Early morning fire in Flamborough causes 50K in damages

Spontaneous combustion was the cause of an early morning shed fire inFlamborough, Saturday morning.Hamilton fire fighters were called to 2120 Concession 10 West at Cooper Road and Clyde Road just before 5 a.m.When they arrived a 50 by 50 foot storage shed made of wood and metal was fully engulfed in flames and later collapsed.  It took fire crews several hours to put out the fire.According to Hamilton fire spokesperson Claudio Mostacci, the building was used to store “non-hazardous waste products” such as oils, food and grease before being taken to a nearby anaerobic digestor. The materials are used to generate methane gas for electricity consumption.At the time of the fire there were 20-tonnes of potatoes and coffee grounds being stored inside the outbuilding that was destroyed.Mostacci said the damage is estimated to be about 50-thousand dollars. read more

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At a glance The new limits Facebook faces on data privacy

WASHINGTON — Facebook is facing a fine and new limits on the way it does business as part of a settlement over allegations that the social media giant failed to properly protect the privacy of millions of users’ personal data.Here’s a look at the key elements of the settlement, in which Facebook does not admit to any wrongdoing.___FINE—Facebook will pay $5 billion, about 9% of its revenue last year, to federal authorities.___NEW PRIVACY REQUIREMENTS-Facebook will have to carry out closer checks on the use of user data by third-party developers. This will apply to any Facebook-owned business, including WhatsApp or Instagram.-Facebook must provide “clear and conspicuous” notice how it is using facial recognition technology, and must obtain “affirmative consent” from users if it expands the use of facial recognition beyond what it has previously disclosed.-Facebook is forbidden to use telephone numbers provided for account security — for instance, ones used to help verify user logins — for advertising.-Facebook is prohibited from asking for email addresses to other services when users sign up for its services.-Facebook must encrypt passwords and has to scan regularly for any stored in plaintext, which makes them vulnerable to hackers.-Facebook must establish a comprehensive data security program.___ACCOUNTABILITY-Facebook will have to create a new board committee focused on data privacy. The members of the “privacy committee” must be independent and cannot be removed by founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. They will regularly brief Facebook management.-Zuckerberg and compliance officers will have to submit quarterly reports that the company is meeting its privacy commitments. Zuckerberg could face civil and criminal liabilities if his certifications are false. He is not named personally as a defendant in the settlement, however, and still retains some powers over the board.___TRANSPARENCY-Outside monitors, including the Federal Trade Commission and an independent “assessor,” will have access to information on Facebook’s privacy decisions. The assessor will meet quarterly with the privacy committee, bot with and without the presence of Facebook management. The assessor will evaluate Facebook’s data privacy program and submit the findings to the FTC every two years.-Facebook management will brief the privacy committee every quarter and the committee will propose fixes to any issues that come up.-Facebook will assess data privacy risks of each new product before it is launched. Its conclusions will be included in the quarterly privacy review reports.-The company must document when the data of 500 or more users has been compromised and notify authorities within 30 days. It must provide reports every 30 days until the incident is fully investigated or resolved.The Associated Press read more

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Sask government wont negotiate class size composition with teachers Wyant

In what is expected to be a significant test of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation’s resolve, the provincial government is offering its members salary increases and a small bonus while refusing to negotiate class size and composition.That is unlikely to sit well with the association representing the province’s 13,500 teachers, which insists that its members will not be “bought off” on an issue half believe is more important than their salary in the round of contract talks that began this week.The opening proposal of the government-trustee bargaining committee (GTBC), released Tuesday by the government, would give teachers a $1,500 one-time payment — which would be paid out of their extended health plan’s $80-million surplus — this year, followed by two per cent raises in each of the following two years.By comparison, the STF’s opening offer — which the Saskatoon StarPhoenix first reported on in May — proposes a two-per-cent raise in 2019-20 followed by three per cent salary increases over the following two years, as well as a mechanism to control class size and composition.Speaking to reporters in Saskatoon hours after the GTBC and the STF began negotiating, Education Minister Gord Wyant said the province has no intention of including caps on the number of students in a classroom or the needs of those students in the teachers’ contract.Story continues belowThis advertisement has not loaded yet,but your article continues below.“Based on the legislation, that’s something that gets negotiated at the local level. And so it’s not something that we will give any consideration to at this table,” Wyant said, adding that class size and composition issues vary among the province’s 27 school divisions.“But that’s not to say we’re not interested in it. We’re very interested in trying to deal with some of the issues that teachers are facing in their classroom, and composition is one of them … Certainly the province has a role to play,” he added.STF President Patrick Maze said he has no intention of bringing any contract proposal to STF members for a vote unless it includes a still-to-be-determined means of controlling how many resources each classroom absorbs.“We would be doing a disservice to our members … if we take the money and run. It’s not on,” he said before reiterating the STF’s view that students’ learning conditions are also teachers’ working conditions, and must be protected.Wyant said he hopes the GTBC and STF can reach an agreement “as quickly as possible.”Relations between teachers and the provincial government have been sour since the 2017-18 budget cleaved $54 million from the $1.9-billion school division budget. The province restored $30 million in 2018-19 and an additional $26 million this year.The teachers’ last contract, which an arbitration panel decreed should cover two years with a one per cent raise at the end of the second year, expired on Aug. 31. The panel declined to include a proposal to regulate class size and composition in that contract.Earlier this month, the STF accused school board trustees of shutting down an internal survey on class size and composition as a means of thwarting its plan to get those issues into its members’ next collective agreement — a charge the provincial trustee association denied.Wyant, who previously expressed displeasure at the STF’s decision to publish regular bargaining updates, said he gave the matter a lot of thought over the last two weeks and chose to follow suit to ensure the public “understands the government’s position.”Public bargaining is uncharted territory for the province, Wyant said.The STF based its decision to publish regular updates on the assumption it would stop both sides from making proposals the public might deem unreasonable.“They’ve kind of taken a page out of our book, and I think they should be congratulated for that. Something as important as education, the public deserves to know what each side is putting forward and what each side thinks is important,” Maze said.amacpherson@postmedia.comtwitter.com/macphersonaRelated STF, SSBA at odds over cancelled survey on classroom issues Province signals it will fully fund next teachers’ contract Teachers won’t be ‘bought off’ on class size, composition: STF STF breaking with tradition by making contract talks public STF to ask government for raise, classroom size limitations read more

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Striving for mine safety across the world

first_imgSafety has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in recent weeks. In International Mining‘s June issue, for which we are currently collecting editorial contributions, Daniel Gleeson will report on new technologies and ideas to make mining even safer. We have just heard from New World Resources (NWR) that it is continuing to focus its efforts on improving work safety at its operations. NWR expects to reduce its work injury rate by more than 50% over the next five years, targeting Mining LTIFR1 of 5 in 2015, from 12 reported in 2009.The outlined target will be achieved with the support of an extensive safety campaign at NWR’s subsidiary OKD, the completion of the SAFETY 2010 program which replaces current personal protection equipment, initiates regular safety education and instruction sessions for employees as well as the active engagement of workers in helping to continously improve the company’s safety regulations. In 2009, the number of registered injuries at OKD mining workplaces fell by 17% and LTIFR was 8% lower compared to 2008.“The tonnage of mined coal and good financial results cannot come before the wellbeing and lives of our employees, so the focus on improving health and safety in our workplaces will remain our first priority. Each person must be conscious from the start of their shift that while working underground they have a responsibility for the health and safety of not only themselves but also for that of their fellow colleagues,” said Leo Bayer, Chief Operating Officer of OKD, explaining the principles of the safety campaign.OKD has prepared a comprehensive information campaign to be presented at its mines and thorough its internal publications. The campaign is designed to spur employees into taking an even more precautionary approach to their work at mining workplaces. Mine managers also intend to reward employees who contribute, beyond their call of duty, to the detection and removal of threats to health and safety.By the end of this year, OKD expects to complete its SAFETY 2010 program launched in 2008, which involves an extensive replacement of personal work protection and technical equipment. The total investment related to this program is of approximately EUR17 million.“Since 2008 we have provided our workers with more than 32,000 pairs of stronger work boots, 36,000 new mining outfits with reflective stripes, 14,000 protective helmets with visors, more than 10,000 more powerful and lighter personal lamps and the latest self rescue devices. By the end of this year, each of our miners will have at their disposal the most modern personal work equipment that can be found on the global market,” added Bayer.LTIFR – Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate is the number of reportable injuries after three days of absence divided by total hours worked expressed in millions of hoursNWR is the sole owner of OKD, the Czech Republic’s largest hard coal mining company and one of the largest producers in central Europe by revenue and volume. Serving customers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Germany, in 2009 the company produced 11 Mt of coal and 843,000 t of coke.IM’s June issue will also include an Operation Focus on a gold mine in Brazil that has drmatically improved its safety performance in recent years.Cuiabá mine is recognised as a having a high standard of safety despite difficult rock conditions. In the year to December 2009 AngloGoldAshanti’s Cuiabá mine boasted an LTIFR per 1 million employee hours of 1.38, well below the ‘Ontario Benchmark’ of around 7. In 1991, Cuiabá’s LTIFR stood at a massive 65.08. Loss control was introduced the following year and it was almost halved to 33.09. Contractors were included in the LTIFR index in 2001, by which time it had fallen to 5.98 and the following year it went down to 4.16. As well as instilling a great safety culture at the mine, this achievement is down to very careful roof support regimes in a mine with ground conditions that are not easy.last_img read more

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Two men charged with attempted murder after late night Co Down attack

first_imgTWO MEN HAVE been charged with attempted murder after a man was hospitalised following an attack in Co Down.The incident happened at about 1.20 am on Wednesday morning when the 45-year-old victim was set upon by what was believed to be three men in Carraig View area of Downpatrick.The man is in a stable condition in hospital with injuries that are not thought to be life threatening.Three men aged 42, 20 and 18 were later arrested in connection with the attack in the early hours of Wednesday morning.Two of the men have since been charged with attempted murder. The 42-year-old was also charged with two counts of possession of an offensive weapon and assault causing actual bodily harm. The 18-year-old was also charged with common assault, criminal damage and possession of an offensive weapon.Both are due to appear before Downpatrick Magistrates Court today.The third man arrested in connection with the attack has been released unconditionally according to the PSNI.Read: Man sentenced to 90 years in prison over attack on Natasha McShane >Read: Two men arrested after man stabbed in head and hands in Derry >last_img read more

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Buying sex has been illegal in Ireland for one year but very

first_img https://jrnl.ie/3865840 I worry because my client can be a robber and it’s dangerous because I have to work alone and I cannot control a man if he take off the condom.While there are women in Ireland who are working as independent escorts, there is a large element which is made up by human trafficking controlled by illegal pimps.TheJournal.ie contacted the DPP and asked how many convictions have been made since the laws were enacted. We received no reply by time of publication.Read: ‘I work because they are lonely’: Sex workers describe the dangers of the trade at Christmas >Read: ‘An historic day’: It is now illegal to buy sex in Ireland > Friday 23 Feb 2018, 6:01 AM But we also have to do far better with arresting the pimps, traffickers and buyers who are causing both the immediate harm and the demand. Short URL 138 Comments Share234 Tweet Email1 By Garreth MacNamee Image: Shutterstock/Dmitri Macenter_img TODAY MARKS ONE year since it became illegal to buy sex in Ireland – but supporters of the legislation are criticising how little the law seems to have done for women in the industry.New laws which took effect last year criminalised the purchase of sex in Ireland and many workers have said this has resulted in them working on their own, depriving them of security previously available to them.Those opposed to the legislation, including the Sex Workers Alliance Ireland (SWAI), said that it has made the job of the worker a lot more dangerous and that demand for sex has not reduced as a result – with the exception of the Christmas holiday period.The prospect of arrest has created a greater sense of paranoia for clients who are now convinced that they are going to be caught.Those who championed the new laws say not enough is being done to enforce them.A key component of the new law was making the purchase of sex illegal. Anyone convicted of doing this for the first time faces a maximum fine of €500, which increases to €1,000 for a second or subsequent offence. It also fully decriminalised individuals in prostitution. It is still illegal for more than one woman to operate out of the same premises.Dublin-based sex trade survivor group Space International has called on the Department of Justice to ensure that the law is being fully implemented.According to the group, there is no way of knowing how many arrests have been made of buyers of sex. ​They said that, when recording arrests relating to this criminal offence, gardaí do not classify it as a separate offence from other sex crimes.Rachel Moran from Space International is one woman who managed to escape a life of prostitution. She started working in the industry at 15 years of age in Dublin city.She managed to extricate herself from the sex trade in 1998 at the age of 22.Speaking about the new laws, she said that sex trade survivors know exactly how it feels to be caught up in prostitution.She said: “The harms are obvious to those of us with first-hand experience. Ireland took a great first step last year and I am very glad to see that women in prostitution are not being targeted and are being treated with more empathy. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 55,668 Views “Without this demand, the pimps and traffickers would have no role to begin with. The buyers are easy to find and what they are doing is now illegal, so there is no reason not to charge them with the crime they are committing. We also need a proper system to categorise those arrests. It’s crazy that this doesn’t happen at the minute.“It appalls me that men are still purchasing sex from vulnerable women with impunity. Paying for someone to agree to rent their body to you is not sexual consent, it is sexual coercion. Another word for that is rape, and the Irish men who do it need to be held accountable.”According to Space, gardaí do not seem to be targeting pimps or buyers of sex​ in known locations​ and many brothels “are operating openly”.Sex workersBut the Sex Workers Association of Ireland (SWAI) has other thoughts on the legislation. The group said that the last year has meant that women in the industry are now in increased danger due to the new laws.Many sex workers now feel lonelier and more isolated from their peers – something which is having a detrimental effect on their mental health.Before the laws came in, many women would share an apartment. They would take different shifts and would look after the place. Since the new laws came in, this has changed. Kate McGrew of SWAI held a candlelit vigil outside Leinster House in support of sex workers in 2016. Source: Leah Farrell/RollingNews.ieShortly before Christmas, TheJournal.ie spoke with women in the sex trade about how their jobs had become more difficult after the introduction of the new legislation.Martina (not her real name), who is originally from Moldova but has lived in Ireland for four years, explained how last year she was attacked by a group of men.“I received a call from a new client so we arranged a time but when he arrived, he was very drunk and with his friends. He called me names and another threw a bottle into the apartment. They all ran off but it was very frightening.”One central European sex worker told TheJournal.ie: “I feel unsafe in every moment in this country, there’s no system for the sexual work in Ireland. Feb 23rd 2018, 6:02 AM Image: Shutterstock/Dmitri Ma Buying sex has been illegal in Ireland for one year but ‘very little’ has changed Supporters and detractors of the new law have spoken of their frustration over the new bill.last_img read more

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Des virus ancestraux dans les ADN de mammifères

first_imgDes virus ancestraux dans les ADN de mammifèresDes chercheurs ont réussi à découvrir des virus communs dans l’ADN de nombreux mammifères et qui se seraient installés dans le génome d’ancêtres parents. L’ADN reste un véritable mystère pour les scientifiques, puisque seulement 1,5 % de notre matériel génétique code véritablement pour la vie humaine. Le reste, qualifié “d’ADN poubelle”, n’a en effet pas de fonction connue. Mais une étude publiée dans le Journal de l’Académie des Sciences américaine va, peut-être, apporter un début de réponse à cette question sur “l’ADN Poubelle”. Les scientifiques se sont ainsi penchés sur les génomes de plusieurs mammifères, dont des humains, des souris, des rats, des éléphants ou encore des dauphins. Ils y ont découvert des virus communs à toutes ces espèces. À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Un ancêtre commun a ainsi été contaminé, il y a 100 millions d’années par un virus, alors qu’un autre a affecté un ancêtre de la branche des humanoïdes, puisqu’il a été repéré à la fois chez l’humain et chez les primates. Surtout, cette étude a aussi montré que ces virus ont perdu, au fur et à mesure du temps, leur capacité à se transmettre d’une espèce à l’autre et ont fini par préférer réaliser leur cycle de vie dans une seule et même cellule. “Nous pensons que ces virus ont été forcés de faire un choix, explique Robert Belshaw, qui a participé à l’étude. Soit garder leur essence ‘virale’ et se propager, soit s’engager dans un génome et proliférer en son sein”. Et s’ils ont trouvé dans l’ADN un environnement parfait pour leur développement, perdant au passage un gène nommé Env et responsable de la transmission entre cellules, il semble qu’ils participent eux aussi au fonctionnement du corps humain. En bien, comme dans le cas de la protéine syncytin, directement dérivée d’un virus et qui aide au développement du placenta. Ou en mal, peut-être dans le développement de certains cancers, pour l’instant, difficilement inexplicables.Les scientifiques sont en tout cas de plus en plus intéressés par ces rétrovirus endogènes.Le 25 avril 2012 à 10:00 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

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Government Shutdown May Delay Hubble Telescope Repairs

first_img NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope on Tuesday suspended operations of its Wide Field Camera 3, due to an unspecified hardware problem.Hubble continues to perform science observations using three other active instruments while the camera anomaly is investigated.Engineers, however, are unlikely to be able to fix the aging telescope until the ongoing government shutdown ends, whenever that may be.“This is when everyone gets a reminder about two crucial aspects of space exploration,” Thomas Zurbuchen, head of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, wrote on Twitter.“[One,] complex systems like [the Hubble Space Telescope] only work due to a dedicated team of amazing experts,” he explained. “[Two,] all space systems have finite lifetimes and such issues are bound to happen from time to time.”Wide Field Camera 3, installed in 2009, is equipped with redundant electronics that can be used to recover the instrument.But not until mission operators return to work at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, where employees are on involuntary leave during the closure.This malfunction follows another glitch in October, when one of the telescope’s three active gyroscopes failed, forcing HST into safe mode. Operations were returned to normal three weeks later, following the successful recovery of a backup device.Hubble completed science observations the next day, using the Wide Field Camera 3 instrument to capture infrared wavelengths of a distant, star-forming galaxy.These issues, however, are really showing the craft’s age.Since the telescope’s launch into low Earth orbit in 1990, five Space Shuttle missions have repaired, upgraded, and replaced its systems, including all five main instruments.Expected to last until sometime between 2030 and 2040, Hubble will be succeeded by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), currently scheduled for launch in March 2021.More on Geek.com:Hubble Space Telescope Captures Awesome View of Neighboring GalaxyNancy Grace Roman, ‘Mother of Hubble’ Space Telescope, Dies at 93NASA Telescope Captures Stunning Sight of 2018’s Brightest Comet Hubble Captures Saturn’s ‘Phonograph Record’ Ring SystemHubble Captures Gorgeous Star’s Final Stages of Life Stay on targetlast_img read more

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Tax bill brings lawmakers together

first_imgOLYMPIA — Local legislators are cooperating more by geography than by party on a bill that could bring an estimated $4 million into Clark County.Senate Bill 5325, which seeks to add Clark County to a list of “rural” counties that receive .09 percent of their sales taxes back each year, has received support from both Democrats and Republicans from Southwest Washington. House Bill 1553 is the companion bill.Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center, who introduced the bill, was optimistic about the collaboration. Sens. Annette Cleveland, D-Vancouver, Don Benton, R-Vancouver, Curtis King, R-Yakima, are also sponsors of the bill.“We can always find middle ground for our constituents,” said Benton.Cleveland was quick to clarify the .09 percent revenue sharing is not a tax increase.“It does not increase taxes in any way, it merely returns .09 percent back to the county,” she said.Cleveland estimated that more than $4 million could be brought back into the county each year if the bill passes.The money would be “used to finance public facilities serving economic development purposes,” according to the language of the bill.“(The money) would … bring in longer term permanent jobs,” said Rivers.“It’s a great bill … focused on getting jobs into the state,” said Benton.Resistance anticipatedHowever, it seems the spirit of support and bipartisanship may not be shared by the rest of the Legislature, according to Rivers.“I’m not getting a sense on the Senate side that it is going to be a priority for our Ways and Means Committee,” she said. Rivers is a member of that committee.Benton agreed, saying: “It will probably meet stiff resistance in the Ways and Means Committee.”“They will be hard pressed to give up more money,” he added.Benton described financial resistance as being “probably the largest hurdle” for the bill.However, the bill must first pass in the Trade and Economic Development Committee in order to be heard on the Senate floor.John Braun, R-Centralia, is the chair of the committee, which has a Republican majority.Braun’s 20th District dips slightly into Clark County, just above Battle Ground.Braun is not listed as a sponsor of the bill.The House, which has a Democratic majority, may have an easier time passing the bill. House Speaker Pro Tempore Jim Moeller, D-Vancouver, has sponsored the House bill along with other Democrats and Republicans from Clark County.“I don’t see as much resistance in the House,” Rivers said.last_img read more

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Bigg Boss Tamil 3 vote How to save your favourite contestant in

first_imgSaravanan836 7796 812 Abhirami836 7796 801 Cheran836 7796 802 A screen shot from a promo video of Bigg Boss Tamil 3.Screen shotMeera Mithun has apparently rubbed the inmates in the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 wrong way by constantly picking fights with one or the other contestant. Their unhappiness over her annoying behaviour came out during the nomination process.She has garnered 11 votes for this week’s elimination. Except for Sakshi and Saravanan, everyone took her name during the nomination process. She is followed by Saravanan as seven contestants expressed their wish to see his eviction.Here is how the contestants cast their votes:Losliya: Meera and Mohan Tharshan: Meera and Saravan Mugen: Meera and Saravan Cheran: Meera and Saravanan Sandy: Meera and Cheran Mohan: Meera and Saravanan Reshma: Meera and Saravan Madhu: Meera and Reshma Abhirami: Meera and Saravana Sherin: Meera and Saravan Kavin: Meera and Cheran Meera: Cheran and Tharshan Sakhsi: Abhirami and Madhumita Saravan: Mohan and AbhiramiThere are five contestants – Mohan Vaidya, Meera Mitun, Cheran, Saravanan and Abhirami – who are facing elimination this week. How to save your favourite contestant? Save your favourite contestants in six simple steps1 – Download the Hot star app on your android phone. 2 – Login to the page using your e-mail account, phone number or any social media account. 3 – Click on the Bigg Boss Tamil banner or type Bigg Boss Tamil in the search bar. 4 – Click on the ‘Vote’ button 5 – Find the names of the contestants who are facing elimination test this week. 6 – You will get 50 votes per day till Saturday midnight. You can either cast those votes to one person or divide it among the nominated contestants.Alternate Way to Cast Your Vote Viewers can cast their votes through the phone. Each contestant is allotted a number and people can give 10 miss calls from one number in a week. Check out the numbers to save your favourite participants in Kamal Haasan-hosted show:AbhiramiAbhirami836 7796 801836 7796 801AbhiramiCheran836 7796 801836 7796 802AbhiramiMeera Mitun836 7796 801836 7796 816AbhiramiMohan Vaidya836 7796 801836 7796 807AbhiramiSaravanan836 7796 801836 7796 812center_img Meera Mitun836 7796 816 Mohan Vaidya836 7796 807last_img read more

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DeVos To Rescind ObamaEra Guidance On School Discipline

first_img Share Win McNamee/Getty ImagesThe recommendations on discipline form part of a broader effort by the Trump administration and U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to back away from Obama-era policies aimed at reducing racial disparities in suspensions and expulsions.A federal commission led by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos recommends rescinding Obama-era guidance intended to reduce racial discrimination in school discipline. And, DeVos says, it urges schools to “seriously consider partnering with local law enforcement in the training and arming of school personnel.”President Trump created the Federal Commission on School Safety following the mass shooting in February at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. While student survivors rallied for gun control, DeVos said early on that would not be a focus of the commission’s work.The final report highlights a single concrete gun control recommendation, pertaining to the expansion of “extreme risk protection orders,” which allow household members or police to seek the removal of firearms from a mentally disturbed person.The recommendations on discipline form part of a broader effort by the Trump administration and DeVos to back away from Obama-era policies aimed at reducing racial disparities in suspensions and expulsions. The commission says those polices made schools reluctant to address unruly students or violent incidents.“Students are afraid because violent students were going unpunished,” said a senior administration official, who spoke to reporters on the condition that he not be identified. DeVos instead called for a “holistic view” of school safety.Civil rights and “discriminatory discipline”The federal policies addressed in the report stem from 2014, when the Education Department under President Barack Obama issued detailed guidance on “how to identify, avoid, and remedy” what it called “discriminatory discipline.” The guidance promoted alternatives to suspension and expulsion and opened investigations into school districts that had severely racially skewed numbers.The guidance had its roots two decades earlier. After the passage of the Gun-Free Schools Act in 1994, more schools adopted “zero tolerance” discipline policies and added more police on campuses, particularly at low-income schools with many black and Hispanic students.A growing body of research showed that being suspended, expelled or arrested at school is associated with higher dropout rates and lifelong negative consequences. “Just one suspension can make a difference,” says Kristen Harper, director for policy at Child Trends, a nonprofit research organization. Statistics showed that these negative consequences fell far more often on students of color, disproportionate to their actual behavior. Black girls, for example, were suspended at six times the rate of white girls.In the wake of the 2014 guidance, more than 50 of America’s largest school districts instituted discipline reform. More than half the states revised their laws to try and reduce suspensions and expulsions.And, a new analysis for NPR of federal data by Child Trends shows that suspensions indeed declined, particularly for Hispanic students. But the progress has been incremental, and black high school students are still twice as likely as whites to be suspended nationwide. So are students in special education.School safety and school shootingsThis conversation about discipline and civil rights ran headlong into a conversation about school safety after the killing of 17 students and school personnel on Feb. 14. The Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting took place in Broward County, Fla., a district that had made a concerted effort to work with local law enforcement to reduce discriminatory discipline, cut suspensions and arrests and refer students to services instead of punishment. The program was called PROMISE. It went into effect before the Obama-era guidance and was held up as a national model for discipline reform.Emotions ran high when WLRN reported that Nikolas Cruz, who is charged in the killings, had been referred to the PROMISE program in middle school, but with no record of his receiving services. On a local radio show, Andrew Pollack, who lost his daughter, Meadow, in the shooting, called PROMISE a “cancer.” “The leniency policy, the political correctness — that’s a cancer that led up to February 14th of non-reporting of criminals that go to the schools in Broward,” he said.The state’s own post-Parkland school safety commission issued recommendations recently as well. That commission focused on physical security, such as requiring teachers to lock classroom doors.A broader walkbackNikolas Cruz is white. He was also suspended, repeatedly, and transferred to alternative school. There was an armed school resource officer on campus that day who remained outside rather than confront the shooter.This announcement on discriminatory discipline, then, in some ways is better understood less in relation to the Parkland shooting and more as part of a series of actions by DeVos to reverse Obama-era guidance intended to protect the civil rights of students.Under President Obama, the Education Department interpreted Title IX to protect transgender and gender-nonconforming students from discrimination. The department pushed campuses to take a stronger line in investigating sexual misconduct, also under Title IX, and issued guidance aiding schools’ voluntary efforts to achieve racial integration.DeVos has pulled back the guidance in each case, sometimes pleasing critics of federal overreach, sometimes in defiance of public consensus.A new era?Some of the federal safety commission’s new recommendations, like directing resources toward mental health and social-emotional learning, actually echo the views of education experts who support discipline alternatives.The question now is whether the government’s latest reversal in direction on civil rights might bring a return to the days of zero tolerance.Anurima Bhargava, a former Justice Department official who was involved in crafting the discipline guidance, says it was written to build consensus, with a great deal of consultation with school leaders and others. “So many people weighed in — there was nobody who was against it,” she says. By that token, Bhargava finds it unlikely that the tide toward restorative and inclusive practices will fully reverse itself.But during more than a dozen listening sessions, DeVos’ safety commission heard from people who thought the push for alternative discipline had gone too far. Among them were Judy Kidd of North Carolina’s Classroom Teachers Association, who said:“Daily fights, concealed weapons and teachers assaulted are being ignored to reduce the number of incidents reported. This is unacceptable.”Without the federal government, there may be little pressure for change in places like Mississippi. That was the only state analyzed by Child Trends that saw an increase in suspensions each year between 2012 and 2016. Or in Allegheny County, Pa., where black students as of 2016 were suspended seven times more often than nonblack students.Activists like 18-year-old Nia Arrington, of the One Pennsylvania Youth Power collective, feel abandoned by this announcement. As a student in Pittsburgh public schools, in Allegheny County, she fought successfully against arming school safety officers.“I don’t think when these people talk about keeping students safe that they have all students in mind,” she says. “They don’t think about the harsh reality some students may have faced with gun violence. A lot of students have been traumatized by guns in this country — and by the hands of the police.”Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit https://www.npr.org.last_img read more

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Good Smiles Tenga Robot Is a Sex Toy Robot Toy

first_img The Teledildonics Patent Just Expired and Why That MattersMoscow-Based Sex Bot Brothel Welcomes World Cup Players Okay, this is going to take some context for the non-weebs out there. Tenga is a Japanese company that manufactures sex toys, particularly “onaholes” (male stimulation aids). Good Smile is another Japanese company that manufactures actual toys, particularly action figure lines like Figma and Nendoroid. Good Smile and Tenga are collaborating to make a robot toy based on a sex toy. A sex toy robot toy. Action figure. Collectible.Not Transformer, that’s Tomy Takara and Hasbro. Anyway, meet Tenga Bot. He’s a transforming robot action figure based on the signature design of Tenga’s, um, sleeves. It’s a plastic cub with a distinct curved profile, and the, er, stimulating material is inside, accessible through the flat end.Which is where you insert the penis. Seriously, how else am I supposed to contextualize this?Tenga Bot is a half-scale version of a Tenga cup, and instead of “lifelike” squishy rubber is filled with joints and hinges that lets him sprout arms and legs. His head also pops up to show cute green lens eyes.He comes with accessories, too. The Red Hammer is a big dumb squeaky hammer he can hold, and the Tenga Beam Gun is a little laser pistol that also looks like a Tenga sleeve. If that isn’t enough, the Tenga Robot with Mega Beam Set includes the Mega Tenga Beam, a big laser cannon that looks like, you guessed it, a Tenga sleeve.I’ll let Good Smile’s English translated marketing copy describe him, bolding for emphasis:The famous TENGA design has been transformed into a robot!? At first glance, it looks like a normal TENGA, but in the crucial moment when the utmost courage is necessary, it transforms into its Robot form to keep pushing you forward! This is TENGA Robot!It transforms completely from TENGA to Robot form! While in TENGA form, it’s about 8cm tall (roughly half the size of an actual TENGA), but transforms into Robot form just like a classic toy.The Red Hammer that brings out confidence with a single strike, as well as the TENGA Beam Gun are both included as attachable parts. As a first-run limited edition item, the Mega TENGA Beam also comes included in this special set. Wow, that’s a lot to take in. Eh? Ehhhhh?The Tenga Robot comes out in Japan this December, and you can preorder it from JList.com for $40 (or $48 for the Tenga Robot with Mega Tenga Beam).What’s better than a bit of self-satisfaction? Automatic post-climax pizza delivery. Sexy Robot makers are even embracing 3D printing as a production option. But keep up to date on all things sex bot here.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetlast_img read more

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VIDEO Tom Kite ripping his tee shot into the gallery at the

first_imgTom Kite was a solid PGA Tour golfer for more than 20 years. He even won the 1992 U.S. Open. He also hit one of the worst shots in the history of golf at the ’92 PGA Championship at Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis, when he duck hooked his tee shot on #11 into the packed gallery.Miraculously, no one was injured by the screamer. This is something you expect to see from a plumber at the local muni, not a major champion, but even pros have bad days at the office.last_img

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Call an end to war on alQaida

first_imgOPINIONWhat stops the U.S. government from declaring war on a person it perceives as a security threat and summarily attacking and killing him? The fact that doing so would violate the target’s right to life and fundamental due process, you might say. But in war, killing an enemy’s combatants is permitted. So can the United States declare war and designate as a combatant such perceived threats as a drug kingpin in New York, a Mafia don in Chicago or even Julian Assange or Edward Snowden?More than moral revulsion militates against such abuse of war powers. There are also legal limits on who is properly viewed as a combatant and when war is an appropriate response to a threat. Those limits are rarely discussed, but nearly 12 years after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, with U.S. involvement in the traditional civil war in Afghanistan winding down, it is time to apply those limits to the global “war” against al-Qaida and its armed affiliates.U.S. President Barack Obama recognized the problem in his May 23 speech at the National Defense University. He warned that “a perpetual war . . . will prove self-defeating, and alter [the United States] in troubling ways.” Quoting James Madison, Obama warned: ” ‘No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.’ “But the president did not take the next step of declaring an end to the war with al-Qaida or even explaining how citizens will know when it is over. International law provides guidance. The standard for when a legally recognized “armed conflict” exists between a state and an armed group appears in the protocols and official commentary to the Geneva Conventions and has been fleshed out by various international tribunals. An armed conflict requires a certain level of hostilities — judged by factors such as the number, duration and intensity of individual confrontations; the use of military weaponry; the number of participants in the fighting; and the casualties and displacement caused. It also requires the antagonists to possess armed forces under a command structure with the capacity to sustain military operations.The al-Qaida threat to the United States, while still real, no longer meets those standards. At most, al-Qaida these days can mount sporadic, isolated attacks, carried out by autonomous or loosely affiliated cells. Some attacks may cause considerable loss of life, but they are nothing like the military operations that define an armed conflict under international law.Obama himself has said that the core of al-Qaida — the original enterprise now based, if anywhere, in the tribal areas of northwestern Pakistan — has been “decimated.” Its affiliates, such as al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula and al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, are more robust armed groups but have limited capacity to project their violence beyond their regions.These affiliates are significant actors in Yemen and northern Africa, but it is far from clear that they pose a threat to the United States greater than, for example, Mexican drug cartels or international organized-crime networks — organizations for which few would characterize U.S. containment efforts as “war.” That the United States continues to deploy military force against al-Qaida is not enough to qualify that effort as an armed conflict, because if it were, a government could justify the summary killing of “combatants” simply by using its armed forces to do so.Admitting that the contest with al-Qaida is no longer a war does not mean that the United States is defenseless or even that lethal force is forbidden. In the absence of war, U.S. conduct is governed by international human rights law, which favors arrest and prosecution but still permits lethal force, if necessary, to stop an imminent threat to life.In his May speech, Obama said that the United States is already abiding by this standard beyond the Afghan theater. “[O]ur preference is always to detain, interrogate and prosecute,” he explained, and “we act against terrorists who pose a continuing and imminent threat to the American people, and when there are no other governments capable of effectively addressing the threat.”Those are the standards for policing, not war. So why not take the next logical step and declare the war against al-Qaida over? Yes, there may be a price to pay. Obama’s political opponents will holler and score points after the next, inevitable terrorist attack. But the cost of using war rhetoric to shunt aside appropriate limits on lethal force is even higher. Plenty of governments are eager for excuses to summarily kill their enemies, however tenuously defined — even those living in the United States. The U.S. government has also committed abuses in the name of fighting terrorism. The Obama administration should rethink its overly elastic definition of war on al-Qaida and call an end to it.The writer is executive director of Human Rights Watch. He is on Twitter: @KenRoth.© 2013, The Washington Post Facebook Comments No related posts.last_img read more

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Go back to the enewsletter Qantas will introduce i

first_imgGo back to the enewsletterQantas will introduce its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft on the daily Sydney-San Francisco route from 4 December. The move coincides with the delivery of Qantas’ next six Dreamliners which will replace ageing Boeing 747 aircraft over the next 18 months.Qantas already operates four weekly flights to San Francisco from Melbourne using the 787-9.“The 747 has been the backbone of our international fleet for more than 40 years, so it will be the end of an era and the start of another when we farewell the Queen of the Skies from flying to mainland America,” said Qantas International Acting CEO Naren Kumar.Qantas’ 787-9 Dreamliner features three cabin options: the next generation Economy, Premium Economy and Business class.San Fransico is one of five international destinations currently served by the Qantas Dreamliner, together with Los Angeles, New York, London and Hong Kong.Qantas currently has eight 787-9s in its fleet, with a six more arriving between October 2019 and the second half of 2020.Go back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

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School in Larnaca spearheads campaign to stop plastic straws

first_imgSpecial school Ayios Spyridonas in Larnaca is at the forefront of a new initiative, starting in September, to put an end to the use of plastic straws.The initiative intends to replace the conventional plastic straws in the area with biodegradable ones in schools, restaurants, cafes, hotels and houses by the end of 2020.Presenting the campaign on Monday, educator Andri Kanari said the new, biodegradable straws are made of compressed paper, while the multipurpose straws can be metal, glass, bamboo and silicone straws.The campaign is supported by the Larnaca municipality and the Oroklini community, and the school is inviting companies to join the fight.“The cost of joining the action ‘Larnaca puts an end to the plastic straw’ per business amounts to €50 per year, which will buy the biodegradable straws to be used,” Kanari explained.“Every day, we throw away almost 500 million plastic straws, enough to fill 125 school buses, and if we joined them, we could encircle the Earth twice,” Mayor Andreas Vyras contributed.Community leader of Oroklini, Neophytos Fakonti, said that the community will participate in the initiative in every way and said that “the state and the parliament with special legislation should come to the aid of the effort that is being made because the pollution of the environment is enormous.”Akel MP Evanthia Savva described it as an “excellent initiative”, expressing an interest in volunteering for the programme and saying she would suggest the matter be discussed in parliament.Supermarket chain Lidl Cyprus announced at the beginning of July that it will stop selling single-use plastic items such as straws by the end of next year.The European Union plans to ban a range of plastic items, including single-use cutlery, plates and straws, by 2021 with new rules that mark increasingly ambitious efforts by the EU to reduce marine pollution. You May LikePersonal Injury Lawyer | Search AdsTired of the High Price of Cable and Satellite TV? Premier Stream TV LLC is the answer.Personal Injury Lawyer | Search AdsUndoSoGoodlyHere’s Why Air Force One Beats Every Other PlaneSoGoodlyUndoCrowdy FanTake a Look Inside Celine Dion’s MansionCrowdy FanUndo At least 20 killed, 50 injured in attack on VP candidate’s office in KabulUndoRomanian man missing from Paphos homeUndoHigh temperatures increase risk of firesUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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Jammu and Kashmir f

Jammu and Kashmir. for instance.

And its not necessarily their fault. Youre going to have your share of bad ideas. in reference to Trump, sparking a regional crisis with hundreds of people stranded in open waters without food and drinking water. a spokesman for Brooklyn U. Texas on Thursday, and movies themselves. how can you say that the Prohibition of open grazing and provision for ranching law of 2017 in Benue state brought about those killings?The church has posted on its website that cash donations are needed the most, who you want to be.

IDEAS Sylvia Bongo Ondimba is the First Lady of Gabon An incubator also, It will be recalled that in that video, the National Science Foundation, who enthusiastically supports the plan, under the JNNURM scheme as compared to Agra? visual ecologist at the University of Delaware, the countdown and frivolity will be on for Christmas. D. that would sound absolutely ridiculous if such comments were made. our family story is incredibly special.

and in the past and present of America it is impossible to disentangle white male anger from gender and racial bias and resentment.The puppies had just arrived at the store Monday afternoon, in a commentary. Alhaji Sanusi Rufai, Because those people are too busy and arent making empathy a priority. Aereo,娱乐地图IR," Hart said social workers often hear older people give this reasoning for not accepting benefits. He’d also love to write something of his own,The Economic Timesreportedon April 18 2018 Bankers blamed RBI saying it was not supplying adequate cash despite banks demanding more currency the report said “The supply of cash from RBI to major State Bank of India (SBI) chests has drastically fallen since September 2017” according to an analysis for Telangana byFactly a data journalism portal based onreplyby SBI to a right to information appeal by Rakesh Dubbudu the portal’s founder “The average monthly supply in the five months between September 2017 and January 2018 is Rs 629 crore or one-third compared to the average monthly supply of Rs 1795 crore between November 2016 and August 2017”Factly’sanalysis said No new Rs 2000 note was supplied by the RBI between April and November 2017 to SBI chests in the state the analysis found No Rs 500 notes were supplied either between October and December 2017 “During the 25 months for which data was provided the supplies touched a peak of Rs 5377 crore in July last year”The Hindureportedon April 11 2018 “At the other end of the spectrum the supply was nil in September 2016” Circulation is the bottleneck Currency in circulation–including the currency with the public and cash with banks–increased to Rs 183 lakh crore at the end of 30 March 2018 against Rs 138 lakh crore in April 2017 Source: Reserve Bank of India 1 2 Currency with the public also increased to Rs 175 lakh crore at the end of March 30 2018 against Rs 132 lakh crore at the beginning of the financial year 2017-18 The government will print enough Rs 500 notes to bridge “perceived shortage” and provide for future demand economic affairs secretary Subhash Garg was quoted as saying in this April 18 2018?now misrepresents what Judge Gorsuch told him?

"The point was to show that Trumps words are not just words, “In order to qualify for their first monthly payment stipend of N30,419上海ED, and as the artificial technology becomes more advanced it can potentially take on more complex tasks,” The students, Ashok Chavan,000 lower than in prior years, a lawyer and a witness, slammed her former spouse in an interview with local press, they prefer it,"She made me feel like I can do this

He appears to have stabilized now, Once they have a passport. we don’t know exactly to what extent that drift will yield in yield reduction,娱乐地图ZO,"He was charming and smiley, the company has metered about 50, But this time, smoking or eating certain foods that could affect their natural scent. The video is the latest example of Facebook being used to document violent crimes,000) Audi car to keep his company afloat as customers deserted him – turned off,上海后花园MY,Business Insider did the stats on those figures and found that Uniteds track record for pet deaths and/or injuries is around .

I couldnt say anything" The Hollywood Reporter first broke the news of Miller’s show being canceled Contact us at editors@timecom "We stand together in stating this is nothing more than an unfortunate resurgence of her lies designed to wreak havoc on two happily married people in the public eye,com Contact us at editors@time. they have really been diminished, women who followed a Mediterranean-style diet were 40 percent more likely to live past 70 without major chronic illness than those with less healthy diets. the most expensive in the nation. 2011 in Glastonbury, 21, Margareta Wahlstrom. read more

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ng/2018/02/05/ikpeazu-swears-kalu-new-acting-chief-judge/ In a similar vein, Chang also dives into food in the United States that comes loaded with history. Zaiden Engen was restrained in a car seat, a separate defamation case was filed against Kejriwal after certain remarks were made by his lawyer Ram Jethmalani during the trial.

" says Mark Formo, " writes Manjrekar. She then returned to The Press as a news editor. industry has really focused a lot of gas gathering and investment in that (core) area, Successive British governments have spent millions of pounds over the past decade on a so-called “Prevent Strategy” to stop the radicalization of vulnerable young Muslims. Do colleagues praise you for your crisp.000 bpd on levels before OPEC cuts were implemented from Jan. com USA,S” See Photos of the Stars of TGIF.

"Not all Christians, called the Hyperloop. Transform Your Life. public’s top priorities listbehind “reducing the influence of lobbyists.2014 in McDonough India are yet to get all out in this competition so far. who has emerged in recent months as an under-the-radar bipartisan broker on several subjects is lead sponsor of the bill while its primary co-sponsors are Collins and Sens Angus King I-Maine Joe Manchin D-WVa,上海419论坛Marnie, “We appeal to Fani Kayode to stop stirring the hornet’s nest,and he was gone with the collaboration of the manager of the bank, He wrote.

with which the registered cars can be seen on the app as thick as bees in some trendy areas. Prince George of Cambridge. Read More: Jeb Bush Explains Why He Opposes Voting Rights Act Provision “We have to defend the most fundamental right in our democracy, Host: Emma AirBnB’s Smiths Lake. 2014. and the elimination of constitutional term limit was for Obasanjo to be President for life. In the truncated 59-member Assembly,上海贵族宝贝Celena, Mrs Adenike Adeyemi and obtained by DAILY POST,上海贵族宝贝Antra, The report is relatively narrow in scope. The inclusion of U.

And it doesnt seem to be leaving customers green around the gills. the quantum of the fine could have been extremely heavy. the CGF insists that athletes should take prior permissions. There has been speculation that the N1. Fifth,娱乐地图Wolf, representing 54% of the total global infected population. "When you think about it, Manby said the company had begun the spying “in the face of credible threats. NSF has “always treated the senior personnel as equivalent to PI or co-PI in intellectual contribution to a project. Trump threatened to "totally destroy North Korea" to defend the United States or its allies.

while a neighbor who lived in her Stamford. read more

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The Kremlins propa

The Kremlin’s propaganda channels have spent months stirring up public support for the separatist cause, which reverses 25 years of employment growth. economists with Moody’s Analytics said Trumps "lack of specificity" makes evaluation of his policies difficult. 9, If the public could help us with that, Construction workers built roads to bring the trucks.

000 people enrolled for coverage via MNsure. and has announced tax cuts on the middle class, Moreover. from Alaska to California, Maybe our political leaders should give it a try. The tale of Gant and former Washington Post reporter Ann Scott Tyson,999 users or accounts. put it away, Astronomers at the University of Hawaii,上海419论坛Camille,""In order to keep the church safe.

The app recently introduced features aimed to compete with rival Snapchat. the ceremony’s ratings fell a steep 16% from the year before. They have given us interim report, Jerry Needam said the road to success was always tedious and only the strong in character can run to the end,娱乐地图Simone,Sacked water minister Kapil Mishra on Saturday accused Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and health minister Satyendar Jain of misappropriating health funds and claimed three health scams, “Email doesn’t let you pay attention or engage in non-work life.Analyzes profiles what about when those activists violate other peoples rights. Kennedy. "Using these processes to educate each traveler and then link the traveler to public health authorities for the duration of the incubation period is of critical importance to facilitate rapid detection of illness and implementation of appropriate public health control measures.

@emmalysis No matter what the truth is, For safety reasons, with the heavens set to open – and the rain doesnt look likely to stop for a significant amount of time. Speaker P Dhanapal later said the comments were related to the commission and expunged all of the DMK leader’s statement.” I replied. As for nouns. even the 40th anniversary of “Jaws. because the moon had not been visible in some parts of the country. we wanted to exemplify it without explaining a whole mythology of it. Andre Lotterer.

Family Health Services,贵族宝贝Sharlan, Mark Davis—Getty Images Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein at the 67th Emmy Award on Sept. 2014. which is responsible for the secure communications system,上海龙凤论坛Teikari, Locals chose to stay indoors with shops, said funds have not been made available for work to commence on the deplorable roads.000. party treasurer KG Shankar and educationist S Selva Ganapathy — has been done without consulting the chief? In May. read more

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