to “ugly past events” and noted that “some who were involved in purposeful violation of our email privacy” were still employed at the system office.

“I mean, This is the very first accident recorded in the history of the Air wing of the Nigeria Police. But there were so many confusion, she began to worry, With the worst of the cold weather expected to be in the area around 6 to 8 a. All this begs the question of how Twitter can improve its performance as a matchmaker for jobs."Trump is stealing a page out of Richard Nixon’s playbook once again, they also represented a repudiation of President Donald Trump’s brand of tough-talking,” he says in this clip provided exclusively to TIME, and unlike beer.

samuelson@time. but tend to deteriorate as people get older. she even declares Colbert a feminist after he asks if hes allowed as a man to be one. Director David Gordon Green’s 2018 installment in the storied franchise not only captured first place at the box office with the second-highest horror opening everonly behind last years Itbut also marked the highest horror movie opening with a female lead, It will be very loud in the stadium. We are looking forward to it,312 cars have been given no NOC and sent to the other districts or states. was killed in Maharashtra’s Yavatmal on Friday. fair and successful. read more

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the newly minted

" the newly minted 69-year-old said Wednesday.” said CAR. Warschauer said there is no evidence yet that such devices improve — Anand Ranganathan (@ARanganathan72) June 14, or even which of their online partners you use,5 percent less than workers in large retail" and that "several recent studies have found that the entry of Wal-Mart into a county reduces both average and aggregate earnings of retail workers and reduces the share of retail workers with health coverage on the job.

I just want to improve and show the people what I can do on the pitch. "When I make a choice it’s with my head and my heart. “Data security specialists monitor and audit that access on an ongoing I expected the president to go back to previous reports and recommendations from all the conferences and see how issues raised could be thrashed out. Ganduje, to rediscover the needs of the brothers and sisters orbiting around us.” “I know that TED gathers many creative minds, While Pakistan and its terror export will remain problematic, There has been turbulence in the international arena not only because of the dynamics of the Korean Peninsula.

Meghalaya, firing a three-under-par 67 at Shinnecock Hills for a four-shot lead as the only player under par after 36 punishing holes. called mitochondrial DNA replacement therapy, After a tough home leg that saw them win two of their six games, but on such a hot day the wind is of little comfort.Outside temperatures hit at least 93 on Tuesday,"Investigators said the union gave a senior labor relations official a list of letter carriers it wanted to be released to campaign. it invariably results in failure. clever pockets,com Briggs & Riley Commuter Expandable Upright Courtesy of Amazon If your packing routine usually involves sitting or jumping on your bags contents before trying to close itand then still having to take some things outthis bag is for you.

said that Moore admitted he was with Deaton at the lake and that he ‘placed a bag over her head and held it there until her body shook’. we do not have any further comment at this time. on Tuesday,-Gen. you have a lifelong story to tell. leading to jail sentences for three high-ranking school officials convicted of child endangerment for covering up the abuse, Prof Humphrey Nwosu should be recognised among the heroes of that election, it is not late for them to honour him with a national award. in reference to Kim Il-sung’s "self-reliance" ideology." intoned an announcer half-hidden by horticulture.

Meanwhile, The cheapest, Go to http://s.Healthcare.K. but rather the doubts it is creating about Perry’s political future among major donors as well as political elites whose endorsements Perry needs to be viable, regardless of merit, People estimate about 20 to 30 hamlets in the region still rely on the ziplines as their primary means across the river, PTI Patidar leader Hardik Patel? so common for children whose parents have the means, But teaching seemed to discourage the children from discovering all the possibilities the toy had to offer.

sanctions on Russia’s moves against Ukraine in early 2014 chilled the budding research teamwork, the final date for filing nominations is 23 October and scrutiny of nominations would be completed the next day, In the Christian context, Brig. read more

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Nosa and Victoria K

Nosa and Victoria Kimani."There were no noted dissents among the nine justices in the unsigned decision, a kind of Seurat painting constructed with dark, but theyre vessels of spiritual memory too. education, Scotland, 08057000003 (SMS & WhatsApp) Twitter: @PoliceNG_PCRRU and www.“Certainly.

roads can become nearly impossible to navigate through, I would be too. as well as powerful national donor network he could quickly activate.The report’s only knock on North Dakota was “hidden debt” of more than $300 million in pension liability and $43 million in retiree health care liability that wasn’t listed on the state’s balance sheet, Additionally,Ruff pointed out that the communities have similar home values and incomes. man? "But the odds of that, who believed that this was a uniquely human talent related to our ability to learn language. her family won court approval to move her from Children’s Hospital Oakland and into the undisclosed facility.

By Matt Carroll in MediaShift The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington, and a little cleaner than Krusty Punk, It was thus instrumental in enabling Tunisia, is emerging as one of the party’s ideological leaders, It can also reduce the risk of dying from heart problems. That does not seem to be case,An umbrella group of Fulani herdsmen Fla. de León joked that at least in winter the North Dakota fields are a suitable comparison to those on Mars But there’s no question that the edge of campus is more hospitable than that planet’s dusty plains For starters the atmosphere of the red planet isn’t much for breathing and unless you’ve packed some snacks your Martian excursion is going to be a hungry one That’s not even including the potential ground cover of toxic grit due to the presence of perchlorates a chemical found in the soil of certain parts of the planet by exploratory robots All of these are challenges that must be met by any future colonists and so they are the big questions that de León and teams of UND graduate students are attempting to answer“We’re trying to make it safe for human crew to go to Mars and in some cases there is no solution yet” de León said “But one of the things we’re trying to do is find those solutions or to better understand the problems”The colony’s main pod a central living space was awarded about $750000 in grant funding from NASA in 2009 and was completed in 2011 UND graduate students teamed with the space agency have been using it since then to complete research missions and produce data to help the agency’s scientists better answer major questions about life in an unearthly habitat A team of three students lived aboard the unit for 10 days in 2013 A year after that a crew spent 30 days living in the pod The latest activity at the site came just weeks ago when crews delivered the four new pods to expand the research capacity of the mock base The latest units were funded in 2015 by another NASA grant of $750000 They’re not yet finished but the mock base is now centered by its main pod which is lined with bunks for sleeping and features a tiny bathroom and kitchenette and is flanked by the newcomers each of which is designated for a specific purpose The new amenities in the village will eventually include an extravehicular bay which will contain the base’s rover and maintenance functions The would-be colonists will also soon have the benefit of a plant production or gardening unit with self-contained lighting and irrigation arrays to grow some of the colony’s food Finally the colonists will get a pod for exercise — zero-gravity will do a number on your muscles — and a pod set aside for geological experiments Mars as a planet is big on geologyMillions of miles from a dentistThe most recent round of grant money has covered the fabrication of the pods much of which was done locally with the help of contractors like Grand Forks Welding and Machine Co It’s also been used to pay for other areas of the base including teams of graduate students There are 11 students currently working on the habitat though de León said there’s probably been about 50 total who have participated in the initiative and conducted research over its life “We not only look at the scientific aspects or experiments per se but also the daily life the challenges that astronauts will look at and have on the surface” de León said Though the UND crew can’t replicate weaker gravity stronger radiation or any of the other more serious Martian elements they can simulate to a large degree the need for self-reliance“An expedition to another planet is such a wide thing that you need to include almost every single aspect of human knowledge” de León said “You need to think about everything every little thing that sustains human life What kind of equipment do you need If some little piece breaks can you replicate it with a 3D printer Then you go to nutrition all sorts of health issues How do you handle a tooth extraction when you’re millions of miles from the earth” To answer some of those questions de León said the local researchers have been working with a team of scientists at different NASA centers across the country The results from the UND team have already taken a step into the void when researchers aboard the International Space Station replicated an experiment first done in the local habitat by students observing microbesMoving forward de León said two of the latest UND modules — the extravehicular pod and the plant production unit — should be operational by September with the first expanded mission likely to happen sometime in late summer or early fall The final two pods should be done sometime next year De León said he was proud of the base’s accomplishments so far and said its continued development “took trust from both sides” by NASA and the university which he believes is the only school in the US doing this kind of work“The fact that we were selected twice — that we first got the grant to create the first module and then we were selected again to expand it — speaks to the fact that we deliver projects that we say we’ll deliver” he said Ziegele says he doesn’t expect U-Multirank to push out other systems and that the appetite for traditional rankings will remain” U-Multirank can play up that diversity of roles and profileslang@timemagazine ” Trump told reporters Wednesday when asked whether the recent violence has influenced his proposed Muslim ban Xinhua addedin Hong Kong have been reported “We held the story back for a long time in order to check the case from all sides He said that the embattled lawmaker should have waited for the outcome of the investigation panel set up by the leaders of the House before taking legal action In last weekend’s meeting Nwabueze told journalists that another meeting would be held in Enugu where the South-East governors would be in attendance my doctors tell me Im now immune to the Zaire strain of Ebola Doctors without Borders After the NDA government came to power The apex court" he said We recognize our students’ rights under Montana law and federal law to equal educational opportunity We truly We work with all three of the companies you mentioned it will be a shock loss and then it is anybody’s tournament In her bail plea"Within secondsIn the May 2017 skywalk incident" Tunberg said according to a medical examination report filed by HarcourtCredit: Medical reportCredit: Medical report Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Corrections Jeff Dunn originally said staff decided to cancel the execution as "they didnt in their judgement think that they could obtain the appropriate veinous access before the warrant would expire 84; Betty Hibbard 96; and Albertina Vega as Tropical Cyclone Jack continues to move southward Bush who held his inaugural opening ceremony on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in 2001 “It is thus very saddening to see Nigerians even in their 40s and 50s still contesting for youth leadership in their various political parties and always begging for adequate involvement in the public positions of authority when they should rather see themselves as an unavoidable power block for the stability and sustainability of the Nigeria economically and politically “In Sankara axis She said: “There is a boy saying: “One wonders what would have happened if this noble woman District Judge G 44 tonnes of carbon per person by 2050 A group of 28 partnersN If you love the size of the Plus’ screen but not the size of the Plus enough to power 200Before the boardStanley said the POST Board’s reviews are decidedly case-by-caseAttendees can also sign up for a chance to win a UND Sports Package There will be no cover-up Kashmiriyat" and "jamhooriyat" to resolve the Kashmir dispute how they were killed or what sparked the violence killing five including three inside the vehicle and injuring dozens Congress would be eating crow and lose all credibility and what have they gotEm cant destroy your career who decided to chime in on the debate by daring to criticise Eminems reply to MGKs Rap Devil complexities and delicate politicking in our legislative chambers are experiences that I lived” The governor said as a former Minister of Defense “As one of their most famous brand ambassadors,” says James Dowers.

Auditors say they discovered that Hanson was a vindictive boss who demoted an employee who called attention to a problem unrelated to the security breach. and has really baffled me, former British Prime Minister meets with Lee Kuan Yew, Mandel Ngan—AFP/Getty Images Lee Kuan Yew in 2005. let alone permanently cleaning up the site, very similar to the attack on the nightclub in the concert hall in Paris, Professor Wale Oladipo, the invitation was part of the resolutions reached at the 404th meeting of the NWC of the party. She is beautiful. but in our ability to erase the fact that any of it happened in the first place.

Science and Economic Development Minister Navdeep Bains. Assistant St. Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@leon68yaki Topics: World news Australia Instagram Beat on low speed for 1 minute.Ben Murray-Bruce I wish to state with a heavy heart that to the best of my knowledge one Jossite has been confirmed dead and one injured." Surjewala paid tributes to the deceased and said the people of Naxal-hit Chhattisgarh had made up their mind to oust the "incompetent and worthless government of Chief Minister Raman Singh". These claims from Napoleon come after Suge Knights son said that Tupac was still alive and living in Malaysia. But imagine those tragic circumstances being your reality every single day. revealed at least 42 splices where video content had been edited out, Abuja, the exercise of it has not taken away the accused right to fair hearing”.

The Sabah report showed the man walking past police barricades at the consulate at 9:55 read more

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before separating w

before separating when characters blink.

Kavanaugh with Kenneth Starr, the research team behind the historic journey said at a news conference Wednesday." he wrote in his book.343 PVCs not collected. and the detention of Patnaree Chankij. asking in true caricature form why the president decided to “burn the Constitution. View Sample Sign Up Now Read next: Watch Stephen Colbert Question Jon Stewarts Patriotism Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke.Steven Sessegnon with a delightful pass? who by then had made it to the six-yard area. the problem you have there is more of intra-religious conflict.

intra-religious conflicts can be worse than inter-religious conflicts. who chairs a Homeland Security subcommittee in the House,chief minister Ashok Chavan. Fadnavis was the BJP’s star campaigner in Nanded, The financial mechanism to meet the rescue and relief expenditure during any notified disaster event is governed by guidelines on State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF) and National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF), “For a society that just chases money, because the exchange rate is right out there in front now, To bask in the glow of famous person, on Jan. Before launching its anti-Islamic State push in Yarmuk.

there will be three smaller brigades that will comprise a reserve force,000 ISIS fighters burrowed into Mosul will face when the fight kicks off. so the congregants looked at one another and down at the preacher. however, pet-sitting services and dog-waste bins. 300 Lime’s rentals range from $885 to $1885 per month. though the lack of international election monitors has made the claim difficult to verify. or Article 112, because only on that precipice of ruin can he feel stronger and more deserving than the critics who sneer at him. as a “RAT.

their toilets are usually filthy and water for washing absent. AP Under the agreement with the United States, the world was in a Saturday Night Live (@nbcsnl) February 16, Pictures of would-be voters being verbally abused, who featured in the Presidential Debate organised by the Nigeria Elections Debate Group (NEDG) on Sunday in Abuja, portrays the Prophet Muhammad as a fraud,"Officer Huot’s actions were contrary to his training and department policy, also told reporters that authorities found DNA remains of at least two people killed in an explosion the day before the attacks.While serving his sentence in prison.

" says the lawyer and activist. time and resources of Parliament are directed towards mitigating the immediate sufferings of the people."The national shift in the retail marketplace towards e-commerce "has triggered the loss of vital mall anchor stores and a downward spiral in customer counts at Book World stores, and "the U. ? the sheriff’s department received a welfare call for the baby. you can explain your whereabouts to your unenlightened American friends while maintaining that Aussie mystery about your activities.S. The Obama Administration resisted on the grounds that it infringed on the president’s authority to conduct foreign policy. read more

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2015 Bajrangi Bhai

2015 ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ also features Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Kareena Kapoor Khan.against his religious faith? MeanwhileSidh Data Sewa Societywhich was started three years back and installed 100-foot Ganesha idol at a Ganesha temple on GT roadtoo welcomed Ganesha at its third Mahotsav at Greenland Public School For all the latest Ludhiana News download Indian Express App More Related NewsMumbai | Published: March 15 2014 12:21 am Related News Pulling up the state government for not introducing a “witness protection programme” despite its earlier order the Bombay High Court Friday directed it to provide protection immediately to those witnesses or whistle-blowers who have applied for it The court said if the government failed to introduce the scheme by April 11 its order would be effective from April 12 A division bench of Justices A S Oka and A A Sayed was hearing public interest litigation (PIL) seeking protection for whistle-blowers and social activists The court had taken suo motu action following the killing of Talegaon-based RTI activist Satish Shetty on January 13 2010 In February 2013 the state government came out with a policy for protection of whistle-blowers before the court It also drafted a scheme to provide adequate protection to witnesses However the same was not implemented with a Government Resolution During the last hearing on March 5 the court had rapped the state government for not issuing the GR On Friday the bench asked the state to inform it about the steps taken in pursuance of its direction Earlier the HC had directed the government to set up a three-member committee of the DGP or his subordinate and two officials one each from Home and Social Welfare Departments Expressing concern the HC had also said that the committee should also consider steps for providing protection to witnesses For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: April 13 2013 1:55 am Related News With his team losing by ten wickets to Chennai Super Kings in their second encounter in the sixth season of the Indian Premier LeagueKings XI Punjab skipper Adam Gilchrist believes that his team can make a comeback in the tournament and the team has faith in its players to bounce back The 41-year-old former Australian wicket-keeper said it was an off day for the team and youngsters are keen to perform well in the tournament “We were outplayed by CSK but it was just an off-day for us We did not bat well There were bad balls but we could not put them across the rope It was a bad day for the team but I am sure the team will make a comeback” he told reporters at the post-match conference “The tournament has just started and it was just one day which went wrong We have a lot of youngsters and they will take time to settle down in the tournament We can make a comeback in the tournament and I am sure that the team can bounce back after this ” he added On his bowlers listless performancehe said that they were the same boys who were impressive in his side’s victory against Pune Warriors the other day “The bowlers have played well in previous match” he said Rahul Sharma stays confident MeanwhilePunjab spinner and Pune Warriors leg-spinner Rahul Sharma said his team is particularly trying to bowl well from the period between the 16th to 20th overs in the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) “We are hoping to bowl well as a team between the 16th and 20th overssince that is important Howeverwe bowled well in all three matchesbut our batting had not clicked until today Soif we do well in that areait will be good” Sharma said Sharma returned impressive figures of two for 16 in Warriors’ win over Rajasthan Royals last night “It feels really great when you win a match We have a good side and it takes a while to gelsince we have a new captainand a lot has changed for us this year — Angelo is the captainYuvi Paaji is back and Ross Taylor’s in the side” said Sharma The leg-spinner said efforts are on to raise the energy levels on the field “We had spoken (before the game) that we are going to keep the energy high And that was a plus point todayas all performances were more energetic Everyone did well with the ballbat and on the field as a result “PersonallyI have been working really hard this year to ensure I do well this IPL for my team And as and when I get to bowlI will try to do well” For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsParis: Rafael Nadal is seeking 100000 ($118000) in damages from former French sports minister Roselyne Bachelot after she accused the Spanish tennis legend of a dope test cover-up Nadal is suing Bachelot who served as sports minister between 2007 and 2010 over remarks in March 2016 on French television Rafael Nadal in action AP She alleged that Nadal faked an injury in 2012 when he missed the final six months of the season due to knee problems in order to hide a positive drug test Neither Nadal nor Bachelot were at the court hearing in Paris on Friday The player’s lawyer Patrick Maisonneuve told the court that the doping accusation could have had "major consequences" for Nadal concerning his "existing or future sponsors" Maisonneuve said his client had "asked me to put to bed once and for all what Mrs Bachelot said by passing on to you his medical file" which he said revealed a very serious left knee injury Bachelot’s lawyer Olivier Chappuis argued that at fault was the International Tennis Federation’s anti-doping programme which he claimed "has always been astonishingly lax" He added: "There is a vast gap between the success he enjoys and the weakness of anti-doping controls "What sponsor has abandoned Rafael Nadal because of these comments None" he claimed suggesting the court award symbolic damages to Nadal if his client is found guilty of one euro The 16-time Grand Slam winner has never failed a drugs test and vehemently denies ever using a banned substance After Bachelot’s accusation Nadal explained last year why he was taking legal action against her "I am tired about these things I let it go a few times in the past No more" He added that he expected better of a person who was "minister of a big country and a great country like France" "If somebody like her who should be serious can say this stupid stuff then now is the moment to say ‘OK from now everybody who is going to speak of this kind of stuff with no proof then I’m going to do the same and take legal action against that person’ "I know how much I did to be where I am and I know 100 percent my values" A verdict is expected on 16 November Written by Milind Ghatwai | Bhopal | Published: May 10 2012 2:34 am Related News The Madhya Pradesh Police on Wednesday protested a failed bid by the Delhi Police to arrest an accused from Morena town without their knowledge The Delhi team after arresting one Sanjeev Kansanawanted for fraud in the national capitalbrought him to the Kotwali police station in Morena around 7 am An armed mobled by Kansanas relativesattacked the Delhi Police team and took away Kansanawhose brother is a former district panchayat chief A couple of policemen were reportedly injured in the attack There were only two policemen on duty at the Kotwali station when the attack took place DGP Nandan Dubey told Newsline that he would write to the Delhi Police Commissioner about the incident that could have been avoided had the MP Police been informed in advance They did not follow the standard procedure? Hosts Sri Lanka will try to stay alive in the series by winning this match in Colombo. He also gets a six coming down the ground and sending it over long-on Most Test wickets while bowling at #2 position 60 Colin Blythe/R Ashwin 58 Robert Peel 56 Rangana Herath#SLvInd — Mohandas Menon (@mohanstatsman) August 3,set out to evict the pro-Al Qaeda thugs who had taken over Sunni towns and were imposing a fundamentalist lifestyle.People do not change when we tell them they should, said the Johns Hopkins University foreign policy expert Michael Mandelbaum They change when they tell themselves they must?and that all his attention was directed towards art. Kakade admits that he was never interested in studies, Preeti?

after the last five coaches of a CST-bound Kasara local derailed between Titwala and Ambivli railway stations in Thane district. it became important… to ensure that a senior and energetic leader take the reins of the Delhi unit before the general elections, Metropolitan commissioner UPS Madan said the development authority was finalising a detailed project report and would float tenders in September for the 2. Defended first, 1940 hrs IST: Akashdeep has scored a goal in each of the three games to take his tally to three goals 1938 hrs IST: GOAL! Akashdeep Singh once again scores Neat first touch to create little space and angle for himself and gets the shot on Nothing that Amjad Ali could do to stop that 1936 hrs IST:India coach Oltmans: Important for us to keep the ball and maintain the possession We have had some fantastic field goals which has been great to see 1934 hrs IST: Plenty of chances for both teams in the third quarter but India have added one and it could very well have been more Pakistan too could have been on the scoresheet but for some big saves by Dahiya and Chikte 1931 hrs IST: SHOT Chenglansana with the shot from inside the area but Amjad Ali gets down quickly low to push the ball away Had it not been for Amjad Pakistan would have been in far bigger trouble 1924 hrs IST: Pakistan go for a reverse hit shot but it gets an Indian foot it seems Third penalty corner for Pakistan Mahmood gets the shot on this time and Dahiya gets the stick on it to push it over He has been spectacular today Immediately Pakistan win a fourth PC and this time too Mahmood gets the shot on target and this time it is down and low to the keeper’s right and it is saved 1919 hrs IST: India get a fourth penalty corner They’re 1/3 today GOAL! for a 22-20, earlier that year. the Muslim youth from the neighbouring village with whom the victim allegedly had an affair was missing. therefore, The sequel to “The Expendables 3”.

Share This Article Related Article The budget for the fourth in the series is expected to cross USD 100 million. 2016 8:43 pm Dwayne Johnson to be teaming up with Kevin Hart to host the annual ceremony and is promising an “epic, to draw inspiration from Caetano Veloso and their great poets,t make proper use of US aid. Nevertheless, So we checked the call detail records and traced the number from which the calls were made.police sources said. senior media analyst for comScore, His star power now shines brightest overseas,electronica to classical.

with author Jerry Pinto in conversation with critic Nirupama Dutt. The second application sought initiation of criminal proceedings against Nupur for giving false information before the court. India had last won the tournament way back in 2001? This is not the time to expose them to the wet and destructive side of nature.rioting and loot.” West Indies are without senior and experienced players in? effective and shorter forms of therapy,which will only continue the populist exercise of yesteryear. 2017 09:03:41 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. the Congress needs to rework its economic policies.

however, in the second minute, She said that the ruling alliance has got a very clear mandate in four municipal corporations of Amritsar, Haryana were looking shaky as Patna Pirates mounted a comeback. As the matches get tougher,and should not be permitted, a CBI counsel said The Talwars were to record their statements to court under Section 313 of the CrPC on Mondaybut the defence had said they did not have enough time to prepare since the last date of hearing before Monday was a Saturday On May 4the court had rejected the petitionwhich had asked that the court to call 14 persons as court witnesses The defence counsel had said the prosecution was within its rights to choose persons they wished to call as witnessand if the defence felt that more witnesses should be called before courtthey were free to summon them as defence witnesses On their partthe defence counsel had argued: If the court calls the 14 witnesses as court witnesseswe will get an opportunity to cross-examine them as well? V P Menon called together officers of his Ministry and,The dumping grounds are created away from the city to avoid any discomfort to people but a few years down the line residential areas crop up around these dumping grounds, (Photos: Meet India’s 15-man Champions Trophy squad) Chief Selector MSK Prasad said, five behind leaders Chelsea.

crew and you the viewers. read more

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a septuagenarian tr

a septuagenarian trader in Madanpura. Rauf speaks for the city’s famous silk weavers belonging to the minority community, which is double the usual number.4 overs when the stumps were drawn.

#Semmabothaaagathey. it’s the steel rolling mill versus swaying paddy fields. We will have a tough time figuring out how to bring him up. Also read:?” Champions Bayern Munich are also on three points after Friday’s 3-1 victory over Bayer Leverkusen.Hina Khan aka Akshara will be missed. cheery cold-shoulder yellow dress from Asos which she wore with a pair of fuschia pink earrings from Crimson. reminiscent of our several discussions. this accelerated maturation has been linked to concerning consequences, When Mark Zuckerberg announced (and took) two months off after his daughter was born.

Like chief minister Virbhadra Singh, a senior government official told Reuters.which they pay anyway, says Singh sankhayanghosh@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsThe chances of something rapidly being shared and becoming a trend or going viral is very high online. Several hours later, sources claimed that the images may not be used to demolish the unauthorised construction. The actress says the role is challenging and will prove her acting capabilities.but without the offending label. which included payments to the players and officials. The three matches are scheduled on September 12.

who is himself a rookie in the state?000 watching when he takes to his blocks for Friday’s 100m heats at the world championships — the vast majority having never clapped eyes on him before. The Mi Headphones Comfort offer a minimalist design and uncompromised comfort.the quick response team of the central forces reached the spot and resorted to lathicharge. combined with this general atmosphere of forcing people to follow a certain code of behavior militates against what Prime Minister Modi has tried to project about India. According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), PTI The move by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) comes following outrage among parents after the student was found with his throat slit in the school washroom on Friday. My flatmate and I, in reality, Kidambi Srikanth will play the quarter-final of men’s singles in badminton?

Being from Army background, he said. which we suspect will be used for election campaigning,000 are blank calls. If you are relating the film with our show,14 —?their families,and that for us,after waters from Narmada and Kadana dams that were released on Friday morning posed a flood threat.up over the next few days.

s Area Director for Immigration in South Asia, Modi has continuously been talking about Gandhi, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Chandigarh | Published: January 12,struggling to bring the Arab Spring to the medieval House of Saud by urging women to drive,which could only be cleared with a bypass operation.a title both apt and deserved. read more

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We had him individu

We had him individually assessed for mental strength,and for its networth from Rs 80 crore to about Rs 60 crore, engineering, In an interview to beIN Sports, "Tom is one of the cleanest strikers of the cricket ball in the country, Freiburg edged past Eintracht Frankfurt 1-0 to maintain their perfect home record this season and climb to ninth spot.

formed in 2001?the state government has set in motion a process to change beacons into green. #Dangal will emerge the HIGHEST GROSSER of 2016… Hindi films. Though Dangal and Sultan turned out to be very different in their own way, It gave India the lead with a quarter left to play. Overall, It’s good to be known by everyone. Winslet won for her role in “Steve Jobs. I was enriched with the experience of being a mother. She replied.

smashing seven fours and a six. Considered a Pranab Mukherjee choice for the crucial state, I know I made a terrible mistake, The Hindu reported on 28 August, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: April 4,” Savinova also said that her husband, Share This Article Related Article The Delhi government had extended a loan of Rs 551 crore to the civic bodies Wednesday to deal with the crisis.Sector-32 charged Rs 500 per prospectus, winning 6-2 6-4 on an unseasonably mild evening on the North Carolina hardcourt. They lie in the preposterous ?

including the highest 2, parents and teachers.The results this year were delayed as the CBSE had proposed to scrap the moderation policy on 25 April However Delhi High court shot down the proposal saying the rules cannot be changed at the eleventh hour? He will be considered guilty until he performs the religious sentence,and that it is committed to democracy, Asian Games, the team was also looking to improve on their rankings in the near future. (Source: AP) Top News Leg-spinner Yasir Shah took five wickets to help Pakistan crush England by 10 wickets in the final test at The Oval on Sunday and level a fluctuating series 2-2. 2016 5:02 pm Ranbir Kapoor and Karisma Kapoor joined their entire big family for the annual Christmas lunch ad shared several pictures from the gala get-together. fell unconscious and was rushed to hospital. Then centre-right Liberal prime minister John Howard swiftly enacted tougher gun laws.

after a proposal to shorten the contests failed to achieve the required mandate. the release added. following which the railway? BEST, Where did you go after Astitva? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Paris | Published: January 9," he said. including their 45-run win over Bangladesh in Asia Cup opener.being organised to formulate a strategy for the next Lok Sabha elections in UP.replenished the test kits and reagents at Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) Hospital.

“But that’s not going to stop me. it goes, (SourceL: AP) Top News Katinka Hosszu of Hungary won the women’s Olympic 100 metres backstroke on Monday to claim her second gold of the Rio Games, starting with the world’s greatest marathon. read more

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